Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Electronic Cigarette, Anyone?

buy electronic cigarette.

Thanks Santa for the Gift

My son saw Santa Claus for the first time in real image. At first he was afraid but knowing that Santa will give him a gift he pulled me closer to him. Right after receiving his gift he's running to me and asking to help him open his gift.

So below is the photo of my son in green polo shirt waiting for his gift.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Teardown Properties Represent a Unique Opportunity

People everywhere are trying to find the best real estate deal around. Record foreclosure rates, desperate sellers, dwindling prices have all contributed to one of the greatest buyers markets in history and people are trying to take advantage of it fast. However, there is a positive to thinking outside of the box in this circumstance. The idea is to find a home for a great deal and move in fast and hope that in ten years or so the home is worth three of four times what you bought it for. That is a great plan but you may benefit by going a different direction from the traditional approach. The majority of the homes available on the market were built anywhere from ten to forty years ago or longer. The homes may be in great shape but they are going to need some work done over the next several years. A new roof, paint, flooring, foundation work, landscaping, windows, decks, room additions, termite treatment, plumbing, electrical and so much more can be very expensive to have fixed or done and you don’t want to have that on your to do list.

That’s why the smart thing would be to find teardown properties and build a new home for yourself. Teardowns are a great deal because even though it may be a bit more money than just buying an existing home, you won’t have to put the same kind of money into it over the next decade, so you will not only save money in the long run, you will have a new beautiful home that sells better than any home in the neighborhood. Teardowns are also great deals to consider and can give you great value on any property.

In neighborhoods where open land for development is very scarce, teardown properties are increasingly common. Homeowners are increasingly willing to recognize that their listed property is a teardown, and potential buyers and builders are seeking out these properties in greater numbers. Savvy investors and home buyers are finding Miami teardowns in Florida, Aspen teardowns in Colorado, and Stamford teardowns in Connecticut. These opportunities are popping up across the country for those who recognize their value.

On Rest

That's what I am doing lately.

Motorcycle Center

These days tons of motorcycle centers selling variety of motorcycles from local and abroad. People have a wide range to pick what they like. If for sporty needs then get the one intended for it. In owning a motorcycle of course you need to be safe at all times as much as possible. I'm sure you are aware that there are lots of motorists who met an accident while using their motorcycle. There are different factors to consider when driving, one is the driver must have to wear the proper motorcycle gear. Be cautious all the time when you drive because you are dealing with your life. Use shoei helmets,I'm sure you can afford to have it. It's for your safety.

Another thing to beware before driving your motorcycle is the status of your motorcycle parts. Make sure that the parts are all in good condition. If you have some information to be added here just let me know I would be glad to hear from your side.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Lady Next Door

My neighbor next door has a new hobby. Can you guess what it is? Well, she's only into gambling. She's playing casino online. I am wondering if she been lucky since she joined. If I'll see her next time I'll ask her about it.

In other way, my kids are happy that they are now seeing their father after a long time of waiting. I am happy of course because they kept asking me if where in the world is their daddy hiding. Hopefully time will come that we would never be apart again. *sigh*

With the Chipmunks

My two little chipmunks lover made a quick post upon seeing their friends roaming around the mall in the City. I remember how addict they were when they saw the movie for the very first time.

My son did his post in between Alvin and Theodore.

And there is my lil daughter Aquira, the camera snobbish.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Is it Part of Your New Year Resolution?

Few weeks left and this year will end. Are you getting excited? Well, what about your new year resolution, have you started jotting down? A friend of mine put gambling online as her top list. Do you think it's for goodbye or welcoming it?

Can't Think of the What the Food to Have

Hubby is here and at the moment I can't think of what food to prepare for lunch. Hmmm... I hope I would end up to any tasty food in a while.

Online Casinos for this Holiday?

Few days left to go and it's Christmas. Are you ready for this holiday? Have you purchased your food in advance? Have you already get the gifts for your loved ones? And what about playing online casinos, are you hook to it? Well, let me know my friends.

It's Our 4th Wedding Anniversary

Today December 18, 2010 is out 4th wedding Anniversary. We are thinking of going somewhere. We'll find out later after where. For now it's a secret. lol!

Do You want to Meet Strangers?

Advance Happy Holidays! Does anyone of you want to meet and chat strangers before the holidays? During our spare times sometimes we could think of finding people to talk to, even strangers doesn't matter as long as you have the so called companion. You can have random chat. You can talk anything you want online. Anyway he or she doesn't know you in real life.

Actually I have friends who talk to strangers online, and they're having fun to what they're doing. I asked them if what they're talking for hours on the net. One of my friends said that they shared different thoughts, beliefs, or even dreams in life. Anyway, just few minutes ago I came across the site iMeetzu.com where you can talk to strangers. Based in what I know people there meet after chatting online. So would you like to join?

Enjoying the Breeze

The weather is so hot right now. It's a good time to go to the beach and soak the water in the water. Oh beach please get closer to our place.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Mama wants to Avail the Payday Loans

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Are You Seeking a Sugar Daddy?

Few minutes ago I stumble on the site where anyone could possibly find a sugar daddy. So are you one of those people trying your luck to find a sugar daddy? The right time is here because I am going to introduce you to the place. The site is a sugar daddy dating place where again you have the chance to meet somebody. Actually, when I visited the place I found out that there are smart, attractive and fun individuals who need to have the companion in their life.

For you to know, the sugar daddy website is using the best communication tools such as live chat with video. We know that major tool is what people are taking advantage in this generation when talking to their far relatives, friends and even in big businesses.

If you want someday to have a sugar daddy, I think by now you have to start seeking sugar daddy in the sugar daddy dating site and be happy with this coming holidays. Who knows that pretty soon you might find your loving sugar daddy just in their. By now while still searching you just enjoy their easy to use website designed. Happy searching!

The Fuse Broke

I heard an explosion under the table where I put my laptop. Upon checking it the converter and the extension wire's fuse were broken, maybe a short circuit I am not sure. Jobs were on queue for a while (not the blogging things) but resumed after hubby got the fuse and the extension wire from the hardware nearby. Thanks God that the things are now working well.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Taking the Steps into the Career of Beauty

Are you looking for a brighter future doing the work in the field of beauty, cosmetology and health spa industries? If you do, Beauty Federation is the right one for you. I just read something about it this morning and truly catches my attention since I love having a business or be in that working environment. Enrolling in the school of aesthetics this time is quite expensive especially to known and good one.

Anyway, I came also the site a while ago mentioning about cosmetology license California. I read some info about it while sipping a cup of coffee and of course those info were truly absorbed into my senses especially that the coffee was so hot. Back to the Beauty Federation, kindly take a little time to stare at their site so you'll know also more about some aesthetic schools throughout the world.

Musician's Friend Coupons and Promo Codes

Do you love collecting coupons to save when you do your shopping? One place where you can find coupons and promo codes is best online coupons. The site is featuring the Musician's friend coupons. If you have not visited yet the page and grab the Musician's friend coupon I think you better do it now. If you have the promo codes you can avail a big discount once you will do your shopping online. This time of recession I think nobody doesn't like to save some bucks. Even through offline shopping people always watching for the sale event and collect different coupon codes in order to save.

By the way at Best Online Coupons page, not only Musician's Friend Coupons you can grab but thousands of coupons you can use for other online store and internet services. Again, for you to grab the Musicians Friend Coupon codes don't just turn your head directly to the coupons page.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Mama in a Cage

Last Saturday I invited my mother to accompany me in going to the mall nearby because it is open till midnight for the midnight sale. We decided to bring the kids since we'll be be buying just milk formula. After purchasing the items I asked my mama if she wants to be inside the "cage" thing since I availed the promo. She said yes so she fall in line and wait for her turn.

After a short while of waiting, here is mama in the cage catching the papers with corresponding prize. lol! The prizes are not that big like you've seen on TV but just for fun I let her joined and as an experience since they're fan of watching Willie show when the host was still hosting at the ABS-CBN noontime show.

My mother inside the cage doing her best to catch lots of tiny papers. lol! Oh, mama! I'm sure you're having a good time there inside.

My daughter was crying when she saw her lola (grandma) inside that cage. And when I told her that lola will be playing for the 2nd time, the more she cried because she doesn't want her to. Maybe daughter was scared.

After doing the hard work, there she is giving all the papers to the in-charge to get her prize. In fairness she was having fun.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Where to Find Replica Watches

Christmas is very much approaching. By now, I am pretty sure people are getting so busy shopping here and there for the present to give their loved ones this Christmas. Speaking of present, is replica watches one on your list to give this Christmas? I've heard it's actually a good one to give. And what do you think about receiving another gift like rado watches these coming holidays? Maybe you'll be jumping for joy, right? This time replica watches really look like an authentic one. In fact, some people can hardly determine if which one is a genuine because the items are exactly the same. See? Exactly the same! Another plus factor is cheaper and affordable.

When I checked replica watches online I saw rolex replica. Upon knowing the price, it made me think of saving on weekly basis because I'm planning of getting one for my father. I know he's calling for a new watch since last year but I don't have the extra money yet to buy for him. I was also inactive lately in my online activities so really no funds in my pocket. With my new discovery about replica's site, it gave me the clear thought on why people are up to buying replica lately.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Too Lazy to Blog

I love blogging and it became my passion for about 2 years. Through it I able to escape myself from thinking of my problems I encountered in the past. Blogging brought lots of good things to my life but lately I don't know why I became too tired to think about blogging. It's just like all the feelings I had before was vanished like bubbles. I even have no time to hop in my own blogs even just for a short time and examine what's happening. Sigh! I'm waiting for my challenger!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Essence of Decorating

Being a fond of home decorating is already within my senses since I was in my parents place. Now that I have my own habitat I can do what I want to do with it because it's mine. Whether art prints, wall posters or anything as long as it can add the beauty I will really put it in the place where I live.

In my son's room I am thinking of putting lion decor since he's an animal lover, especially the lion. Actually for me lion symbolizes bravery just like my son. I know decorating his room would give him a very nice smile. So that's the plan this time for my son's room. Later will be my daughter but for the mean time I have to keep looking the designs that she loves to see.

The Moment of Truth

Please stay tuned!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Experience Mantle Clock

Owning a clock is somewhat a need in every home. Either family belongs to low level and high level you can really see a clock put in their respective houses, on the wall. Those who can afford buying expensive clocks usually prefer those expensive clocks to add more class to their place. Well, speaking of clocks, is mantle clock what you have at your home? Does it brings you luck and add color to your life?

Friday, November 12, 2010

I Got My Prize from L'oreal 50x MORE Contest

I love being lucky. I hope I'll be lucky all the time. Speaking of being lucky, I was when I found out that my short message entry for L'oreal's 50x More was chosen. There's one winner per day. The prize is in the image below. The contest is still up and you can still submit your entry. So try joining here.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Grab Your Scrubs at Blue Sky Scrubs

After spending all day working in your respective working station, you really deserve to be comfortable even from the uniform you are wearing everyday. Are you in the medical field profession who's embracing the medical scrubs uniform in your day by day activity? If so Blue Sky Scrubs really fits on you. The company believes in making the finest and most fashionable medical scrubs and medical scrub hats available. It is assured that you will be proud and comfortable of your uniforms even in long hours of stay at the workstation.

The company is always adding new colors to their scrub sets. Based on what I have read, they offered scrubs in color ciel blue only, that was five years ago, but now already available in more than fifteen solid colors. See? It shows that there's a big improvement. Actually Blue Sky Scrubs is in line of scrub cap, which started with just the popular Pony scrub hat, but now it has grown and includes disposable scrub hats, men's hats and so many other scrubs made of good quality scrub clothing. You may visit their visit for further details of their product.

Another Doctor's Appointment

One week break of my son from school has ended. Now school to house- house to school is his next routine. He had not enjoyed his school break because he was sick and not a week only but more than that. As a mother it hurts me so bad seeing my children in their situation. Son really dropped few kilos in this current condition. He has a mild pneumonia and he's under medication. The last time he was admitted at the hospital was in the same reason. The worst at that time is he doesn't like to eat food and drink his milk. So we have no choice except to admit him to the hospital.

So today after his massage session we'll be seeing his pediatrician for a follow up check-up. I hope and pray that he'll be fine soon and be free from his illness. To you my dear readers, please include also my son in your prayers. Thank you very much.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Casino Online

We know how hit and known this online casino lately. It had brought some minor and major changes to the different lives in this universe. To anyone who are indulged in this game all I can say is must have to read online casino reviews to enlighten their minds and get ready for the upcoming changes to occur if there's any. In short preparation is necessary before having a battle with online games.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Mommies, any piece of Advice?

Both of my kids are sucky babies. The girl is with the pacifier, but I successfully parted her with that thing. I tried it many times even though she became miserable afterwards because she already used to it. Falling asleep without her pacifier those times is like a big trouble. But as what I have said that phase is over now. My problem this time is to let my son stop from sucking his 2 fingers, the ring finger and the last finger. Any suggestions how?

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Online Casino

I wrote about online casino before in my previous post. Now here I am again talking about it. By the way let me ask you this, do you play online casino? If so, which one is your favorite game? I have read online different stories about players how their winnings from casino changed their lives. To those who continuously playing and spending money for casino but didn't able to win even once I am sure there's also a change occurs in their lives.

For online casino sites I saw one that shows the best 10 online casinos and actually Rushmore casino is on the top. As the world in casino continuous evolving I noticed that it is mostly word of the mouth lately. Day by day numbers of new users are always increasing. By the way next to their top best online casino is Cherry Red Casino. In case you are interested to explore simply visit the site.

Monday, October 25, 2010

I Want to Withdraw My Earnings from LinkFromBlog BUT...

I think it's more than a year since I joined the site of LinkFromBlog. In order to withdraw your earnings it should reach to there minimum threshold which is $50. As a blogger who receives $1 per task from the said network it would take so long to reach that $50. Is it forever? I heard from few bloggers who able to withdraw their earnings but I don't know what they did, I mean how they able to reached the very tall ladder.

Honestly as of now I have $20 to go to withdraw but I can't wait because it's already more than a year and I want to get my money now! Yes now or maybe tomorrow. So after thinking all those times I've been waiting to taste the yum burger from Jollibbe with my LinkFromBlog earnings I came up with this thought that it might be a good idea to deposit the lacking amount to Linkfromblog then withdraw right away my $50 in total. But wait, I am posting it here about it because I want to ask your opinion if this move is a good one and I want also to know the risk for doing so. So would you mind sharing your thoughts with me through this post? It is very much appreciated my dear readers.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Residential and Commercial Water Heater Service

Professional plumbers are what we need to install and solve our household and commercial services. In terms of rendering services, they should be available 24x7 or 24 days a week and always be on time especially dealing with faulty heater water. When it comes to services that are time sensitive, home owners can have a peace of mind knowing that there are water heater technicians who can take actions as soon as possible in times of need.

Anyway for water heater service, Marietta tankless water heater is there available anytime for you. Either for home or business consider their tankless water heater. Tankless water heater are simply designed to heat only the water as you use it. Try also to consider also this Atlanta tankless water heater. In general, for plumbing services don't forget Plano Plumber.

Got My Gift Pack from Pantene Mystery Promo

I think it was few months ago when I joined the Pantene Mystery Promo. And just yesterday I got the gift-pack which I wasn't expected anymore to receive. In the gift pack are the items below, 1 shampoo and 1 conditioner. Thanks so much for this promo. Hopefully more promos to come!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Great Deals from Sim Only Deals Sim Card

As of this recent time you can seldom find individual who doesn't own any phone. If you only observed at the shopping malls or everywhere people are often busy texting and calling with the use of their cell phones and of course with SIM inserted. SIM stands for Subscriber Identity Module and it is simply being used to identify each phone. Speaking of SIM, there is a sim card from Sim only deals that really offers lot of great deals. So what are those deals? To mention, one is you can simply move your sim card from one phone to another without any loss of service. For your text messages the sim card will also save all of the data. So no worries if might be going somewhere.

What else does sim only contracts? Well, aside from those mentioned above, the photographs and tunes that you have collected for a longer period of time will also save on your Sim only deal sim card. Do you think those are the only great deals you can get from the so called sim card? There's a lot more! And for you to experience and enjoy its deal, you only need to buy their sim cards whenever you feel comfortable.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Son's Favorite Costume

Every time we go to the mall I let my son play inside the play room so I can walk around and do what I need to do. He already used to with this set up, leaving him and let him play. I'll just go back to pick him up in an hour or two for us to go home.

The last time I dropped him there was Friday and to my surprised he wore again Spiderman's costume. It's really his favorite. There's a wide selections of kids costumes there but this one is what he likes. Hmmmm...

Arranging the shapes!

Connecting the toy cars and named it as train. lol!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Review of GamingGuide.net

Yesterday I came across the site where you can find US Online Casinos and of course with reviews. We know that this time many of us are relying with the online reviews because through those reviews we would be able to know about the certain thing or product. At gamingguide.net you can find many casinos online with their corresponding bonuses. So if you are looking for gaming site talking about different casinos then the place is perfect for you to see.

Busy Like Bee?

So busy like bee? Well, that's me. I'm currently doing all the household chores since the housekeeper left. From offline to online I am trying to manage my time. Whew! sometimes I get dizzy because of my daily routine, climbing up and down the stairs for about 50 times or more in a day. Grrrrrrr.. I just hope that I'm always okay physically and mentally so there would be no problems especially taking care of my super hyperactive 3 year old son.

Anyway, thanks to all who visits my blog. I'll try to return the visit once I could grab that time.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Choose the Right Web Hosting Type

In order a certain website accessible to the World Wide Web, it should be hosted in any web hosting provider. Actually there are now several web hosting providers who offer different hosting plans or services. The client has the freedom to choose which one to get, but just remember to choose the right company for you and of course the type of service that you need to cater your website. As what I have said a while there are now several web hosting providers available for anyone who needs one, so no need to worry. As a matter of fact there is Superb Hosting that offers wide selections.

Whether you are operating small or large type of business Superb Hosting might be the right one for you. The company offers managed hosting service that would give you the flexibility to focus on your business while they manage your servers. When it comes to the management you don't need to worry because they have the dedicated team of certified engineers that will manage your infrastructure. Aside from managed hosting, the company also offers the so called colocation, and based on my research it is the most powerful type of hosting service. So whenever you'll decide to host your website just always remember to follow your heart and don't forget to use your mind in choosing the right one.

It's a Very Long Week

Thanks God it's now Saturday I can finally get a little break. Whew! The household routine made me felt dizzy. Do this and do that! A lot to think all of them. I am not complaining but I am just expressing how I feel. I definitely miss blogging. I seldom got the time now to blog, only if my son is asleep. He doesn't want me to sit in front of the computer when he's wide awake. Only the two of us left in the house since my mama off to the province with my daughter for vacation. Just like week the housekeeper also blew by the bad wind so she's now gone. So this week is a very long long week for me and I know also for the coming weeks. Please help me Lord!

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Things for the House and Home

Before, I love shopping stuff for our own place, but this time that I don't know where we are going to live in the coming 2 years I minimized buying heavy things for the house. Actually our sink in the bathroom got a minor problem, although still minor but if only I'll be the one to follow I would prefer to buy a new bathroom sink and keep going the bed and bath search because I find it so amusing.

Our house is where we belong, so as much as possible beautify it and get chimney firepit if needed. Good luck!

Do You Love McDo?

I was walking along the highway while waiting for public utility vehicle when I passed this McDonald and I decided to have my camera click for few shots. Sorry to say that I am not a fan of McDo, I just want to make him Smile with my few tantalizing flash. lol! Click and flash! Flash and click! lol!

K2 Incense

If you are observant in the market now a day, you can see those different created herbal products. To mention, K2 Ultra is one of them. Just for you to know all of K2 Incenses varieties are made up of mainly the same ingredients and propriety blends. K2 Ultra is the most popular k2 incense due to its superb quality.

So are you familiar with K2 Incense? If you do not yet I think you have to familiarize it because there are plenty of fake or imitation of K2 products in the market. You need to be extra careful so you would not become a victim of those fake products marketed lately. Those who have not tried the products yet I just also want to let you know that K2 incense is rich in aroma and heavenly scents that would surely make you love once tried. Based on the article I have read K2 incense can be useful in conjunction with meditation. Why? It simply helps the user assist into a deeper level of meditation. Well not only that, it is also good companion for mellow moods when the light scent of K2 is suitable for filling the air. Now that you know some benefits of k2 herb, it would be great if you will have time to know more.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Lucky for the 2nd Time

I was reading a yahoo article last night featuring a man who won in lottery for the 2nd time. Wow! He so lucky! Is he really born lucky or just by chance? Imagine, of billions or maybe trillions of people playing but he won for the 2nd time around. It is unbelievable but it's happening to the man from Missouri. His name is Ernest Pullen, 57 year old. Well, what can you say? Are jealous and you decided to play now and hoping to be lucky? Hmmmm.. let me know. lol!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Email Marketing

Email marketing is the trend these days in the field of business. Maybe it works but I am really not sure. Well, do you know? Anyway, in terms of email marketing, Mailchimp is the one you need to consider with. Mailchimp takes email marketing to the next step by helping business target their customers through social networks. Aside from that, it is integrated with lots of application like Twitter.

Social network marketing is one of a kind that has been using in the internet for a couple of years either small or big businesses. I'm sure you are already oriented with some of the social networking sites. There is advertising age if you want to take a look at it right now. So if you are running a certain business and you are thinking of getting into social advertising then go ahead. But make sure to give time to research further some info in the path you are going to take.

Today is Her Last Day

Today will be the last day of my housekeeper. She said before that she will be leaving this weekend but what a sudden changed of mind? Good thing that my daughter is not with me, she's in the province. So I can still manage to take care of my son. If two of them are here and no housekeeper then I'll be like robot. Grrr....

I'll be updating here next time what's going on with me why I am so far away from blogging lately.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Bonus Rating

When we heard about bonus rating it is usually in positive side. Yes it is and definitely correct. It's like the site I saw, the bonus rating. It is mainly about the games online being played by many online players. There are free slots which you can actually play. The free casinos. And most of all the flash casinos.

Breaking Photo

To be uploaded in a while. Please stay tuned!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Internet Marketing

These days, whether small or big businesses are already into internet marketing. Many businessmen found it very useful because they know that people these days are already into online shopping. There are lots of benefits people actually can get on it. To mention a few: it's a time saver and convenient. So no wonder e-commerce keeps on booming as days go by. As part of it is using the appropriate internet marketing through the use of seo. Webmasters and bloggers are familiar how it works so you can ask them for further details.

It's Sunday Once Again!

It's Sunday once again my friends, then the next day is Monday. As usual my life is so busy, full of mysterious things. Well, don't ask if what are those? lol! Yesterday was an off of my housekeeper but until now she's not yet home. Hmmm... where is she now? No text, no words that this and that even from the time she left. Grrrrr. Well, what should I say?

Anyway, to all of you Happy Sunday guys! I hope you are enjoying this day.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Durable Vinyl Banners

Vinyl Banner is one object which we often used to print image or information. Of course since we are paying for it so we should look the quality of the material being used. In my case, every time I have something to be made, just like the birthday banner, I prefer paying it in high where the quality is good than paying so cheap but no good. Actually the one banner I ordered 2 years ago on my daughter's birthday is still alive and looks like new. Why? It's because the materials are good. So the durability of a certain thing is really important. By the way, in case you are looking for luau banners just let me know because I know some place online that offers best quality banners.

Adgitize Ad Has Expired

I received a message yesterday that my ad at Adgitize has already expired. Well sad to say that I wasn't active in clicking daily so expected I will not be able to receive my share next month. I have to dig slowly my own pocket by now and give time to do the low paying online task. Well, I have no other choice. I let it happened, being inactive. Anyway, soon I am going to renew my ad. So please continue supporting it.

Ad image

Monday, September 20, 2010

Auto Transport

When I was living in my aunt's house 5 years I go, I remember she was an agent in one of the auto transport companies in the city. She told me that if I'll win in a lottery and would be able to purchase my own sports car she will help me to transport my dream car to the province where I used to live. Oh, it is so nice to remember that phrase. But I know it is impossible because I never played in a lottery.

Anyway, auto transport company is really helpful to anyone who would like to buy a vehicle from a far distance place and let it transport it to another destination. These generation that many companies offering auto transport services people can then buy cars anywhere in the world and ship it to their wanted destination.

Being A Good Entrepreneur

Are you one of the so called entrepreneur? I have read an article about the world's known entrepreneurs so I came with this simple questions. What do you think is the reason why they became successful? What treats do you think they have in common? Do you know? Please you talk while I am staring at my eyes in the mirror because of my pink eye. Gosh, it really hurts. *sigh!*

In Times of Running Board Needs

Accessorizing the car you own is part of the package once you have it. Some car owners beautify it as much as they do. Even they found just slight damage, they replaced the part right away. Anyway that depends to the vehicle owners. All I can say to you is whenever you encounter some car problem or you need truck running boards you can rely on Realtruck.com, the leading online store when it comes to car accessories.

You can aslo find at their store the nerf bar steps especially the dee zee. So for other truck accessories need you better check their store now.

Got the Pink Eye

Pink eye is also called as conjunctivitis. It is a redness and inflammation of the membranes covering the whites of the eyes and the membranes of the inner part of the eyelids. Sad to say that I am having it now 2 days after son got it from his friend. Son's right eye is affected but I am glad that it's fading away. Pink eye can occur in people in any age. It is contiguous, so expect that you'll also get it once any member of the house got it. This is what happening inside our house. Son got it first then me follows and the housekeeper is the last. Good think that my daughter is on vacation in my parent's house so she's not having it.

So far I know it is in season right now. Many people around the village got it and also in school where my son is attending. Oh, the words I can say about pink eye is "I don't feel it!"

Friday, September 17, 2010

Donate Your Used Car

Do you have an extra or used car and have not been using it for a long period of time because you don't feel it anymore? Why don't you give it away to anyone who needs it most? In that way someone could use it and not just stock in your junk place. Sharing your blessings to someone is such a very pleasant attitude to be proud of. So instead of letting the roaches, bugs and the rust eat your car give it to the charity. Actually there is a car donation site purposely created for those who have a good heart who will heartily donate their unused cars to charity.

This time of crisis, there are lots of people that are in need and badly needs help. They need transportation to transport from one place to another. So if you want to get involved in any organization to help someone don't be shy, be proud of it. Now convince and inform your friends about automobile donation.

By the way awhile ago I saw one site that offers service of the Vehicle Donation Processing Center, Inc. Based on what I found the site operators are standing 7 days a week. Well, that really impressed me. They are really an instrument sent in this ordinary world to help. Another thing I discovered is that the donation process is fast and easy. I know people these days want the easiest thing because of our advance technology. So the site is meant for you my dear friends and readers. In case you decided now to donate your used car don't worry there are paper works for that and surely your donated car will be in a good hand. You can also share about this information also to your friends and neighbors who have used cars just in case they want also to share their blessings.

Finally, I Got My Prize!

I got the Gift Certificates last Friday from the contest I joined in FB but I just got the chance to post it here. The GC is an overnight stay in a Deluxe Room for Two with theme dinner at Maribago Bluewater Beach Resort, one of the resorts in Lapu-Lapu, Cebu. Its location is around 5 minutes from our house so it's just near and I don't need to travel far with my 2 kids.

So, to my friends who voted my entry, and of course the contest sponsor "Philippine Destinations" for sponsoring the contest, thank you so much!

The Gift Certificates

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Dream Kissimmee Vacation for My Family

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Kissimmee Tourism. All opinions are 100% mine.

It's been a while since we had our family vacation. It was fun but I think we need another quality one after being a part for more than a year. My dream vacation this time for my family is to visit Kissimmee and stay in a wonderful resort like Walt Disney World Resort. It is really my dream or ideal resort for us to stay once we are going to have our vacation in Kissimmee. Oh, I can't wait to go there now. My kids will surely love there because of the parks especially that they are an avid fans of Disney Characters.

To let you know, Kissimmee is the place where you can see a lot of things or activities to do. And when it comes to family vacation that is what I am always looking for. I never have been to Kissimmee, Florida in my whole life, so thinking of visiting there makes me feel so excited. I want to experience and enjoy their outdoor activities, the lakes and the wildlife. And not only that, I want us to experience dining in their different restaurants and shop at their shopping malls. Well there are lots of things to do in Kissimmee aside from those I have mentioned a while ago, so for me one time visit is really not enough. I'd like to bring my family there in the month of December, hopefully next year.

Anyway, if you want to know more about Kissimmee or make a plan for your dream vacation, simply visit http://bit.ly/dlBGMu.

Visit my sponsor: What's Your Kissimmee Story?

Internet Connection is so Slow..

Grrrrr. This is what I want to utter right now because of it.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Unsecured Loans

Have you tried applying unsecured loans anyone? Are you now in the situation where you need to climb a mountain just to bring home some cash? Or are you in big trouble because your friend asking you everyday to pay the money you borrowed from her for a long time ago? Well, why don't you visit First Amerigo for your financial needs? Just for your information, First Amerigo is a leader in unsecured personal loan financing. Actually, you can file your application for unsecured loan on their site. Remember the approval is so quick, so in order to solve your financial problems you may now apply for unsecured personal loans at their company and have a peaceful mind. To know more about the company and the other things you may want to avail, just feel free to drop by at their site anytime. By the way you can also call them for a free consultation.

Friday, September 10, 2010

It's a Long Week Vacation

I am glad that this week has 2 days holiday. My son can rest longer. He is still recovering and gaining more strength from what happened to him. My kids need more my attention this time, from feeding till the very tiny things. Oh boy, I'll be more busy this coming weeks because my mother will be going home to the province. So only me and the housekeeper will be left with the 2 kids. (**sigh**)

Well in fairness, we are enjoying this so long vacation! I hope you are also enjoying it guys as we do.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Are You Happy with Your Internet Connection?

Hello ladies and gentlemen! Since you have the internet connection are you happy and contented with its speed? Are you not murmuring like many other subscribers out there? The on and off, and slow internet connection are what we as subscribers always complaining about especially if we have rush things to make.

With regards to my internet provider I am quite happy even though there are times they undergo a system improvement and we don't have the connection or it is only limited. Anyway, there's nothing perfect in this world. The most important there is the company is looking for improvement and not always stagnant. By the way, I have heard that with wild blue high speed internet you have nothing to ask for. Is it really true?

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Fancy Horsey Ride

Riding a horse is the word of my kids mouth. But they're too small for it to ride the real one. When we visited SM few days ago my son first saw the horsey horsey running with kids on their back. Son pulled me so fast closer to the fancy animals because they both want to ride. And here they are.

The cost per ride is 35 pesos and it is only good for 5 minutes. Well, does it sound expensive to you?

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Online Casino Guide

If you will hop around in the blogosphere, you will surely read the different articles about online casino. There are articles about how players play and able to take home some prizes. Yes it is true. Actually some casino games give prizes or bonuses to the players. How about you have you tried playing online casinos?

Just lately, I was able to visit some sites before discussing how they play and how they won the game. Anyway playing is not that hard, like the other type of online activities there are certain rules, the dos and dont's that need to follow in order to play or to stay in the game longer. Basically, there are casino sites that call as no deposit casinos. For me, if I'll try to play I will prefer the no deposit casinos. Well it is only a matter of choice. If you are in the promising land of US there are USA casinos that will accept players from your area and of course with casino guide.

Friday, September 3, 2010

I Need to Improve my Memory

While waiting for my son to finish with his 2 hour class I went to the other mall located within the island. There doing my window shopping. Then few minutes after I feel the parasites inside my tummy asking for food. So I dropped by at ChowKing. While having my order, the face looks so familiar in ChowKing uniform asked me if where I moved. Then I rolled my eyes and raised my left eyebrow while asking him "Where do we meet?" and "why you know me?" The guy smiled at me and uttered "It's me B!" But me the young woman who has poor memory still didn't remember. Gosh why it's like this?

So while having conversation there I recalled that he lived next door in our old place. Honestly case like this happened many times already not just 1's. Oh, memory I need you to help me! I really need to take some actions to regain my sharp memory when I was a student.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Save while Shopping

Shopping is so fun. If there are only jobs that get paid while shopping I'll surely be in a hurry to make my resume. Oh, I really love shopping especially during sale event. Although I need to pay the items I'll get but there are discount codes that make me save some bucks. Well, who are those people in the world who doesn't want to save while to shopping? I think none. With this world crisis situation people wants to find the best deal ever.

My dear readers if you have tips to save even little bucks while shopping please don't think twice to share it here. It is very much appreciated. Just for a share to anyone, during my spare time I always love to search promotional codes in the internet.

By the way, I joined a contest from fitflop, and sandals will be given away to the 5 lucky winners. I am trying only my luck who knows if it's a God will that I'll win, right? So please vote for me. I am knocking at your door.

Photo of the Day!

Mom and daughter having an early blast. No brushing of hair just tied the hair directly and there they are the result of the camera's click. I am so glad that my baby now is the one who always invite me to take pictures. She'll just tell me "Mom, Smile!" and me as her mom without hesitation I'll get the cam before she'll say "no Smile please!" lol!

HDMI Cables

Life now is really easier than before. Many new high end products developed and invented that makes our life live more comfortable. It is only a matter of choice whether you get it or not but if you just look around and feel it's benefits you would say life is really great. There is HDMI cables that will make you do the thing that you wanted to connect.

I Want to Have My Own FaceVsion FV Express Combo

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of faceVsion Technology USA. All opinions are 100% mine.


I've been married for almost four years but until now husband and I are still living miles apart. To think about it is so hard. The kids want to see their daddy and hug everyday but as of now it is only part of a dream. Sometimes I can think that life is not fair. I don't know how many years I have to wait for my family to be together just like waiting to have my own FaceVsion Express Combo.

Many people nowadays are already enjoying the benefits of FaceVsion Technology USA. Even the small and medium size business owners that cannot afford to have those high price points of video conferencing solutions from major brands, such as Polycom, Tandberg and Radvsion are now in the group. With Google Gmail account and FV Express Combo, you can make HD video calls over the internet. Your Google Gmail contact list can be automatically synchronized to your HD video conferencing contact list.

FaceVsion has a faceVision on line store for anyone who wants to see and shop faceVsion products. The store has an on-going promotion with $10 of any purchase using the promo code of FVTBTS2 while checkout. The promo ends 09/30/2010.

So if you have the plan to own FV Express Combo for your future use, it is available through shop.facevsion.com and other value added partners.

Visit my sponsor: FaceVsion FV Express Combo HD Video Conferencing

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Last Sunday while Inside the Playroom

Last Sunday we went to the mall. Every time we head there with the kids Playroom is the usual cage for them to stay. Being inside is really fun because of the activities and the toys hanging around.

Before I headed to the Supermarket I took pictures first to reminisce the past. Now, I am so grateful that after the terrible flu attack to the entire people in one roof here we are standing and trying to survive. Me and the kids are feeling better now, thanks God. I wish no more coming flu to block our way. (it's motherly wish)

Son wearing the Spiderman costume. I don't know where he got this.

My baby girl going down from her tiny hiding place.

Son: Mom, off the cam please!

Air Conditioning Problems

Lately I faced the world with so many problems. There was health, the mechanical of our home appliances and of course the financial matters. With all those mentioned, health is really the worst because my mind can't really function well if not in good condition. If I only have the chance to choose I prefer to have mechanical problems for air conditioning and look for HVAC Service then count its expenses than to spend money for my own undefined health condition.

Anyway, when it comes to problems especially to your air conditioning unit don't worry there are experts to repair the issues. In the village where we lived there are air-con technicians that roam around and offer services. Although they accept home service repair and cleaning of the unit but when I asked the price still higher compared to the technician referred by my friend. So I decided to stick to them. And with regards to its service I am happy so far. It is affordable and pretty good working performance. Before sunset today I have to call them because this month is the cleaning schedule of our 2 air-conditioning unit. Oh, another money to spend. I hope they'll be giving a discount especially that Christmas is near.

Monday, August 30, 2010

I Want to Win "Please Vote for Me"

This is my first time asking support from anyone. Though I am not used to but because I love fitflop products I just put more shields on my face to cover the shame. I hope you'll help me.

Fitflop Philippines
was having a contest and I submitted my entry on its last day of the contest duration. Though I was on bed rest during that period due to my bad health condition but I tried to participate because I want to try my luck to own a pair of REBEL sandals from Fitflop. The product offers a lot of health benefits, including good posture. With fitflop you can get a workout while you walk.

I found fitflop very costly. So when I saw the "Cebuanos Shine" contest (intended only for Cebu residents) sponsored by Fitflop Philippines I didn't hesitate to join. Now that my entry is included in the runners-up I am asking your support to vote for my entry by clicking the "LIKE" button which can be found below my entry. Cut off is on September 2, 11:59 PM.

The image below is an snapshot of my entry. So for you to vote you have to LIKE first Fitflop Philippines, the contest sponsor then after that proceed to "MY ENTRY" then click the LIKE button. Even just 1 minute or less than that of your free time you can finish it because it is just so easy.

Again I am asking your support to vote for my entry. Please, please vote for me. And if you're done voting me please let me know so I can put your Name here linking to your blog/site.


Saturday, August 28, 2010

Do You Want New Bedroom Furniture?

Hello guys! Do you want new bedroom furniture? Well I think none would answer no to this question of mine. If all could only afford to buy new bedroom furniture every month or every minute just to replace the old ones I think we will do. Seriously speaking, in our case we don't have any plans yet to purchase a new one due to financial crisis. We need to recover first from our big expenses we made the previous months.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Friday Fill-Ins #13

And...here we go!

1. You do your thing; I do mine and sometimes I got mistakes and I sincerely admit it.

2. The question When my terrible cough go away from my nerve is what's been on my mind on and off all day.

3. Remember when there is life there is hope.

4. Blogging, shopping and sleeping are three of my favorite obsessions :-)

5. During the last year I seldom got sick compared this year.

6. Hubby's joke always puts a smile on my face.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to finish my blogging task so I can sleep early, tomorrow my plans include going to the beach, visit friends and Sunday, I want to celebrate son's birthday just with the family and some close friends!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Auto Repair is Not an Issue

I don't know how to drive but I am willing to learn once we can get a car. Hubby has his own car and he uses it everyday for his job. His nature of job that needs travel almost everyday really needs a good condition car. But we know that once you always use your car you can't really run away from car repairing issues. Basically, it is always there whether you like it or not. For me it is not an issue because there is Dallas auto repair that is always willing to fix when car problem may arise.

I have just mentioned a while ago that auto repair is not an issue for me. In fact it is just a minor thing. The real issue for me is where to get the money to purchase my own car. Even just for Chevrolet Silverado I don't have the funds. But if I only have a good high paying job maybe buying even my dream car is just easy so to achieve. By the way hubby called me last night and he mentioned that he needs to do his brake job today. Though it is only a brake but it is very necessary to get fixed. So I hope the next time we'll talk it is already done.

It's a Late Birthday Post

I was busy doing nothing (lol!) for the past few days. I was on bed rest actually. Despite of that we still celebrated my daughter's birthday last Friday at home. We invited our relatives and some friends who live nearby. The celebration was not that big with clowns and some other entertaining galore for the kids. My son was just discharged from the hospital so we spent money there during his confinement. So my daughter would understand someday why.

Though the b-day celebration has ended but still I'll still post my greetings for her here. It's better late than never, right? So to my baby, Belated

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Can't Wait to Own a Chandelier

Women are known as the one who do the home beautification in any part of the world. Speaking of women, you can count on me who love to do such home improvement. As a matter of fact I want to replace and get dressed our home as often as needed to make it always fresh and new in our eyes. In beautifying the place home lighting is the number one factor that plays a very important role. It serves as the eyes of our home. Of course expensive and elegant stuff looks tantalizing.

And in the name of tantalizing, the new chandelier I saw looks that way. I can't wait to have my own actually. Oh, chandelier! But wait, since we only have a very small place I think this chandelier below really fits.

And if we could build our bigger place then I'll surely get the one bigger above. It really looks so wonderful and very classy.

Through Facebook Wife Learns of Husband's Hidden Odor

There was a news before revealing the lady's personal matters while she was on sick leave from work. If I am not mistaken the employer questioned her something about her going out at night. Through her pics uploaded on Facebook people knew about it. Another case I remember is in the Philippines the law enforcement used it to track the criminal who is the master mind of killing and robbing of his computer clients. Then now a new case, a wife learns of husband's 2nd wedding. Oh, really exposing huh?

Do you know some other extraordinary case on Facebook? Then share it here.

Life Insurance

Just lately I realized how important life insurance is in our lives. It is one way of giving your family and loved ones the security in terms of financial well being in the time you will pass away. The fact is we are just an ordinary creature living in this virtual world and anytime He will get our lives. So better secure it always by getting the insurance that suits your needs. If you have not availed yet the income protection insurance then maybe soon you have to look some quotations. There you have wide range of options.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

At The Hospital

My son was admitted at the hospital due to his flu. It is just a flu but I was wondering why the doctor took to long to diagnose it as it is flu. My son was having a fever which was rise and fall for 3 days since he is admitted there. On the very first day on his admission different lab test such as CBC for the blood count, stool exam and for urinary tract infection. And to know the result, I was so disappointed because why the findings that he has an slight UTI only found at the 3rd day of our stay. Why that long? Meaning they're too slow! But wait, who is slow? The chosen doctor for my son? Hmmm... It sounds correct.

Actually the hospital is a affiliated with the very known medical school in Cebu City which actually has more than 3 branches.

If you'll ask me if I'll go back there again, it depends if I'll shift my kids to another good doctor who is always alert and not always after of the money.

My poor son on his 1st day.

4th day

Monday, August 16, 2010

The Significance of BMI Calculator

BMI Calculator (Body Max Index Calculator) is use to determine your weight status whether you are overweight, normal, obese or underweight. You can simply do it by keying your body weight and height then let the calculator calculate to get the result in only a matter of seconds. The right after I calculated mine using Body Max Index Calculator I then realized that I dropped much this month compared to the last month. Actually it is expected because I am sick and I don't have the appetite to eat. I am becoming picky now.

Just for a brief overview, BMI was developed by Belgian scientist Adolphe Quetelet in the year 1869. So it was a long time already. So you want to know the result of your current weight status you better head yourself try this BMI Calculator. If you want to know also some tips on how to lose and gain some weight it is also the right place for you to see.

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