Sunday, August 22, 2010

Auto Repair is Not an Issue

I don't know how to drive but I am willing to learn once we can get a car. Hubby has his own car and he uses it everyday for his job. His nature of job that needs travel almost everyday really needs a good condition car. But we know that once you always use your car you can't really run away from car repairing issues. Basically, it is always there whether you like it or not. For me it is not an issue because there is Dallas auto repair that is always willing to fix when car problem may arise.

I have just mentioned a while ago that auto repair is not an issue for me. In fact it is just a minor thing. The real issue for me is where to get the money to purchase my own car. Even just for Chevrolet Silverado I don't have the funds. But if I only have a good high paying job maybe buying even my dream car is just easy so to achieve. By the way hubby called me last night and he mentioned that he needs to do his brake job today. Though it is only a brake but it is very necessary to get fixed. So I hope the next time we'll talk it is already done.

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