Saturday, January 19, 2013

Video Intercom System

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Video Intercom is used for single homes, offices and multi-dwelling units for mainly security purposes. Through this wonderful device you will be alert to see strangers who want to get into your unit.

At Ilus Electronics- a family owned and operated company you can find video intercom system in two categories such as, the 2 wire video intercoms and 4 wire video intercoms which are also available in several model, good prices and of course in good quality. In fact the store was on sale the time I visited their website. For customers it is definitely a great savings!

To give you more insights about the company, it was founded by an electrical engineer with the desire to apply his experience in knowledge from high tech civilian and military projects to functional everyday solutions. Moreover, they source quality products that are cost effective, efficient, reliable and easy to use. And has the mission to utilize their technical know-how and experience in order to deliver optimal solutions to their customers, no matter their size.

And the company offers exclusively these following products:

  •     Access Control Keypads
  •     Integrated Access Control Keypads and Door Phones
  •     Telephone Integrated Intercoms
  •     PABX and PBX Access Control and Entry Systems
  •     Entry Systems for Single Family Homes, Twines, Apartment Building and   Condominiums
  •     Stand Alone Intercoms and Gated Community Access
  •   Remote Activated Electric Locks                                                                                            
So whichever electronic products you may need in the future, simply visit Ilus Electronics.

Friday, January 18, 2013

My First Winter SnowFall Experience

I can’t afford to neglect the moment I first experience seeing snowfall. In my whole life I never think that one day snows will be falling down my shoulders making me wet because in the first place there’s no winter season in the Philippines.

It was December 18, 2012 that snow came to BC (British Columbia) and made piles of snows on the ground. I was amazed watching the scenario and hours later as I couldn’t resist not feeling it on my body so I decided to go out and let it flow all around me. I was just laughing at myself on that day because I was having fun like my kids who can’t resist not playing on the snow.  I went out alone went to the store by walk and took pictures for the sake of memories.

Now I say that I can’t afford to neglect that moment because it was also our 6th Wedding Anniversary. I felt that those snowflakes were blessings showered to our marriage. (wink) Despite of the so many ups and downs we’ve been through, yet we are still strong and fighting every moment. Hopefully in God’s will all our aspirations will be fulfill as we go along our journey.

Experience Hassle-Free Search of Flooring for Your Home

Hi folks! Have you finally acquired the perfect flooring for your home? Finding the right perfect flooring to install in anyone’s respective abode should be hassle-free for home owners. Although flooring stores are flooding nowadays in the market but they vary with their services and products. I am quite sure you are aware of that.

It is very well said by me that searching the right flooring shouldn’t need to be stressful. So the same thing in finding the right store. And speaking of right store, Carpet One Floor and Home is the one that you can count on. It is spreading all over the United States, and one of them is in Denver, Co. So if you live in that area then you have the idea now which store to go to.

Now, let me ask you this question, for bedroom flooring, what is your ideal flooring to let your soft feet step on? Isn’t it Carpet? I find it ideal especially on the winter time that it is freezing. When it comes to the cleaning I find it easier too. With the power of a vacuum you’ll reach the optimum cleaning vision, well, that is if no wet spill.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Public Teachers Carrying Guns?

I was watching CBC News a week ago and there was a public teacher being asked regarding the shooting of Sandy Hook massacre in Newtown, and how to safety the students from shooters. She answered that teachers must carry guns in the school. Oh, how is that? Do you think that it is safe for the students? I don't think that's the appropriate solution to secure our kids in the school.

For me, as a mother who has two children to be going in the school soon, I absolutely disagree with that public teacher's thoughts. Well, anyway I am not in the States but I am just putting my shoes over her suggestion. 

So are you in favor with her? Hmmmm... Come on, give me your opinions. I know you have it there!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Contact the Right Debt Law Firm for Your Debts

Do you experience sleepless night because keep thinking of your bundled debts?  Or are you one among those people who lost eating appetite because of the feeling that one day you might end up living in the street because of debts? Well, take it easy. There is a solution for that problem. A certain law office of Cockburn & Associate LLP offers various debt settlement options for Canadians which has the goal of eliminating a person’s current unsecured debt for approximately half of what you currently owe your creditors.

With the company’s expertise and very professional staffs, that won’t give up till they achieve their goal of helping or serving their clients’ main objective, I am sure you will be thankful for reaching your problems to them in the end. If you have the goal of becoming debt free in the future you shouldn’t hesitate to contact this particular debt settlement firm. Every tick of a clock counts so you better start moving. Surely one day you will find yourself in a big smile while sleeping throughout the night.  

Miss New York Mallory Hagan Crowned as Miss America 2013

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The lady on her bikini costume above is no other than the newly crowned Miss America 2013 Miss Mallory Hagan. She is 23 yo and from Brooklyn New York.

This was the question asked to her on the Q&A portion:

"In the wake of the Newtown tragedy there has been a lot of talk about gun control, one solution being proposed is an armed guard in every school," Champion said. "Do you think that would make our schools safer?"
And her answer:
"I don't think the proper way to fight violence is with violence," Hagan responded. "I think the proper way is to educate people on guns and the ways we can use them properly. We can lock them up, we can have gun safety classes, we can have a longer waiting period."
 To Miss America Congratulations!

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