Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Aviva Community Fund Contest's 2nd Qualifying Round

This post brought to you by Aviva Community Fund. All opinions are 100% mine.

Hello everyone! Have you been lately to the site of Aviva Community Fund ? Their contest is now in 2nd qualifying round. Time is fast, isn’t it? And pretty soon it will be in the 3rd qualifying round. Well, are you getting excited that your entry might be included in the semi-finals?

By the way, for anyone out there who has not heard about Aviva Community Fund, this time might be the right time for you to know about it. Aviva Community Fund is actually an annual charitable activation, funded and supported by Aviva Insurance with the goal of influencing positive change in local communities. In their contest, the lucky entries to be chosen by the judges can receive a financial support that could make those ideas into reality. I really like this awesome program because the local communities in Canada that badly needs help or improvement can get the chance to be better in the future.

Aviva 2

If you have not submitted your ideas yet, you should submit it as soon as possible so you can start inviting your friends and family to vote for your ideas since voting is part of the contest. As part of the contest rules, you must be a Canadian citizen or a resident in order to join the competition.

Aviva 1

With regards to the voting, anyone in Canada who is registered on the Aviva Community Fund website can vote for ideas during the Idea Entry and Semi-Final phases of the competition. Once you're registered and signed into the site, all you need to do is click on the "Vote Now" button on any idea. If you registered using Facebook Connect, you can now vote directly through our Facebook voting app, which you can find on the Facebook page of most ideas or at Please put in mind folks that you can vote 15 times during each of the Qualifying Rounds and another 15 votes during the Semi-Final phases of the competition.

So what are you waiting? You visit the charity contest website now to vote for your favorite ideas. And before I forget, if you have not Like Aviva Community Fund on Facebook and Follow @Aviva on twitter please do it now.

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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

SUP Surf Boards Online Shopping

img. frm legendssup
This morning, my 4 year old daughter have told me that she wants to buy SUP Surf Boards someday when she grows up and join with her favorite Princess cartoon characters surfing in a deep blue sea. My daughter is funny, her mouth is always bubbly talking the things that she wants to do when she grows up. I think she uttered about surfing because she saw my computer opened with several surfing boards on the screen. 

 By simply looking at those people who do the surfing, I can tell that they're having so much fun. How about you folks do you surf? Have you get already a comfortable, user friendly board? In buying a board I just found out that there are also factors to consider, like its width, thickness and length.

The board in the image was my finds at legendssup website. Its cost is $1,549.00. Actually, by the time I check their website they offer $50 off on board/paddle combo plus they offer free shipping on everything which I find it a pretty good deal.

If you have not find yet your ideal board, Legends Up has different boards such as race boards, flat water, surf boards and even river boards.

The store has really wide range of selections for shoppers especially for Flat Water SUP which is the most popular version of the sport. For beginners like me I think I need to start using first the flat water SUP and then once I know with the tricks or techniques I can try the other more challenging boards. Thinking to that moment is like a big challenge to me and I started feeling it by now.

Anyway before I forget I want to tell you that the online store I have mentioned here is having also up to $800 off blowout special but with limited quantities only. So if I were you have a look at their site and see what is best for you.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Fall Swimming Lesson

Fall swimming lesson has started since last week and kids will be having their lesson twice a week. On the 2nd session the forgetful mother did not remember that that kids have a swimming class after school.

Taking pictures inside the public swimming is now banned here in our community but I took these photos before I have read the notice. So I have photos to share with my readers.

                             This is my son. He's learning the Salamander techniques.

                                                  My two kids in the 2nd photo. They were waiting for the pool activity ( chair dance) which is conducted by one of the pool life guards every weekend.

In a hurry mode, the photo of my daughter turned blurry. Hmmm... maybe I just forgot to change the settings. She was having fun even though she didn't win.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Your Local Store for Home and Floor

Yesterday, right after finishing my research on my blogging awareness program I did some home renovation related research because our tenant is experiencing problem in the house. You know when it comes to house trouble that is surely involves money, and sad to say that we are on our tight budget lately due to unavoidable life case sometimes. But regardless of that condition we must solve the issues that our tenant is facing this time. So that is why the searched had push through which led me to an amazing local store for home and floor.

I know there are numerous stores keep on competing nowadays but they differ on their services, products and the price. Telling you, this new local store for home and floor is amazing because they are dedicated to help you in terms of your flooring needs. Their prices are low and special financing is being offered. If ever you are in the search for good flooring company to do your flooring job I think you should consider them. By the way before I forget, they are on sale right now. Folks, for more information I am suggesting you to visit Carpet One website. Enjoy viewing!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Family's First Mountain Climbing

I would like to share with you our family's adventure, the mountain climbing to the peak of Whistler. Yehey, we did it! Do you think we climbed purely with our legs? Hmmmm... of course not! We rode on the cable car and have seen the wonderful beauty of nature created by God but just cultivated by human.

So here we go at the top with some glaciers behind us.

 This photo looks we are already close to the clouds! This family treat is so unforgettable to me. Thanks to my husband for taking us their.

Pool Renovation Job

I can say that having a pool built on your backyard is truly a blessing. You know not all home owners can afford to have it because in the first place, not all has the money for its construction, and second is the space to have the pool to be constructed. Besides, pool needs repairs and maintenance.

Maintaining the cleanliness of the water of your swimming pool is very necessary. I think there are also guidelines to be follow especially the chlorine level that should be present on the water. Anyway, whatever maintenance that your pool needs to be done I am recommending you to call Arizona Pool and Spa Renovations. The company serves numerous communities such as Anthem, Cave Creek, Fountain Hills, Mesa, New River, Phoenix and many others. So if you are from Phoenix, be merry for this pool repair phoenix. In fact, they offer free estimates for all projects and as well as the financing schemes. No matter what company built your swimming pool or spa still their company will provide free designs and consultations. Well, isn't this news sounds wonderful? And the good news doesn't ends their yet, the company provides free pool equipment inspections as a courtesy to their clients. I think you should act now or else you will miss the company's great offers. 

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Four Years of Existence

Yehey, I made it! I am now in the four year journey in my blogging existence. Although I am not active as I used to and wanted to be, yet still happy 'bout it. I just saw my blog counter widget and it is now back to 365 days spin. lol! I didn't able to make a celebration nor a simple treat to myself for this moment but that is okay. lol! I just laugh to myself for this long journey online trying and discovering new things esp. bout blogging on how to earn more online.

As what I have said before that family comes first. I spend lesser time now online so I must have to make sure that every places visited are worth spending with my precious little time.

To the friends that I meet online, I treasure the moments and the help in blogging industry. God Bless to All!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Opportunity Provided by Aviva Community Fund

This post brought to you by Aviva Community Fund. All opinions are 100% mine.

It is a great opportunity for a certain community to have a help from a kind of organization. I know not every community in the world is blessed with a help especially financial support like what communities in Canada have received from Aviva Community Fund. To give you a short detail of Aviva Community Fund, it is an annual charitable activation, funded and supported by no other Aviva Insurance.

The said Community Fund's goal is to help influence positive change in local communities. Anyone who has the idea as how to positively influence their neighborhood is encouraged to submit their ideas, tell their friends or associates, family and neighbors to vote for it.

You know what, getting involved in a community oriented cause is such important to me because I know that whatever good project for the community is for everybody’s beneficial effect not to only one or two persons. Like one example is the kids’ playground. As soon as the plan comes into existence, all the kids could use it and enjoy till they want.

Aviva 1

Now, in order for your local community to be funded by Aviva Community Fund, what you need to do is start submitting now your bright ideas to Aviva Community Fund charity contest page. Who knows, your ideas might be the lucky winner during the selection time. The contest guidelines are so easy to follow. Below are just few:

  • Create a change that positively impacts your community.
  • Be able to implement using 150,000 or less.
  • Be well underway by Dec. 2013

Aviva 2

So no wasting of time folks, don't wait too long, act now!  You can read the rest of the contest rules in their contest page. And by the way, Like Aviva Community Fund andFollow @Aviva to make yourself updated if what's happening in Aviva Community Fund. Good luck!

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