Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Online Eye Glasses Store

Do you have problems with your eyes? Is it blurry and can't see clearly? Why don't you visit and eye doctor and let your eyes check? Just 2 years ago I went to an eye doctor and have my eyes checked because of the pain that kept bothering me in both of my eyes and also my head. It was really a hassle in my part when felt that way. At first I was hesitant to visit a doctor because you know it needs money. But as what I said it became a hassle so I have no more choice except to go. Recently, I already had purchased two eyeglasses because the first one was damaged. I was so sad about it because it was not that cheap when I bought it. I tried to let it repair but the store told me that it's difficult to go back in its proper position. As a computer addict who needs it I bought another one at the same store.

Anyway, speaking of eye glasses you have a wide selection at the online store that I just saw few hours ago. If I only found it before I bought mine I am pretty sure I could get there a good deal ever. Well, that's okay, maybe next time.

Searching for More Opportunities to Earn

Although I am so busy lately in my offline world but it doesn't stop me from searching more opportunities online to learn and to earn. I'll just not put in details but all I just want to say is I want to earn more than what I am earning this time. Soon I'll try another different one which I have never tried before. Anyway, thanks so much for visiting my blog. I really appreciate it. Hopefully, I can visit you soon.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Split Air Conditioners

Summer is here and expecting a very hot weather that would really make you sweats. During this season air conditioners are very much useful in terms of giving anyone a good night sleep, free from sweat while you are inside your own premises. Actually we still need 1 air conditioner for the other room. I hope to get it as soon as we have the means. Anyway, speaking of air conditioners GT World can provide you those things. The store has the ductless air conditioners if you are looking for such type.

So in terms of giving you a good quality and comfortable life while you are on rest or whatever you are doing at home, GT World is the number one store that you can rely on. They are selling variety of energy star approved split air conditioners. Since I found their site I am now into the plan of pursuing to buy the air split air conditioner instead of the other type which I had planned before. I learned something today while reading the content of their site. It really didn't waste my time just for you to know. So if you really feel the hotness now around your place I think you should get another air conditioner that would give you a quality moment.

My Own Mug

I'm making my own mug. I've noticed that this type of business is spreading also like a bug in the market and even online. Kodak wants me to pay this mug for about $7+. Hmmm...pretty expensive huh!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Playing Casino During Tough Times?

We know how the world reacts to the current deep crisis. People lost their jobs, property and some even their family. We need more jobs to be financially stable. Despite of the world status, people still try their luck in different ways for the hope of getting back what have they've lost. If you have heard people into casino online, yes that is what they are doing. Some received bonus if you are not aware of it. So far it is fun playing. If you don't do anything during spare time, try yourself to get involved so you will know how it feels. To know about the games casinoscandinavia can help you with that. There you will know the best casino online with their guide how to play especially to the beginners. Well, playing is so easy. The most important thing that you need to know is if the site you have been using is a reliable one. You need to be careful. So with the help of casinoscandinavia you will be enlightened if which one is worth spending your quality time playing games online. In case you want to try soon just be careful always and be aware of what's going on around the gaming area.

Simply Stick Post-it Note!

I first met post-it posted on the wall when I was in college at the school accounting office and that was 14 years ago. Yeah that was the time, but I personally started using it when I started working in a company. Post-it is very much helpful for writing short messages. It is available in different colors and sizes. With regards to its price, well it's not that cheap for me. At home actually I am not using it. I only use scratch paper where there's no writing at the back and simply cut it into the size I want and post it on my board using sharp thing to make it stick on my board every time I want to remember something. So a big savings right?

Anyway, Post it is having their 30th anniversary this month. So Congrats to the person who got the bright idea for that thing.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

A Magnificent Family Gateway

It's every family's dream to spend quality time for bonding. We know how busy people are these days working to earn for a living just to provide their family the necessary needs in life. It is such a pride being a provider to give your family a good life and bring them in some places where wealthy people are often going to spend their precious time. For family gateway, going to the beach like in Myrtle Beach is such a wonderful thing to do. I never been there but I heard people talking how awesome the place is. If I'll be earning thousands of dollar a month just in blogging like many bloggers out there maybe that's the time for me and the whole family to visit the place and enjoy the golf packages in Myrtle Beach. Oh, it is such a wonderful feeling.

Hubby loves playing golf so much. So for me I'd really say that visiting resorts for golf in Myrtle Beach is a magnificent family gateway. After taking the kids to the hotel's different activities then playing golf would be the next turn for the whole family. If you want to visit their place and enjoy their golf course just try to see for more details.

Friday, April 23, 2010

She's Looking for Pink Polka Dot Dress

My cousin has an incoming event to attend this coming few days. The affair is just related to their school activities so she really wants to attend and they are prescribed just to wear casual attire. My cousin told me when we were chatting on the net that she really wants to wear pink polka dot dress. She doesn't have it yet so she asked my help to help her find that dress. Of all my cousins she's the one who is very closed to me. We share secrets, laugh together and we are there also for each other during tough times in our lives. Anyway, I looked around but sad to say that I wasn't able to find the one she wanted me to find. Instead of pink polka dot the image below is the one that I saw. I haven't showed to her it yet but I hope she will like it.

In fairness huh the dress above is not that expensive. So far the quality is good and it is soft to touch. Since I will not be the one to wear so I'll just let my cousin decide for it.

How to Have a Soft Skin Using Avocado

Do you want to have a soft skin without going to any very expensive beauty salons? Although we are on crisis but of course we still want to have a beautiful soft skin. And if you used to visit before an expensive beauty salon while you still abundant of money but not now because you are always out of budget, so don't worry gurl you will still achieve it by simply buying ripe avocado and make a magic at home.

All you need to do are the following:

1. Remove its pit and skin.

2. Mash it in a bowl.

3. Simply slather the mashed avocado all over your body. Then wait for 20 minutes before rinsing it off.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Billet Grills Online

Whatever vehicle you own whether car, truck or SUV you know that the front phase is the usual area where you usually noticed. Even person looking what they can see straight from their eyes is the front view, right? So because of that, it should appear strong, vital and attractive. Either you are against with me or not about it I will respect it but I am just telling you base on what I have observed. For the front view in any vehicle there you can find the grills. So if you owned a truck of course you will find the truck grills in front of it.

Anyway, if you don't like the face of grills which you are having right now on your car that is not a problem because presents an exclusive array of billet and chrome mesh grilles which designed to inflict bold style to any car, truck, or SUV. All you can see from them are good quality materials with no imitation of brand names.

No matter which style of grilles you want to choose, either Billet or Mesh that is up to you. You have your own decision and taste, but just try to consider also the type of vehicle you own. If you want Billet grilles, its feature comes with horizontal or vertical lines as their identifying trait but if you prefer Chrome Mesh grilles diagonal lines woven into a frame is what the company is using. So whichever grilles you want to get just follow your heart and check it online first if you can get a good offer price. Although the world is facing world crisis your car still deserves to be take care of, beautify and treat well. Vehicles are expensive so I think they just deserve a proper care because not all people can afford to have them in their life.

An Apology from Buyblogreviews

At last they pay me after waiting for so long. I hope they will fix their system. Although they have very low paying task but for me it doesn't matter as long as I'll receive my payment on time not always delayed. So this is what I got this morning in my Paypal account.

Anyway, thanks for paying me.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Joining in Casino Club

Hello ladies and gentlemen! Are you free and doing nothing lately? What about joining in casino club? I heard it is fun and worth spending your time there. Anyway, I just saw this site and I was able to know more about it, the club. Nowadays people are trying different things just to amuse themselves, to forget their real life with so many problems that has been bothering them. If you have been into gambling before I am pretty sure you understand what I am trying to say here. Do you love to get bonus? If so, then casino club is one among sites nowadays that has a list of sites that shares bonus to the players. When talking about bonus teachers in public schools are always receiving bonus sometimes it is delay and sometimes it is in advance. So the feeling of receiving bonus is just the same way, exciting. As I remember the last time I feel excited was when I gave birth. Oh, what a wonderful feeling. Now, that it's almost a year I never feel the same way, I think it is time to try joining casino club. I hope I'll get excited again although not exactly the same when I gave birth. Once you'll be part of the club you we'll meet other poker online.

His Last Day on Earth

I feel pity to this rooster that I just bought yesterday. Today is his last day on earth, but in heaven I don't know. I need to cut his neck tomorrow. hohoho! Telling you guys I've never tried murdering a chicken in my whole life. So sad to hear but I need to do it for the sake of my promise. So Bye bye chicken... See you in heaven.

Still making a good poise despite of his near life sentence.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Phoenix Storage

If you are in storage needs, whether for residential or commercial and you are located in Phoenix then no worries because there's a solution to your Phoenix Storage. All State Self Storage is there to give you solutions when it comes to your Phoenix Self Storage needs. With their affordable storage solutions and 12 locations in 5 states there is an assurance that they will be able to suit your storage needs. Their branches are located in areas such as Arizona, Indiana, Nevada, Michigan and Minnesota. For you to know, All State Self Storage has been servicing people for over 25 years, so with this time of experience they've gone too far especially to servicing customers with safety, security and affordability of storage solutions to the area covered with them.

Another information that you need to know is that All State Self Storage offers variety of sizes from 3x3 to 20x40, indoor and outdoor availability, drive-up access, Wine storage, 24 Hour Surveillance, Individual door alarms and so much more. With regards to payment system no worry also because they are offering very flexible options of payment just to provide a service to customers. So if you need Self Storage Phoenix for your storage solutions you know now where to go.

Before Going to Bed

I am planning of going to bed early tonight because of some errands tomorrow that need be done early but due to my waiting opp to post I need to be up for a while to do it. I'm a bit sleepy and you know it's difficult to let the mind function once your eyes are rolling inside out. Oh, please mind do your job, find ways to make things work easily and rapidly.

How Garage Door Remotes Work

In buying certain things like the garage door remote control, it is appropriate to know first the product usage, quality, discount if there's any and of course the most important thing is if how it works. I am pretty sure that if you bought before any brand of garage door remote control you were also asking the vendor if how it works. Actually, it is the buyers right to know for whatever reasons that they need to know. For you to know, garage door remote is simply being used in residential as well as in manufacturing companies for the purpose of securing life and the property. Anyway, with regards to its brand, Linear is one of a kind that you will find online. It is also known as Multicode.

Aside from the Linear garage door remote control another brand named Genie has also taking part in the market. Whether you will shop online or offline you should have to ask the sales staff if how the thing really works. Those mentioned brand names a while ago are just some of the garage door remote controls sold at Clicker Depot, an online store that sells garage door remotes, receivers and keypads.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Here Appearing Again!

After a long time blogging I've never been tasted how sweet the ice cream from Nuffnang ads payment. Yes it is true guys, and with all the advertising companies I've been joining till this time it is the one that is on and off like the moon and the stars. Actually it's a long way journey to go till I'll be paid. I think 10 years to go. Well, will I still be blogging till that time? Hmmm..we don't know yet. *sigh!* So today, I am surprised because it's blinking again and inviting you to check if what it is all about. Are you curious? So see! The image is like the image below and it appears above my post.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Sinusitis Attack

Yesterday the weather was good except my health because of my sinusitis. It's now three days since the sinusitis attack on me. Oh men, it is really painful. My nose seems to fall down every time I'll make a bow or look at the ground. It is not only that, around my eyes are in pain and my check bone is also included. This time of attack is really the worst. I am already taking medicine. I also had the ginger's extract already. You know it is one of the oldest home remedy so I hope the pain will go away soon because it's tough.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Best Casino

From the comfort of your own home you can have fun with the best casinos. If you don't know where to find them, well, it is not a problem because through the best casino you will surely know and enjoy your spare time. Best casino has the most trustworthy online casinos with 24 hours support, excellent welcome bonuses, and of course the very secure software. So, no need to worry about while you play. If you want to start the fun now, then all you have to do is simply visit best casino. But wait, you can invite your friends too.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Just Thinking What She Wants to Be Someday!

While I let her fit her new swim suit she positioned like this in the photo and merely think.

"I want to be a doctor someday because I want to cut all the women's belly like what they did to mommy! Oh doctor, you are earning lots of money!"

Presenting USA Casino

Searching list of best USA Casinos is not that hard to do. Through USA casino you will find the best and most known USA casinos. Well, isn't it a good news to hear? You also need to know that the listed casinos there are safe, secure and of course offer fantastic level of customer support. These days it is not new anymore that there are people who play casino and receive some cash. If you want to be like them then why not try playing the best USA casino? Aside from bonus you will get you be having fun too.

Sorry Store I need to Return It

Today, I decided to return the toy that I just purchased 3 days ago at the mall nearby. The mall is new and they are very strict when it comes to changing items. I had a bad experienced from them the time I purchased a no good mirror. Instead of seeing ourselves clearly in the mirror there was a portion in the mirror that is painful for the eyes because it is blurred once you want to see yourself on it. Actually I didn't noticed it at the time I bought because it's not really that obvious, but when I started to hung it on the wall I saw the weird scenario of myself. So of course I returned it right away, but prior replacing the item the staffs there were giving me hard times because they don't want to replace it. I argued with them, till they changed it. The 2nd time around was so frustrating, again they don't want to replace it. I really don't like their store policy. Again I argued with their customer service. They told me they will accept the item if on the same day I'll make the replacement because they can still void from their machine. Well, they put on their receipt that replacement and return of item is honor within 7 days from the date purchase. So what is it? just for decoration? I didn't leave the mall till they call their store manager and let it decide to honor the replacement. Oh geeez.. you guys you are giving me heart attacks.

With all the malls here in Cebu City this is the worst mall so far that I encountered this kind of scenario. Really frustrating. You want to know the mall name? It is Gaisano Grand Mall, Mactan Branch. The store was just opened last year 2009.

Monday, April 12, 2010

My Painful Right Eye

I woke up this morning with a painful eye. My right eye is one having problem. Actually I experienced it before when I sleep late around 1 at midnight. It really hurts especially if am going to blink it. But I've noticed that if I'll sleep early I won't experience such this pain. I think I have to visit an optometrist and have my eye check. I can't really take it anymore. Hohoho! It hurts.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Business Loans

Are you looking for any business loans for you to apply to solve your financial needs? If so, then is the right one for you. With EZUnsecured, unsecured financing is made easy. I am sure you have nothing to ask for once you avail a business loan from them. Imagine no collateral needed, and not only that the approval is only 1 to 3 days from the time you apply. Isn't it so amazing? As an applicant no need anymore for you to wait long time to get the result of your application, they are not like other business loan companies out there that will take almost 2 weeks. So after the approval period the releasing of the funds will follow which will take 7 to 10 days.

If you are really looking for an expert people to help you manage your business financing or expand your existing business so why not apply a small business loans at EZUnsecured? These recession period I think nobody of us is not in need of money. Many wants to start operating their business but due to financial matters their dreams has been stagnant for years, so now that there's a company with experts people who are willing to help you achieve what you wanted then don't waste your time.

His New Toy

Son was so happy when I brought home his new toy in color red. I hope he won't destroy it too soon like what he did mostly on his toys.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

My Kids are Having Fun with Alvin and the Chipmunks

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Alvin and the Chipmunks. All opinions are 100% mine.

For me, being a stay at home mom is so memorable and rewarding if I can always see my children with a big smile on their face. My eldest child is not yet in school so he can watch good shows while I am doing my home chores. One of the CD's that he loves to watch together with his sister is Alvin and the Chipmunks. For just a month from the date purchase of the tape, it got scratches till it didn't play anymore. Both of my children want to operate the player due to over excitement. Oh, I can't blame them why they love watching it. It is really fun and it is worth time spending with the entire family. If you have not watch it guys I am telling you buy it now or else you will miss the fun. In fact, it is now available in double DVD pack that includes "The Squeak Along" Bonus Disc, with more music, mayhem and all new singalongs. So if you were enjoying the old CD that you have been watching before, now I am pretty sure you'll be doubling the fun.

By the way guys, aside from it is available on DVD you can also enjoy watching it through Blu-ray and digital. So for More Munk Mayhem please see

Visit my sponsor: Alvin and the Chipmunks:

Russia Jet Crash, Polish Leader is now Dead

I am sure you heard about this very horrible tragedy just happened on Saturday. Polish leader Lech Kaczynski together with his wife, the country's highest military and the civilian leaders flew with the 26 year old Tupolev which supposedly to attend the event marking the 70th anniversary of the massacre in Katyn. Anyway, to know more about the story please visit here.

What we can do now? Is to offer a prayer for the victims soul.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Pickup Styling

Pickup styling is what pickup owners are doing to beauty or enhance the appearance of their valuable asset, the pickup truck. Speaking of styling your pickup it is so easy nowadays because there are numerous stores that are selling truck accessories for your truck. If you have any pickup truck and don't have any bed rail caps yet why not add it anytime soon? Having it gives you the easy access or function with your truck. Actually, the store online is where you can get the necessary things you need for it. If you want putco to cater your needs because of its quality automotive accessories then don't hesitate to do it while it's not too late.

When you need to secure your cargo being placed on your pickup truck, simply use the truck bed tie downs. Guys just put in mind that we are talking about here your own convenience and the safety of your cargo. Just to give an idea, here online you can see endless offer from different online store that exist on the web. All you need to do is be updated at all times because we know that although small discounts given are already considered as big savings for us.

Horsy Go and Ride

Yesterday was the first time seeing horsy here in Cebu. Afterall I saw horsy and for sure in my next visit there in the place where horsy is I'll bring my kids and have fun with the horsy. Go go horsy! You jump!

Mobile Marketing

Nowadays young and old already knows how to use mobile. That is how high tech the world where we are living right now. Aside from using mobile in an ordinary means or shall we say in the usual usage like just for personal, it is now being used to market certain products or services. Recently, it is now one of the mediums that has been using for promotions. Mobile Marketing plays a very important role in the market. If you are aware of it especially here in the Philippines mobile users are murmuring because they are receiving unwanted SMS (Short Message Service). Well, even me is complaining about it because I really don't like it, for me it is just a waste of time reading it. But for you to know, whether you like to receive it or not you you have no choice especially if your mobile company is the one sending it to you.

In part of Asia this mobile marketing is becoming popular in the early 2000's, and when it became a legitimate means of marketing or advertising. We know there are numerous provider of mobile solutions that is now up and running, in fact one of them is Cellit Mobile Marketing. With the help of Cellit Mobile Marketing connecting to customers is just so easy, regardless how big the business is. Whether you are in the business field of restaurant, a newspaper, a Realtor, a broadcast station, or a live event they can handle it. In fact they have the proven tools and expertise to increase customer interaction and drive sales. Based on what I have read Cellit Mobile Marketing has been featured in the PMQ guide to going mobile for small, independently owned pizza businesses.

Moreover, with the help of Cellit Mobile Marketing sisters companies namely House4Cell, CouponZap and Cellit Studio it is made easy for their smaller clients to manage mobile marketing campaigns and of course the monitoring of the results. So I would say that the said mobile solution provider is very capable especially upon knowing that they are also working with world's largest organizations like IKEA, HSBC, Hearst Corporation and Tribune Company. So now that you have a little background about mobile marketing it is now up to you whether you will apply it in your own company and be successful like other successful businesses companies in the world. So good luck to whatever business you are in!

Dried Fish for Sale!

Hello everyone! Do you want some dried fish? By the way, how often do you eat dried fish? Do you really eat or just snob it? If you are from Cebu City I am pretty sure you are familiar if where I captured the images here. Today, I went to Tabo-an Public Market few minutes away from the City proper. It was my first time visit there and I was amazed with their dried fishes like danggit, bulinaw, and some other types which I don't remember the names. I saw how busy the vendors are entertaining their customers that usually came from Manila and some just came from different provinces here in Cebu. In fairness huh I love their "danggit", but since it's not in season this time so the price is really high. Despite of the high price I still take home 1 kilo, but hopefully in my next visit it will decrease even a little because I am planning of selling it. lol!

Take a look at this image below, they are in variety

You want some?

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

What About Traveling to Rome This Summer?

Hello everyone! Is traveling to Rome is one of your prospects to visit this summer? Traveling to this one of the world's tourist destination is such a great opportunity. Some people say that even though they are already staying in this wonderful City with their whole life still it is not enough. Imagine that phrase? Meaning the place is really amazing. Anyway, if you have just started with the plan of visiting there don't you worry when it comes to your accommodation because there are plenty of wonderful hotels in Rome. Honestly, I never been to Italy but if I'll win in the raffle with the latest draw I just joined for sure Italy is the number country that I'd like to see. I want to explore the place and visit some of my friends living there. Oh, it is so wonderful thinking about it now. By now, I can't wait to know the result of the raffle draw so I can visit Italy soon.

Scenic Thursday

Upon our arrival here on the beach I wanted to dive right away the beauty of this very calm water. So relaxing place and just like it can make you have a very peaceful mind, free from from the very traffic high-way and polluted City. Oh beach! I want to go back here again and enjoy the boat rides and the very peaceful place.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Show Your Support to Navy SEALs

Like many other organizations or establishments there are cases that they need to raise money for a certain reason or for the sake of helping charity. Right now US Navy SEALs Store is knocking at your door to purchase their items on sale at their site. You have lots of options to choose from. They have apparel, collectibles, footwear, jewelry and watches, swim gear and so many others. I just saw place a while ago but I think the place is a good place to stand by and shop. They have good quality products with excellent customer service and aside from that, they offer fast and reliable shipping options. So if you are worry about your items that haven't arrived in your other shopping stores then not now with this shopping store because they are reliable. So I think you need to gather your money now so you could start shopping the amazing items on sale right now.

My Eyes Still Hurts

Yes my eyes still hurts until now. I can't stay longer here in front of the computer. I want to blog hop like before but I have to leave it for now because only my health will suffer. My head is also affected and it is too painful. Actually just yesterday that I started breathing some fresh air because of the bad feeling that I have been suffering for almost every week. I need to get a new eyeglasses for my eyes and as of now I need lots of rest. I am looking forward in visiting your blogs guys I hope soon.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Let's Have Fun with the USA PLayers

If you have boring times this very hot summer then, say goodbye to it now because you can have fun with the USA online casino. With it, surely boring moment has no more place in your heart. Players from the USA are very much welcome here. If you have friends who are bored too and just worry about life then it is also your chance to invite them to have fun with you. Regarding the rules how to play just refer to the game I think all the details are provided there. So what are you waiting? Start the fun now!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Flag Shopping after the Easter Celebration

Hello everyone! How was your Easter? I hope you enjoyed it. Many of my friends went to the beach to enjoy the resurrection of Christ. Well, in my case we just stayed home because most of the family members are sick, we are having flu even til now. Although I am still sick but a friend of mine called me and were asking help to find online the quality flags. She wants to buy flags to be used in their work. She is in a military service for more than 20 years so I can't say no to her favor. As a shopper we want the best quality for sure. So after the resurrection of Christ here I am again online searching for outdoor flags for my friend. She needs those flags in the coming week so just a little time left for me to find. But I am fortunate to say because just after 30 minutes of my search online I saw the site selling the flags the she needs. Actually the store I just saw is the largest flag distributors worldwide and carries huge variety of sizes and types to choose from. When I looked at their site I found right away the outdoor flags for my friend. Aside from that they have indoor flags too but my friend doesn't need it anyway.

The Meaning of Easter

For those who don't know yet the meaning of Easter here we go let's define it. It is a Christian celebration signifying the resurrection of Jesus Christ, three days after he was nailed to the cross.

Anyway, to all who celebrate it I am myspace graphic comments

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Web Hosting Geeks

Hi guys, how are you? Hope you are all doing great this Holy week. Anyway, I have mentioned earlier on my previous post that I was searching again the best web hosting provider to host my other domain. Web site hosting is my main focus this time that I have some extra cash in my pocket to pay for it. I never tried any web hosting provider before because aside from I don't have the means to pay I also not taken blogging seriously, but now that I have both I think it is time to have my own domain hosting to the quality hosting provider. I asked some of my friends here online if which one they are using and if they encounter some problems, and what they told me is yes they do. They said they want to transfer to another web hosting site because they are not satisfied with the service rendered to them. So based on what they said we need to be careful in choosing. I made further research online and I am glad that I met this dedicated hosting site that gives information especially to the beginners like me.

If you will just have the time to visit the site I am referring here, which is the web hosting geeks I am pretty sure you will gain some information about web hosting. There they put the top 10 web hosting providers for this year 2010. If you don't want to be left behind with this very important news just simply head over to web hosting geeks. The good thing there is the site gives reviews to the corresponding provider listed on the top 10. As a matter of fact, Inmotion is the top 1 for this year 2010. Since I know now if which is good I think in the few days I could get my own hosting plan.

When is Good Friday?

Today is a Good Friday April 02, 2010. Good Friday is a Christian holiday that commemorates the death of Jesus Christ and it takes two days before Easter Sunday.

It's Another Chance to Search Again the Best Web Hosting

Blogger is one of the jobs online that some people choose to do after having the world recession. Being a blogger is so much fun. You will meet different bloggers from different parts of the world with different talents when it comes to working online. As I remember, I started blogging two years ago with no directions, meaning don't know what topic or subject to blog because I don't have enough knowledge about blogging. As time goes by I learned things related to its journey, if how to promote my blog to gain some visitors, advertising it and of course by getting the quality web hosting site. Honestly, I often heard the word web hosting when I joined in real estate work 5 years ago. It happens when my co-workers hire someone who could make their professional website to market the products which is the real estate. As a newbie like me who don't have money during the earlier period I just explore online because I have an internet at home. I said to myself why not make my own? If others can, why can't I? That phrase is the usual question I ask to myself every time I need something to explore.

So in terms of getting webhosting we need to be extra careful because there are scams out there. Some people received scams through their mail and telling them to renew their webhosting because soon it will expire although you know that you just renewed its contract. In getting also the hosting plan you want make sure you make further research with regards to the site you want to deal a business. You know regrets are always at the end not in the beginning. Anyway, now that I earned something from my online journey I want again to try another web hosting site to host my site. Could you recommend which one?

Friday Fill-Ins: Weekend Fun!


Happy Easter to all who celebrate it! we go!

1. All you need is love to conquer the world.

2. Watching funny movie fills me with laughter.

3. Each generation, as it grows up, is becoming more powerful.

4. Time Management is something I have a hard time dealing with.

5. A trip to Jerusalem this Holy Week is what I need.

6. You'd left me and you get back.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to have a wonderful time with my kids watching educational CD's, tomorrow my plans include going to the beach and to the mall nearby, and Sunday, I want to go to Church!

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