Sunday, November 30, 2008

Simplest Way to Preserve Fruits and Vegetables

We want to preserve our fruits and vegetables as much as possible to remain the freshness of it. What we usually do is put it directly inside the refrigerator using either a plastic box or a plate. And did you notice that usually it is good only for a few days? Well it is, and I do observe it.

What I’m going to share to you guys is a different one; it is the simplest method using the aluminum coated plastic bag. Instead of throwing away after removing the content we can use it in this means. The good thing for this is the freshness last for weeks. Can you imagine that? So really amazing! Try to look at the pictures bellow

aluminum coated plastic bag from Quaker
note: any other aluminum plastic bag would do

after 1 week this is the result.

** Don't fold or seal the opening of the bag.**

Thursday, November 27, 2008

The Blogger

I felt lazy and tired when I woke up this morning. Since I start blogging I sleep late most of the time and it made me feel tired and sleepy. Well, I think that's the natural feeling of an sleepless person, am I right? What do you think? I'm having fun! Got addicted to it from the time I started blogging and not only that I'm yearning also to earn something. Being a full time mom taking care of the babies waiting for the sun to shine life is boring sometimes.Maybe not unless if going out everyday and go shopping, go to places wherever you want. But I'm not that rich. I usually went out before when no babies yet almost everyday I can't stay at home. But now is different I have to save money, even single cents I keep that. So hopefully I can earn something from what I am doing lately.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Overview of Belly Dance

Women wants to have a body in shape. One way of attaining that is by belly dancing. Aside from it is fun you will look great with your body in shape. But before taking that watch this video first for you to have an overview about belly dance and to be able to know the do's. What's this! enjoy your eyes.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

7 Tips On How to Save Energy at Home

I know that as an individual as much as possible we want that our energy consumption at home will be very low so we won't be paying that very high amount, am I right? Aside from that benefit we can help also our mother earth from global warming. So I have some tips for you on how to do that and I'm sure you'll be glad if you'll find out that the following bill is decreased. Actually I just read about this but I just want to share this to you especially that the electricity is keep on increasing now a days.

1.) Draft Dodging
In the average home, nearly 20 percent of all heat is lost through unprotected openings in windows, doors and floorboards.

If you feel a draft, weather strip your doors and windows and use filler to close up cracks on window frames and floor boards.

To test an area, simply hold your hand or a lit candle, up against a door or window. If you feel cold air coming in … warm air is escaping. And as your mother always said, “Why heat outside?!"

2)Turn It Down

Turning down your thermostat by just 1 degree can reduce your energy consumption by more than 5%.... And you won't even notice the difference.

And, while you're at it, don't heat rooms you're not using. This can save you cash on your heating bill.

3.)Turn It Off

You already know you should turn off any appliances you're not using. This includes switching off lights when you leave a room.

And don't use that “standby” function on your electronics. According to the California Energy Commission, devices set to “standby” still use power, accounting for 35 percent of the wasted energy in your home. Eliminating that this could save $1 billion every year in the U.S.

4.)In Hot Water

Your hot water heater does NOT need to be set higher than 140 degrees Fahrenheit, or 60 degrees centigrade. Any higher, and the system automatically adds cold water to cool it back down for use. Now that's just wasteful.

5.)Waste Not, Wash Not

Don't run your washing machine unless you've got a full load. If you can't wait, make sure to use the “economy” or “half load” settings.

Modern washing machines work just as effectively at 100 degrees as they do at 140 degrees. But that 100-degree setting cuts carbon emissions by one-third.

Tumble dryers use up a lot of energy, so why not hang your clothes on a line instead? This is better for your clothing AND the environment.

Speaking of washing, taking a shower instead of a bath uses about 50 percent less water and energy.

6.) Insulation Installation

Up to one-third of the heat in your home escapes through your roof. You can prevent this by insulating your attic. Not only is it simple to do, but it's the most cost-effective energy-saving measure you can take.

And don't stop there... If you haven't already, insulate your walls. This prevents another third of your heat from escaping.

7)Hit The Breaks

Saving energy is not only good for the earth, it's good for your wallet. Government tax breaks and rebate incentives are often available when you retrofit your home to be as energy efficient as possible.

In the U.S., consumers who install energy-saving equipment in their homes may be eligible for a $500 tax credit. Check your local power authority for more information.
Good Buys and Tips
From light bulbs to kitchen gear, there are tons of energy-efficient appliances available on the market. Amazingly, these machines often use 50 percent less energy than other models.

And, after you bring your energy-efficient appliances home, make sure you use them in an energy-efficient way…

Don't boil more water than you need, don't leave the fridge or freezer doors open longer than necessary, don't forget to defrost your freezer regularly, and try give your hot water heater regular check-ups.

And while you're at it, you could save even more by switching to energy-efficient light bulbs.

Showing of Gratefulness

My precious daughter is now 3 months old and I am very happy that she's fine and healthy. As a sign of being thankful to God for giving us a healthy and beautiful baby I purchased her a cake from
Goldilocks. Usually I do it every month if can! And my hubby asked me again if who eat the cake. So I answered of course the beautiful witch. lol!(referring to myself). Well in fairness cake from Goldilocks taste good, they can count on me as one of their avid customer and hopefully they'll give me discount next time.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Happy Fiesta Nuestra Señora Virgen de Regla

Every 21st day of November is the feast celebration of Virgen de Regla. Nuestra Señora Virgen de la Regla is adored at the National Shrine in Opon, Lapu-lapu City, Mactan Island of Cebu. People already used to go visit from different parts in Cebu just to witnessed the event, they offer prayers and some light candles. This year is my 2nd time being there and joined the crowd. I saw vendors everywhere selling anything. It is also practiced that one to two days prior the celebration and during the feast day vehicles except private are not allowed to enter to the place so the people have to walk like 1 kilometer going there. So I was one of those guys walking but I have fun. Hopefully by next year I can still join the celebration.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Lexmark Uniform

Have you heard about Lexmark Company? It is an International Company that manufactured ink for the printer. In fact they are also selling printer, fax machine and so much more. Lexmark has a site in Lapu-lapu City that is located in Visayas that purely manufacture printer ink and to mention it is very expensive compared to other brand. So that's only an overview about Lexmark.

The story is this, when I went to the supermarket I saw a beggar wearing lexmark uniform. There are two of them, I don't know where do they get that uniform. My only point is, what do you think would be the reaction of the Lexmark people that their uniform is worn by the beggar? And what if the Lexmark people and the beggar meet in the street wearing the same thing. Well, maybe they will be shock or might be upset.

Poor Smart Internet Connection

Three days already since the Internet connection is on and off and it made me upset. I keep calling the Smart hot line for the problem encountered and you know what they told me? Ma'am please just wait within 30 minutes. So the blogger is waiting and call back again. The next phrase I receive was "Please wait within 24 hours I already made a report about your problem". So the following day same problem again til today and keep on calling again, again and again and got the same answer. Hopefully Smart will fix this technical problem.Really poor connection I don't know when this will be fixed, hopefully soon. And I'm calling Smart to give me a rebate for this.

Saturday, November 15, 2008


For almost 3 months waiting thanks God it's now reimbursed.I'm glad I got the check from my health Insurance. Having such insurance really helped me during my hard times. When I gave birth as a cesarean my health insurance is very useful and I appreciate it so much because it lessen my hospital bill and my baby is covered with that. The reimbursement that I got is from my baby's hospital bill, since newborn has no birth certificate which is one of the requirements in availing the benefit so the transaction was transact late.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Thanks It's Friday

I went to the supermarket this afternoon to purchase some baby food and on my way home I heard the DJ (Disc Jockey) saying thanks God it's Friday! So I remember that today is Friday. Friday the last working day of the week to those who are working but there are also some company that are open 24/7, it means 24 hours in a day 7 days a week. Reminiscing the past when I was working Friday is not a great day for me because I work in a manufacturing company open 24/7. Sunday still a working day but we have an options to work or not, but in my case I still work because I want to earn more. Months passed by I realized that I need to rest and enjoy my life not that work to death and can't see the sun shining anymore.

So to you guys, though we need to work but still give time to yourself and to your family especially if have kids.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Toddler Shoes

As time goes by my baby boy is now big and growing faster. This morning while we are sitting in the couch I tried to let him wear his old shoes and I noticed that it is becoming tighter and I'm sure that soon it won't fit anymore. Actually my son don't like wearing shoes, he prefer sandals that is why I am not fond of buying shoes for him except sandals.

Since his shoes is already small I am thinking of buying a new pair for him, a shoes that he will be comfortable wearing while walking. He really loves to stay outside most of the time and he can have lots of it when his daddy will be here. Dad and son bonding again while walking with the new comfy shoes. While browsing in the net I found this 2 cool and very comfortable by just looking at it and really good for hiking. You can view some of these at childrensplace store they are also on sale.

The Swing that I like

When I went to the mall few days I ago I found something very nice and I got attracted to it, it's an adult swing. It is really nice. I tried sitting on it and imagining how I wish I can buy it and put it in our backyard. The more will be nice if the backyard has some trees and flowers so you can feel the breeze while sitting on it with you partner in life. That would be nice, right? Well, I'll just dream about it and the swing.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Just having Fun

When I was searching some widgets to add in my blog I encounter this one below in my way going to the! I just like looking at this sexy lady with her different looks.

You can also make her Gorgeous. You try! Just Click!

Fixing Your Baby's Flat Head

As a mother we don't want that our baby will have a flat head. I'm glad that my first baby which is now 14 months old don't have that problem. Is that a problem? For me I can consider that as a problem. During his early months of infancy I told my husband that I don't want our baby's head will turn into flat. And he kept telling me that I'm too much. Yeah it's true I'm really too much and it's because I want the best for my child. If anything I can do I'll do it, that's how I love my baby. So I bought a pillow for our little one that can support his head and we also keep on turning him from side to side.

For moms out there you can fix your baby's flat head with the instructions below:

1.)Allow the baby to sleep on his side. If you change his position during the night often, his flat spot will begin to go back to a normal shape.

2.)Use a blanket or wedge at night to keep the baby from laying on the flat part of her skull. The non-flat part should be resting on the bed.

3.)Encourage the baby to play on his tummy. A sufficient amount of tummy time can help him development as well as take the weight off of the flat spot on his head.

4.)Hold your baby often. If you keep the baby out of swings, cribs and car seats for a few hours a day, it will take the pressure off of the skull.

5.)Ask your doctor about a pressure helmet. In severe cases, a doctor may use a helmet to help reshape the baby's head back to normal.

Sucky Finger Baby

My baby is 14 months old and he still suck his fingers(the little finger and the ring finger). When he started teething I become more worried about it because he got cut on his fingers where he often suck and it take time to heal for that wound. I think the teeth is sharp that's why he got cut on it. I tried putting glove on his hand so he can't suck and forget soon, before it works when he was 12 mos. but when I stop putting glove he turn again as a sucky finger baby. Besides from the glove I also tried putting ginger (extract) on his finger and it didn't work. My last option this time is to put chili on his finger and I know he'll cry so that's why I'm hesitant to do it. I know the glove will not work anymore because he knows already how to remove it. There were many times I put it and when I check it the morning it's not there on his hand anymore. So regarding my last option I still have to think many times about it (referring to chili) if have to do it or not.

Is there any mom out there who encountered the same problem as mine? Will you please share some of your tips to this worried mom over here?

Monday, November 3, 2008


All Souls Day is the time for us to visit the dead ones and offer some prayer to them. But prior to that day people are busy cleaning the tomb, painting and some other things that they need to do in the cemetery. And you know what, I'm just wondering why people in some rural areas in the Philippines have this weird belief. They are offering food to their dead ones during All Souls Day by putting food in the altar of their house. And that's because they believed that the spirit of the dead will roam around visit their relatives and friends. Is it not weird? What do you think?

Sunday, November 2, 2008

You want to be SEXY?

Word sexy has a lot of definitions and it varies to the perception of the individual. Some people I know they define sexy a body with a curve or figure.Whatever the individuals point of view is, we'll just respect them.

So if you want your body to be sexy just simply do what is written below:

1.) Don't eat cook foods for breakfast, eat only fruits but don't eat fruits for dinner.

2.)Drink virgin coconut oil (VCO) twice a day.

3.)Have a detox diet and drink 12-14 glasses of water a day.

All you have to do is discipline yourself and you'll see the result after 3 days.

My Incision

Without knowing that from the time I gave birth from Cesarean it's now 2 months and 12 days. Time really fly too fast. My baby is now getting bigger and my incision is also started fading. I'm so thankful that the pain is also going away, gosh it was really painful. So since it is a major surgery I was restricted not to carry my toddler and not allowed also to climb up the stairs many times in a day. Despite of all those restrictions I'm still blessed and grateful that it's now over.

Thanks to God! Hallelujah!

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