Monday, February 28, 2011

Not Just an Ordinary Scrubs

Scrub is what usually worn by medical professionals. In fact I admire those professionals every time I see them with their scrubs uniforms because they look so good and elegant. It was one of my dreams to be in that scrub uniform but I think I'll just pass it to one of my kids. Time flies so fast. In just few years maybe we can then have a doctor or a nurse in God's will.

By the way I discovered a successful seller of scrubs which is now known and keep on improving in their field of expertise. The store is not only selling ordinary scrubs but of course in a good quality. They have medical scrubs and nursing uniforms that I'm sure you would love to wear once it touch to your skin because of its nice cloth. Just few hours ago I found out that they have lab coats too which is perfect for my newly meet friend. For the color, based on what I know they have wide options of colors to choose from. In fact my favorite green scrubs are available in their store.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Q-Park, My Landmark Reveals Something

Today is the very first day I tried to visit a new healer as what they say. I just want to document my visits there because I'd like to share too how far I could do with this new healer. I heard good factors about him so far. Based on the person who invited me to go there you can find different professions of people asking for help in any ways. There are lawyers, doctors, nurses, salesladies, managers, students and even ordinary individuals.

Today, without a doubt I went to the place with my old neighbors. One of them has a car so I just rode with them. To make the story short today is the beginning of the strange things that I may experience with the new healer. One example of that is burying a bottle of something in the cemetery in a very late evening. Oh, so very scary! So that is just a start. So please stay tuned for the next update.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Search Engine Marketing

Search engine marketing is what many business owners are up to this recent time. Counting to it, ppc search engine marketing is one of the hits. When you make a research through Google search engine you can see the result right away, and that is how the said procedure works.

Bruises on His Back

One tiring day became worst when I got home and found out that my son got bruises on his back. Son told me this "mama my back is hurt." So the mother checked immediately to see what's going on son's back. To my surprise, different emotions were clashed into my senses while seeing the bruises. I suddenly asked him "who did this?" "What happened?" "Where did you go?" Oh my God!" When I am away from home even just for a while I can't really put my mind at peace. I'm worried that this and that about my kids. I always leave one of my cellphones so I can monitor the kids since we don't have land line at home.

To be continue...TOMORROW

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Business Logo

Establishing a particular business these days really needs a smart and effective decision. Business owners will do anything to make business established and productive and we know that. As part of the move, companies designed their own company logo to be easily recognized anywhere in the world. For a glance of logo design samples you can actually check online because there you have a wide range of options. You better start looking now if you haven't designed yours yet.

I Got New Computer Table

After hubby brought another laptop, I decided to get a new computer table so the 2 would be in placed properly. The old laptop is for my 3 year old son. He knows how to manipulate the mouse so he can study or explore by himself while I am doing my own thing.

Below is the looks after I replaced my old computer table to the new. Well, I am quite happy despite of the money I've spent. But anyway does it mean that my blogging career must go on?

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

My Kids Imperial Palace Waterpark Experience

It was a long plan for our family to visit Imperial Palace Waterpark Resort, one of the newest resorts in Cebu. It was just a plan when hubby kept postponing his vacation, but when he finally came last December, our long desire to go was fulfilled (wink). Of course I don't want to go without him so I really waited. Imperial is such a wonderful place for the kids who love water adventure.

Anyway, here is the kiddie pool where my kids are staring as seen in the image and wondering why the gorilla is carrying that big smiley face. At first they were afraid of that smiley face. They don't want to get closer.

After the long staring of the beauty of the place, here they go with their daddy enjoying every moment of their slides. I can see the sweet smile on their face. They were absolutely having fun!

For almost a day staying in the water, with their body shaking and look so pale they still refused to go home. "No worry kids there's still next time as what daddy had promised!" lol! After that time we really went back there after few days, so wish granted! To my hubby, thanks so much hon. We love you and miss you very very much!

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