Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I Want to Have My Own FaceVsion FV Express Combo

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I've been married for almost four years but until now husband and I are still living miles apart. To think about it is so hard. The kids want to see their daddy and hug everyday but as of now it is only part of a dream. Sometimes I can think that life is not fair. I don't know how many years I have to wait for my family to be together just like waiting to have my own FaceVsion Express Combo.

Many people nowadays are already enjoying the benefits of FaceVsion Technology USA. Even the small and medium size business owners that cannot afford to have those high price points of video conferencing solutions from major brands, such as Polycom, Tandberg and Radvsion are now in the group. With Google Gmail account and FV Express Combo, you can make HD video calls over the internet. Your Google Gmail contact list can be automatically synchronized to your HD video conferencing contact list.

FaceVsion has a faceVision on line store for anyone who wants to see and shop faceVsion products. The store has an on-going promotion with $10 of any purchase using the promo code of FVTBTS2 while checkout. The promo ends 09/30/2010.

So if you have the plan to own FV Express Combo for your future use, it is available through and other value added partners.

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