Wednesday, May 6, 2015

How to Publish Stellar Social Media Posts

How to Publish Stellar Social Media Posts

If you feel that social media is integral to your business success, you should know exactly how to publish top notch posts.

How to Publish Stellar Social Media Posts

1. Use photos in your Facebook posts. Posts with compelling imagery perform much better than posts with just text.

2. Along with companies like, social media can play a big part in helping you scale your company. However, you’ll need different content for different platforms. What works on LinkedIn won’t work on Twitter, and what works on either of those platforms won’t work on Pinterest, etc.

3. Before finalizing a post on Facebook or LinkedIn, remove the link. The link will still show up below what you write, but you don’t need to keep the link in the actual text part of the post. If you do, it’ll look like you’re a rookie marketer.

4. Use one or two hashtags on each Twitter post. Tweets with hashtags get 60% more interactions.

5. Before you add a photo to a Facebook album, post it to your regular feed. If you only add it to the album, most people won’t see it.

6. When writing a blog post, keep the title to less than 100 characters so that the entire headline will show up in your social media posts. If people don’t know what they’re about to read, they won’t be inclined to click on the link.

Infographic of The Perfect Blueprint

A massive changes have occurred in the working life of the American people after the countless revisions of the working offices year after year since the 20th century. The architecture and interior design have a dynamic impact that brings several positive effects to the workers as comprehensively exemplified in the Infographic below. 

 Having many windows and glass walls in the workplace enables the natural light to pass through and bring the presence of the workers all through the day. As a result of good lighting, it increases the productivity of their work. About 68% of employees complain the fluorescent lighting on their ability to do the job. On top of the work productivity effect, the exposure to natural daylight upsurges the employees desire to exercise, and it improves as well the quality of sleep at night which is another essential part of anyone’s life. 

Count the longer consequences of sitting for 8 hours in front of your desk than standing which has mentioned that increases the energy, better posture, burn calories and so much more. Think of the sitting alternatives, there are moving furniture, yoga balls, etc. There are actually several fundamental factors that can contribute to a positive work ethic and give employees the happiness and satisfaction they deserve and aspire, however, in your perception, what do you consider as the perfect ones?

Friday, May 1, 2015

Finding Footwear Fast

Finding Footwear Fast

When it comes to finding a treat for your feet, Sneaker King is at the ready with a wide selection of footwear at affordable prices. Find a vast selection from top manufacturers, ensuring you can find your favorite brand. With the added incentive of free shipping, you'll love how easy it is to shop for footwear. From sneakers to boots, clogs, and moccasins, you can find the footwear that you need. At the click of a button, you'll be able to complete your order. There's no need to battle the crowds or go out. Shop from the comfort of home or while you're on your break at lunch. If you have a mobile device, a laptop, or a personal computer, you will be good to go.

Boots for All Seasons

With the cold months underway, you need to keep your toes toasty. You've come to the right place. Find Men's Caribou boots, Women's Joan of Arctic boots, and more to ensure that you are ready to fight the elements. You'll be prepared for snow and icy conditions. When you have style in mind, you can always count on Ugg boots, while Moab Ventilator boots are perfect when you are headed for a hike on rough terrain. Find everything you are looking for in one place. 

Sneakers for the Entire Family

Everyone needs sneakers. When you are shopping for your household, including kids of all ages and the adults, spare yourself the hassle of heading from shoe store to shoe store. You can turn to your definitive source for an assortment of sneakers to suit everyone's tastes. You'll also find a selection of footwear for team sports. Whether you need sneakers for casual use or you are a serious athlete, be sure to browse all of the possibilities.

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