Sunday, August 10, 2014

Trolley Makes My Grocery Shopping Handy and Better

We live in a condo so close to the shopping stores. Everything is very accessible for us and I am so grateful to my husband for choosing such kind of site. While my husband is at work, I often do the grocery shopping together with the kids, and you know lifting loads of grocery stuff from the store to the mall is such a huge task for me. Just imagine the liquid stuff. Actually, supposedly I'll be thankful that we able to buy a food instead of complaining its loads. But with my hands so full (3-4 full grocery bags) and walking beside with me are the kids whining about things, I’m sure you couldn’t imagine the weight in hand in such scenario.

I saw people (mostly Chinese) around our place using a shopping trolley when they do grocery shopping. I saw how easy and convenient they pull and push their stuff, and I got jealous about that. Well, to make the story short, it took a year for me to buy our own shopping trolley. And I had several nights comprehending the pros and the cons when I buy the trolley. But you know, the convenience which the tool gives to the user is truly worth every penny. When it gets broken down, maybe we’ll just think that its usefulness is over and it is about time to buy another piece. Would you agree? 

Friday, August 1, 2014

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