Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Inconsiderate Maid

Few months ago I posted here about my maid who went home without my consent. She just left a note telling me that If I only allow her to have a Christmas vacation she will not do it. See? She blamed me. Few weeks after I found a replacement to the one who left and the new one left also the house just today for after 2 months working with us, and she said she is tired of working especially feeding my son. Well, I can't blamed her if she felt that way, I asked her a favor to give me time to find a replacement but just today she decided to leave whether if it's fine with me or not. And guess where she transferred? She transferred to my neighbor who played very loud music every time he is riding on his motorbike without considering the people surround him if bothered or not. All I can say is the employer and the employee are alike. I think good for them to stay together in one roof. What do you think?

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Welcome to the World of Anime Chat City

Are you having fun when you are watching Anime? Before I am not really interested about Anime and every time I heard and encountered that word I just ignore it. I really don't care about it, but when I met this Anime Chat City my perception got changed. Anime Chat City add more meaning and color to my life. So I am very grateful to this wonderful site. Anyway, my brother is the one who introduced the site to me and I gave myself a try.

If you also want to try Anime Chat City, feel free to do it. Try to give yourself sometimes an excitement, make it meaningful and colorful by joining in the world of Anime Chat City. Don't worry joining this site is FREE, 100% no charge. So forget about money. In order for you to register all you have to do is fill out the form then once you are done you can access right away in their different chat rooms. Anime Chat City is really a great place to hang out. Another thing for you to know is aside from their different chat rooms they also have webcams for their users to use and it is also free. This site is really amazing, imagine all is free it cost you nothing. So hurry, join us now!


Let me ask you this, are you happy if you can disturb anybody? I have a neighbor that play his stereo on his motorbike too loud. He is creating a noise every time he will use his motorbike. I don't know why the police did not inform him regarding the noise he created. In my previous post I posted here about my other neighbor who is having a Karaoke every weekend and doing yelling and shouting while singing. Those are the kinds of neighbors that I have here. Sad to hear about it because they are professionals but they act like belongs to the group of "no read no write". So how about you what kind of neighbors do you have?

Leads for your Business

Lead is a very important thing that we can consider if you are in the field of business. If you are looking for leads my voice dialing can provide it especially if you need for a Mortgage Leads. Regarding the fees no need for you to worry because it is free and no commitment as well, they are there only to help you in maximizing your ROI ( Return On Investment). So grab your Mortgage Leads now in order to gain more profit.

Mom and Baby Bonding

BONDING with your children is very important no matter how BUSY you are. So Spend TIME with them and ENJOY the moment.

Mom and daughter

Mom and son

My baby's Toys

I love collecting toys for my babies. During early infancy I let my babies play first those different bright colors as you can see in the photo below. Bright colors are helpful for the baby during infancy for their eyes. So next time I'll be sharing with you their early learning process if what I used for them, so be with me don't walk too far.

Web Hosting Information

Are you looking for a web hosting services? In choosing the right web hosting provider you should have to consider the web hosting rating of a particular provider. There are many things to consider in choosing the right one for your website and mentioning some are the price, space, the traffic and of course the web host rating. So have you decided already if what web hosting provider is the right one for your website? If you you don't know yet try to visit web hosting rating and they will provide you the web hosting information that you need. By visiting their website you will be able to know their top 10 web hosting providers, their best web hosting awards and some other very helpful information that you need to know. So go visit now don't waste your time.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Adgitize is an advertising network that according to them an a affordable one. I joined to become as their publisher last year month of December 2008. As hoping to earn I joined and I'm very curious how they calculate their publishers daily points. They don't put their formula in how it is done. From the time I registered until now I did not received yet any payment from them. In order to do so as publisher needs to reach first their minimum payout of $10 if I am not mistaken. March is now approaching so 3 months since I joined. To make this story short I want to reach that $10 but I don't know how. I already tried everything but still earn daily like around $.05-$.08 a day. How about you guys how much did you earn from Adgitize? If your not a member yet just click the banner above that indicates the total ad views.

How to Fight Against Foreclosure

World is in crisis and still continue affecting lots of people all over the world. Many lost their jobs and homes. Losing job leads individuals into a big trouble and they will be in trouble paying their debts. If you have mortgage and the bank wants now to get your most valued asset which is the house, you can still have a chance to fight against foreclosure by requesting "Produce the Note" to the mortgage company. So if you're suffering from it just do that and you'll be fine until you can find another job. Good luck.

Unique and Affordable Gift Items

Are you looking for a unique and affordable gift items? Yesterday while I was browsing on the net I found an amazing online store selling a unique and affordable gift items. On their site you can find the different Unique Christian Gifts for your friends and for your own personal use. Speaking of personal use I like this frame below. I can put there our family photo and my kids photos in both sides.

As an additional information you have lots of options to choose from on their website. Some of the items are mirror, wall decor, kids decor and so many more. For you to get some more information just go visit their site now and start buying their unique and affordable items.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Monday, February 23, 2009

Practice Makes Perfect

Life is full of challenges, failures, and expectations. Nobody here on earth is perfect and don't experienced being failed. The reality is "nobody is perfect but practice makes perfect". It is normal for us to experience failures. Through our failures we learn and continue to face the world with courage and faith.

Chat Rooms for Tattoo Lovers

Tattoo is a great art. I don't have any tattoo in my body but I want to try to have one if I have time. Before deciding to have it I need to find out first if how much the cost and if it hurts. Speaking of finding information about tattoo, I talked to my friend yesterday and she told me to visit Tattoo Chat City. Upon visiting the site I found out that it is free.

Tattoo Chat City is a great site for a tattoo lover. When I checked their website I was amazed because it is really100% free to use, no charge. With the help of Tattoo Chat City you can talk to different tattoo lovers all over the world. This is the one that I have been looking for and thanks to my friend for informing me about it. Once you are a registered user you can chat right away using their different chat rooms. Not only that, they also have web cams for the users to use and it is also for free. So while chatting with other tattoo lovers you can see their tattoo and you can show also yours to them.

EON for Paypal

Just last week I applied EON at Union bank for my online transactions. EON would be useful in transferring my account from Paypal to that EON account. The staff told me to make a call after 2 weeks to find out if my card is there already, imagine 2 weeks, a very long processing time. I have no choice except to wait. Well, hopefully no problems would arise in the future while accessing that card which is I heard that some users encountered. How about you which one you're using to get your money from your Paypal account?

Web Hosting

Are you looking for further information about web hosting? If you say yes, simply go visit Web Hosting Choice. The site will answer all your web hosting questions. Before, I really don't have any knowledge if what web hosting is, but when I visited Web Hosting Choice all my questions that was bothering me for a long time was answered. That is how helpful the site is. So don't waste your time go visit their website now for you to find out.

Brain Needs an Exercise

Does our brain needs an exercise? Absolutely yes. I had read an article that exercise protects our brain and memory. We can do it by doing some brain activities such as doing cross-word puzzles, computer games, playing chess and some other activities. Try also to maintain being active in social interactions. And for doing those things physical activities can help us to maintain our memory and simply reduced the risk of cognitive decline.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Make Yourself Secure

Internet users security is an everybody's concern. Anyone wants to be protected but they just don't know how. But because there are people who keep on looking for an improvements and solutions, making yourself secure on the net is not really impossible and VPN can surely help you with this matter. VPN is a tool to make your appearance secure and keep your identity private. So start making yourself secure now.

Saturday is a Busy Day

Today is a busy day for me, I did lots of things, clean my room, organize things and wash my clothes. Whew! I am so tired. At last I made it. I planned it a long time ago but I felt lazy to do it. I'll go to bed early tonight but I'll make another post first for my triple P. Happy weekend everyone.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Have Fun Seniors

Are you one of the seniors who just stay at home waiting for sunset and sunshine? Although you belong to the senior group it does not mean you have no rights to have fun. If you think that way, forget about it and face the new world, the world of fun. I have a grandfather who is so busy taking care of his grandchildren and no time now for his personal life. He is a happy person before, but since his wife died he don't care about himself anymore and his own happiness. All seniors deserve to be happy. The question is how? There as so many options. They can go for shopping, flirt with other seniors and so many other things. But if you don't want to go out because you prefer to stay at home, don't you worry you can still have fun with other seniors.

With the help of Senior Chat City your life as a senior would become meaningful and fruitful. Senior Chat City is a place where you can chat with different seniors all over the world for free. Imagine it is free 100%. For you to join you must have to register in their website. Once you are a registered user you can chat right away using their different chat rooms and you can use their webcam also for free. So seniors what are you waiting for? Stop waiting for the sunset and sunshine, it is now the time for you to shine by having fun. So have fun Seniors.

Success is Programed Accuracy Not Luck

As a human we have different goals in life. In order for us to achieve our goals it must be programed accurately and not just left to so called luck. Every person is unique and has the ability to to succeed and can succeed by doing goals in a planned and intelligent manner.

Buying a Dream Car

Is buying a car is one of your dreams? Since then how I wish I can have my own dream car. I want a car with worth millions. Wow! I am dreaming. Well, it is only a dream and is absolutely free. Who knows if someone will give me my dream car. As we know economic crisis is happening world wide, many were affected so I think buying very expensive car is not prioritized anymore. For some people maybe still, but majority I think not.

If you are planning to buy a car and don't want to spend a single amount for gas, well that's not a problem you can have it. If that's what you really want to get so go for it and BYD (Build Your Dreams) can provide you that type. Anyway, BYD is the biggest battery maker in China. They started with the F6DM plug-in hybrid sedan and was followed by the smaller and less expensive F3DM plug-in hybrid compact car. Just recently they introduced their E6 electric car at the Beijing International Auto Show. Can you imagine that you don't need to worry about buying a gas to operate your car because BYD is selling electric cars. Not only electric, their product are in good quality and really worthy of your money. So why not go check and see some of their products? For you to get more information try to visit their website.

Worrying about Tomorrow

Are you worried about tomorrow? Worried if how you gonna eat, breathe or if it will be fruitful like before? Worrying about tomorrow is senseless. The word tomorrow really never comes. So what's the point of worrying? I know there are so many people out there who felt this way and that includes myself. In fact I don't like it because it can cause too much stress, it is like we are carrying the world. We should not spend a single minute worrying about tomorrow's problems, live today as best as you can. So enjoy life to the fullest.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

My Sexy Halloween Costumes

Have you purchased already your Halloween Costumes? We are celebrating this Halloween event every October 31st, as counting the months we still have 8 months to go as a preparation prior to the event. But let me tell you this, I already had purchased mine just 2 months ago. That is how excited I am to attend a Halloween party for the first time in my whole life. So you can't blame me why I feel this way. I bought 2 Halloween Costumes because the other one is for the next year so I can wear it in alternate. Try to look at this first costume. Do you like it? When I tried to fit it and showed this Halloween Costume to my husband, he told me " Hey kid where are you going? Don't tell me that you'll be wearing that for the Halloween party? Don't really dare to wear that or else I'll not be going with you." When I heard those words coming from his mouth I immediately changed it to the 2nd one and showed it to him.

first costume

2nd Costume
This color black above is my 2nd Halloween Costume and I saw his sweet Smile and uttering this words "That's great! You look so sexy and 100% I'll be going with you". Imagine I look so sexy? Of course my heart is beating faster when he told me that.

If you have not purchased yet your own Halloween Costumes start buying now. I purchased mine here in this online store. They have lots of options for you to choose from. They are selling costume for kids, teens, adult, baby infants and even for pets. And not only that you can shop there by your costume type, accessory and by prop. I have one secret to share with you so you can enter on their HAUNTED HOUSE backdoor on their website for you to avail a big discount. Just follow my instructions below.

Backdoor: Go to the homepage halfway down on the right and click on the brown comma in the line that reads “Our Store now has over 10,000 masquerade items for you to choose from!”

A Weird Dream

Have you experienced having a weird dream? How can you say it is weird? In my dream I was having hard times by passing in a narrow passage in a very deep water and I have to surpass it or else I'll be left behind. OMG! In my first attempt I didn't able to do it, but with the help of a friend I'm glad I surpassed that narrow passage. It was a very strange dream I had. Some people say that dreaming about water means you have lots of big trials on the way. I don't know. All I know is God is giving us trials because he knows that we know how to handle them.

Kill your Dull Moments with Married Chat City

Are you bored and need someone to talk to? You believe it or not boredom is everywhere and anyone could experience having dull moments in life, especially if you're married and your husband is busy working away and your alone at home waiting for him to come home. Well, it would be great if you have kids and friends who are always there with you to talk to, but even if you have friends not all the time they are there for you to talk anything and anytime you want. Do you want to kill your boredom while your husband is away? If so, Married Chat City is the answer to it.

If you have not heard about Married Chat City, for you to know it is a site where married people are chatting with different married users all over the world. Married people are having fun with the different Married Chat Rooms. I tried to visit their website and I found it perfect for a married user like me. They have various chat rooms for us to choose from. Aside from that, users can use their webcam for free. Last thing for you to know is registering in their site is 100% free. So don't waste your time sitting there start killing your dull moments now by joining in Married Chat City.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Computer Problem

Just last week I encountered computer problems. It really gave me headaches. It ruined my days. I got Trojan virus, my internet connection was on and off until it totally got disconnected. Whew! I was in big trouble those days. And I have this another computer problem that I am facing right now, there's a balloon located at the right side in my laptop. It keeps on nagging me telling" You may be victim of software counterfeiting" "This copy of Windows did not pass genuine Windows validation". Oh my goodness! It happens when I updated Windows. I always update it but did not encounter problem like this before. I'm not using a pirated software but I don't know why I encountered this. I made some researched regarding this one, so far I'm not the only one who encounter like this, many users out there. They just changed their computer date and it is done which I also tried but not fixed in mine. Well, I need to experiment another thing, I just hope it will be done soon because I really don't like to see the balloon in front of me. Another way also of removing it is by removing the WGATray from my computer but I am so hesitant to do it because I am scared that something might happen to my laptop and might get worse. Well, I don't know. I really need help people.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

One Person Fails and Another Succeeds

Not all people became successful in their life as you can see around. Well, what do you think is the reason why one person fails and another succeeds? I am asking myself many times this kind of question before but when I read this book "How to Succeed" my question is answered. The reason one individual succeeds and another fails is simply because the successful man knows the reasons for his being and uses his creative thinking powers positively to create and control his destiny, whereas, the failure person struggles through life unaware of his true purpose on earth and fails to use in a constructive manner, the creative powers at his command.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Oh Neighbors!

Everybody wants to live in a peaceful community to have a peaceful life if I am not mistaken. But how could we make it peaceful if your neighbors are having a Karaoke every weekend? Not only that, they are shouting instead of singing. How to consider that they are singing if what they're doing are shouting/ yelling? Gosh they are doing it every weekend until 2-3 in the morning. I told them to lower their voice because I have babies and bothered with their noise, but they still doing it over and over again. So, what kind of neighbors do I have?

Car as a Gift

Have you tried receiving or giving car as a gift? If you'll ask me, well, I never ever tried both but surely love to receive because I can't afford to buy one. Just in case you are planning to buy a car in the future for your someone especial, please try to consider a good brand and of course in an affordable price . Do you know who can provide you this? Of course the New Ford Cars. You can make an inquiry by visiting their website. New Ford Cars are willing to serve you anytime.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Valentines

I just want to greet you all a Happy Valentine's Day. Friends, cherish always the moment that you've shared with your loved ones. Life is only one so always fill you hearts with love.

Teething Time

I just noticed yesterday that my baby girl is started having teeth. She was drooling when she was in 3 months and that's the only sign so far that I noticed. I'm glad that she's a happy baby, will just cry if she's wet and if she's hungry. Hopefully she will not get sick during her teething times because some babies within this period often get sick like our neighbors. Well, just keep on praying and everything will be fine.

Blog Directory

If you want to promote your blog one way of doing it is by submitting your blog to the different blog directories. Why we need to promote our blog? Of course simply to gain traffic. Mostly I know bloggers are blogging for money. So the more traffic you have, the more money you can get. If you are really looking for visitors or traffic this blog directory that I just discovered will surely guarantee. It is so easy to submit your blog, no hassles and another good factor is blogs are listed randomly.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

49 People Died in a Plane Crash

Just around 10:10 p.m. dated February 12, 2009 Continental Connection Flight 3407 crashed into a home in suburban Buffalo. According to the authorities 49 people died including the 1 that was hit on the ground upon the commuter plane landed and burn.

Erie County Executive Chris Collins said, "The 74-seat Q400 Bombardier aircraft was carrying 5,000 pounds of fuel and apparently exploded on impact". In this terrifying incident no one survived.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is an internet marketing strategy performed by submitting a blog or website to major search engines such as Google, MSN and Yahoo. SEO is very useful because it brings more traffic to your website or blog from search engines through organic search results. So that is how webmasters benefited from SEO management.

Update: Top 10 Entrecard Droppers

At the moment here's a list of my Top 10 EC Droppers. Thank you so much droppers for the support. At the end of this month I'll be posting next the banner not the link anymore. So please be with me.

Dropper # of drops
C'est La Vie 23
Unsolved Mysteries In The World 18
Hi Tech News and Information. 18
Cute Boo 17
I Love-Hate America 17
Master And Student 16
my review 16 15
Scifi Chrome 14
The Fearless Blog 13

More Power To All.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Affordable Eyeglasses

I have been looking for a pair of eyeglasses as a replacement for the one that I had left inside the taxi but I couldn't find any that suits my budget and taste. I'm very picky when it comes to buying my stuff. Yesterday, I made my further research regarding eyeglasses and there's a link that had brought me in this New York Times website. The site mentioned about Zenni Optical and some other sites, as I continue reading I found out that Zenni Optical is selling cheap backup eyeglasses.

When I go visit their website I found there a pair of eyeglasses that looks almost the same as the one that I had left inside the taxi. The picture is here below. I like this one because of its brown color and looks very fashionable. Its lens width is 50mm, height 26mm, bridge is 16mm. In addition, this eyeglasses below is available in different colors. Anyway customers have lots of options for them to choose just go visit their website.

As an additional information, Zenni Optical sells Stylish Prescription Glasses from $8. And not only that, you will find there a huge selections of frames. They are selling only their own made frames direct to the costumers that is why they have a very low prices. So if you have any plans of getting a new pair of eyeglasses try to visit their link and you will see.

Today is Like Another Horror Day

Today I am so busy fixing my computer problem. I don't have the appetite to eat anymore. I am scared that I need to spend some money again to make it repair like before. Just last year I spent money for the computer technician to make it done. My computer got a virus and had some other computer problems. Hopefully I'll be able to solve this soon by myself so no need for me to pay again a technician. Hackers and viruses please go away from me, I don't need you but why you need me?

Monday, February 9, 2009

The Right Place to Meet Your Perfect Match

Are you a single parent who is tired and worried if when and where to meet for your perfect match? Now you're very lucky because the right place for you that you have been waiting for is knocking at your door. Being a single parent is not that easy as we all know. So here is the solution to get rid off your dull moments in life. This amazing Single Parent Chat City will answer all of your questions.

As a little info about the site, they provide 100% free membership with hundreds of users all over the world. You don't need to spend a penny just to find your true love. All you have to do is to visit their website and fill out the form and then you can start chatting right away. This is how amazing this place where you can find your perfect match. So don't waste your time start chatting now.

Send Free SMS Worldwide

I love free stuff. I am the type of person who is always looking for free. I think anyone loves to get things free. Mentioning about the word free, I found this website that renders free to send text messages worldwide. This site has a great help on me because I am always sending text messages to my hubby on his cell phone, instead of buying prepaid cards I saved the money. Although we communicate in other free means of online communications but still sending SMS to phone is one of first option in communicating.

I am not promoting this website, I am just posting it here as a way of my appreciation because of its contribution that brought into my life. More power to this site.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Octuplets Mom

This mom who gave birth with eight babies is a hot issue lately. Nadya Suleman is the mother of the 2nd born octuplets in the United States, before her was a lady named Nkem Chukwu. There were rumors after the unexpected event but that thing couldn't be avoided because people have different perceptions in life. Some might think that it would be for business.

Well, just my own opinion 8 babies on the spot is too much. It is hard to raise such number of children with the same age. Before, when I was pregnant I was hoping to have twins but was not given and it is fine. How about you are you also longing to have more babies in one pregnancy like Nadya and Nkem?

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Bidvertiser: Payment from Check to Paypal

When I signed up in Bidvertiser I selected Check as a mode of payment. In order to receive a payment by check, as part of their rule publisher must reach the minimum account of $50 and if through Paypal the minimum is $10. Every time I checked my account it seems it is very hard to reach $50 in order to receive a payment from this network, maybe for me it will take a year. lol!

Yesterday, I decided to change my mode of payment from check to paypal. As a procedure I click Account Management then edit profile. In my profile I simply change check to paypal then I key in my password then click update. But why is it that still will go back to check? I tried to change it many times but still the same. Have you encountered also the same problem as mine? If so, what did you do?

Monday, February 2, 2009

My Son is Sick

For the past few days my son had a high fever. I was so worried and sleepless. He is also teething and we often go back to the doctor because of this. Oh God! help us. And today we went to the doctor again because he is having a diarrhea and it is now 3 days still have it. But this time he is now taking a medicine, hopefully my baby will be fine soon.

As a mother who is carrying the baby for 9 months in our tummy, our mind will not be at ease if there are some problems with the kids, particularly with their health. But despite of our problems we should not forget to call our Savior Jesus Christ because he is always there to help us and comfort us in all the way.

Contest: Spread the Love Giveaway

Here is another contest that I saw and grabbed it right away. I'm Hoping again to win something. Who knows if I'll be the one of the lucky winners from these prizes below.

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* Erlinda's Wandering Thoughts

10TH Prize: 5,000 EC

1000 EC - Programming The Life
1000 EC - Guilty Pleasures
1000 EC - My Point Of View
1000 EC - Ivory Tasks
500 EC plus 125x125 ad space for 1 month - Shopping
500 EC plus 125x125 ad space for 1 month - iLUVcontest
125x125 ad worth $15 1 month - Blazing Minds
* Work At Home Jobs

Consolation Prizes:

1. 1,000 EC + ad space
500 EC - Twins Happpiness
500 EC - Love's Haven
125x125 ad space for 1 month - Another Contest

2. 1,000 EC + ad space
500 EC -
500 EC - There Is Happiness
125x125 ad space for 1 month - Sherry Contest

3. 1,000 EC + ad space
500 EC - Scandals Prime dot COM
500 EC - Blogger Templates
125x125 ad space for 1 month - Sherry Rambling

4. 1,000 EC + ad space
500 EC - The Pinay Blogger
500 EC - Heart Random
125x125 ad space for 1 month - Also Mommy

5. 1,000 EC + ad space
500 EC - Crafty Pinay
500 EC - Musings of a Vicks Inhaling Man
125x125 ad space for 1 month - Simple Life, Simple Me

6. 1,000 EC + ad space
500 EC - Wiehanne Lounge
500 EC - Asks Ms Recipe
125x125 ad space for 1 month - I Love/Hate America

7. 800 EC + ad space
500 EC - Medan Daily
300 EC - Euroangel Graffiti
125x125 ad space for 1 month - Only In Silence

8. 600 EC + ad space
300 EC - Travel And Discover USA
300 EC - The World Wide We Addict
125x125 ad space for 1 month - Life Expressions

9. 300 EC + ad space
300 EC - My Daily Nourishment
125x125 ad space for 1 month - This Is So Me

10. 300 EC + ad space
300 EC - Travel And Explore Germany
125x125 ad space for 1 month - PhotoMIAHgraphy

-> 1 book - My Funny Dad, Harry - Sherry Contest
-> Semi-solid light red toddler hat, fits approx 2t-4t - John Doro
-> 1 Bungalow Brand Dress worth $65 - size 6 - Wonderful Things In Life
-> 1 Ashley Judd Bingo Shoes worth $40 - size 8.5 - My Life's Adventure
-> 1 Web color Expert Book worth 19.95 - The Joy Of Life Forever
-> 1 Web animation Expert book worth $24.95 - The Fountain Of Happiness
-> 1 God's Promises for Your Every Need Book worth $14.99 - A Message Of My Heart
-> 3 Sets of blank note cards - Love Is A Perfect Gift
-> 1 Hanes long sleeve crew neck solid color pink - Life's Journey
-> Mary Kay products worth $25 (perfume) - Filipina Stories

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