Sunday, November 7, 2010

Another Doctor's Appointment

One week break of my son from school has ended. Now school to house- house to school is his next routine. He had not enjoyed his school break because he was sick and not a week only but more than that. As a mother it hurts me so bad seeing my children in their situation. Son really dropped few kilos in this current condition. He has a mild pneumonia and he's under medication. The last time he was admitted at the hospital was in the same reason. The worst at that time is he doesn't like to eat food and drink his milk. So we have no choice except to admit him to the hospital.

So today after his massage session we'll be seeing his pediatrician for a follow up check-up. I hope and pray that he'll be fine soon and be free from his illness. To you my dear readers, please include also my son in your prayers. Thank you very much.

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