Saturday, October 9, 2010

Son's Favorite Costume

Every time we go to the mall I let my son play inside the play room so I can walk around and do what I need to do. He already used to with this set up, leaving him and let him play. I'll just go back to pick him up in an hour or two for us to go home.

The last time I dropped him there was Friday and to my surprised he wore again Spiderman's costume. It's really his favorite. There's a wide selections of kids costumes there but this one is what he likes. Hmmmm...

Arranging the shapes!

Connecting the toy cars and named it as train. lol!


  1. pastilan na imong anak oi, lipay au jud

  2. agoy dakua na sa imong anak sis... tuod hala apil pamasin diay mudaog....

  3. @yen- mao jud madz, lipay jud na sya basta mkasulod sa playroom, halos dina gud mugawas.

    @Lulu- lagi dako na, hasta pud imo bb mura kghpon lang. Ang pnahon jud di nato mpugngan..hehehe

    @chubzkulit- yes. Actually he loves puzzle games, really good for him to develop his thinking skills.

    To all, thanks so much for droppin!

  4. there all seem to like the action heroes. Really cut spiderman.


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