Friday, December 6, 2013

Virtual Remodeler: Allows You to Explore the New Looks of Your Home

This post brought to you by Royal Building Products. All opinions are 100% mine.

Who doesn't want to try exploring the opportunity given by Royal’s Virtual Remodeler Tool? The freedom to explore the changes you may want to occur one day on your home. Isn’t that exciting to see the new changes on your upcoming windows before the construction will begin? For me that’s certainly a cool idea after all.

With curiosity, I couldn't resist not to personally try the transformation of home improvement with such mentioned amazing tool. First, I played the different vinyl windows style offered by this Royal Building Products. I simply took advantage of the beautiful pre-formatted homes available on their website. My daughter caught me in the act having fun the easiness and coolness of the application online, and of course she too couldn't resist not to have some clicks of the home changes I have been working with. Since the tool doesn't limit only with the window, I then also proceed to the roof and sidings as I truly love testing and staring on various options where any homeowners can possibly grasp. There are diversities of color and style of products which anyone could try to play, but don’t be hurry give yourself the time to think and evaluate the product thoroughly.

For window options, my heart goes into Thermoplast 2000 Series vinyl window system – the type that features the performance, sturdiness and a good taste. According to them such system is a state-of-the-art product designed for the highest quality remodeling market. Perhaps due to a variety of options, homeowners might confuse which Vinyl Windows Systems will work perfectly considering basically the home location and some other factors. However, as what most people are often saying “follow your personal instinct.” Choose what you think is best for your home but of course don’t hesitate also to ask an expert.

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Categorized Beautiful Gift Baskets

A few days from now it will be Christmas- the season of giving, an exciting human activity that brings joy to everybody. My question is, are your gifts wrapped up by now and ready to go? Perhaps you are so busy and no time to do such errand especially if you have bundles of workloads both in the office and the home. Well, relax, there is something for you in that kind of scenario.

In times of gift giving, no matter what the occasion is I find gift baskets so convenient, classy, and delightful. At Bisket Baskets, you can find several beautifully wrapped gift baskets according to different categories, including new baby gift baskets, pet gift baskets, chocolate gift baskets, etc. Pretty soon that it will be Christmas, of course there are several options for you to pick, and Christmas breakfast gift baskets are just a kind which is so perfect for your parents, friends and even employees. Surely, the gifts that you will give will bring cheer to your recipients.

Just FYI, the said company exists in such kind of business for over 13 years, meaning, they are already an expert in the field. Furthermore, they were the first company to sell pet gift baskets online, with a focus on dog gift baskets. Now you know where to buy high quality gifts that delivers a lasting impression.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Database Error in WordPress

It was so strange for me when I opened my WordPress blogs yesterday and Database Error Message slammed in my face. As a new WP user I had no totally idea what is the error all about. I hurriedly Google it and contacted my hosting provider as I started to get panic that my fruit of my hard-work will just easily vanish like that. I didn't do backups as well so that incident taught me to do so.

In the research result, I found out that there are numerous possible reasons like in the hosting, WordPress site glitch, etc. Well, I did nothing to fix the issue, my blogs just turn back to their normal running condition after 30 minutes. I spoke to the Hostgator staff but he couldn't answer my queries regarding that experienced error so I am totally blind what really the cause of my database error. Well, folks, do you have an idea?

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Win $1,000 Visa Gift Card or Amazon Gift Card in Countdown to Black Friday Giveaway- Open WorldWide!

Countdown To Black Friday Giveaway

Organized by Mom Powered Media and the MPM Blogger Network.
Looking for the best contests around this holiday season? Make sure to visitSweepstakesFanatics where you can find the newest sweeps, blog giveaways and even a special section for Canadian giveaways.

Can you smell Black Friday Deals by now folks? Have you made up your shopping list for Black Friday? Christmas is just around the corner as you know and I am pretty sure you are also excited to shop like me for Christmas. Oh shopping, it is all about money! I hope it will flow freely towards me so I can buy the stuff on my Wishlist. What you can find in the image below are actually just a few on my list. Well, what do you think? Do we have something in common?

Friday, November 1, 2013

Black Friday Shopping Spree Event- A Blogger Opportunity

Black Friday Shopping Spree Event

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Friday, October 25, 2013

Visualize the Looks of Your Home Through Royal Virtual Remodeler

This post brought to you by Royal Building Products. All opinions are 100% mine.

Back in the old eras, either to construct a new home or merely a minor home improvement, the sketch was created through a piece of paper designed by a hired architect or simply an ordinary individual. In fact, some homeowners who couldn’t afford to pay somebody to make the plan they ordinarily do it on their own.

Nowadays, with the advancement of our modern technology almost everything can be done through the computer. In home planning or sketching, there are numerous extraordinary software that can be used by home designers to plan thoroughly every angle of the house according to the homeowner’s preferences. But of course the user must very well acquainted with how to operate the certain software to maximize its real potential. Ordinary individuals who don’t know anything about those particular software couldn’t make simple designing possible. Nevertheless, in the recent time, with the existence of the Virtual Remodeler by Royal Building Products homeowners can easily visualize a simple home improvement like patio doors, home sidings, roof and even the windows.

Why Use Royal Virtual Remodeler

By using Virtual Remodeler, you can picture out the real outcome of your future renovation or what your new home would be look like when you choose a certain design, color and type or product to apply in your home. Above all things, it is so easy to use. Homeowners can upload their own home photo and try it themselves, they just need to register an account. Actually, the website has several photos uploaded for those who just want to see the transformation of the houses. And since it is available at the site of Royal, anyone can freely use it 24/7. Isn’t that perfect?

At Royal, you can absolutely find a variety of trendy vinyl patio doors and windows that will truly bring you the truest satisfaction in life. Their doors and windows don’t only add beauty to your home but will also lessen your electric bill as they are energy star certified. So now you have an idea where to go and shop for your needs.

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Driving Tip: Reduce Your Speed in School Zone

This post brought to you by Insurance Hunter. All opinions are 100% mine.

As an individual who got the chance to fully review the book provided by the local driver licensing office here in British Columbia, I became acquainted with their rules, signals, road signs as well as the common driving tips.

A person must be physically, mentally equip and most importantly pass the various test before driving whatever type of vehicle. He must know all the road signs, signals and must seriously follow what supposed to do as a responsible driver. Like driving in the school zone where the speed limit is 30km/h in most provinces throughout Canada. As you know the speed limit driving in the city and provinces varies. In Canada, 50 km/h is the limit in the city.

This year, when the class just newly started, there was a nerve shocking news I read online regarding a High school student being hit while walking going to school by a construction truck. I think that accident was somewhere in Ontario, if you have read that heart-breaking news please correct me if I cited an incorrect location. For sure the driver must take responsibility of that incident. But honestly, as a mother’s heart, even the driver will be sentenced to death, still not enough as it won’t bring back the stolen life of a child. My only point is, drivers must take extra cautious while on the road. Check both sides carefully as well as the blind spots where big trucks are blocking your view.

The articles I have read recently from the website of Insurance Hunter contributed by a Director of Training for Young Drivers of Canada must be read by everyone especially those who barely remembers the full responsibilities as a driver. In one of the articles he wrote, he cited where the kids should be sitting and why while inside the car running on the road. Actually this idea and some others can be read in the driving book purposely designed for any aspirant drivers in Canada.
Ladies and gentlemen, to read the articles I am mumbling about, please visit the links below.

For your auto insurance needs and some other insurances, I am inviting you to visit the website of Insurance Hunter. Surely you won’t waste your time when you check it. Well, now, I need to say goodbye folks. Please always be safe on the road!

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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

I'm Glad I Volunteer

Today is the schedule of my volunteer schedule which I did sign-up last month. I felt glad that I able to signed-up for a volunteer in the school. Since I am not working yet, so at least I spare my little time serving on the school where my kids are attending. 

I have gotten the chance also to witness my daughter during their class since my assigned task just inside the classroom. 

Today is just the beginning of sharing my free time and making it useful to somebody not just for my family or friends. Pretty soon I gonna sign up again as a volunteer whenever help is needed in the school. 

Friday, September 27, 2013

Educating Further for Better and More Career Opportunities

A Master of Business Administration (MBA) gives business professionals more than a chance to advance their careers. This graduate level business degree provides leadership skills that will last a lifetime. Moreover, it is one of the most versatile degrees around.

Earning an MBA means better earning potential, career change or advancement and the ability to impact a community in a positive way. It increases marketability and grows a professional network of faculty, alumni and peers. For the working professional or entrepreneur who is looking for fulfillment in their career, an MBA may be the answer.

Many leaders in business education offer a Master of Business Administration degree through traditional campus degree programs. For the working professional, however, an online degree is a more practical alternative. The top online MBA programs provide a quality business education that fits into the busy lives of working professionals.

As more colleges and universities offer online degrees, students have more options to choose from. The smart, savvy professionals will seek out schools that exhibit leadership in business education. The Smith School of Business on the University of Maryland campus is one of several top choices for online business degrees.

Online MBA programs give students a learning experience that will transform their personal and professional lives. The courses are designed to develop business leaders and entrepreneurs who are highly-skilled and motivated. The Smith MBA, for example, teaches leadership skills that can handle the challenges of a twenty-first century business world.

Students who seek a graduate level business degree can follow a general track that teaches the core concepts of business. However, many choose to specialize in areas such as accounting, business analytics, finance, information systems and marketing. The coursework includes core concepts and elective studies.

All of the top MBA degree programs are accredited by the AACSB, an acronym for the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business.This international organization is responsible for accrediting business and accounting programs at all degree levels.

Working professionals who want to impact the business world on the local, national or global level should definitely consider a Master of Business Administration. The online programs are practical, flexible and convenient, and the degree will open doors they never knew existed. Their personal and professional lives will be better for having earned the degree.

Deep Thought of Blog MakeOver and Bloggin Life

This blog My Thoughts in Daily Living is the oldest blog in my hands. It started 2008. I have not transferred yet into its own domain because of its blog PR. Before it was 3 and now maintained its position 2 for years. I hope it will go back to its position 3 so I'll be earning as often as I used before. Through this blog I met online friends. Although they don't exist in person but through them I learn so many things.

I haven't given often updates to this blog lately. I was also in my deep thinking whether to totally quit blogging and just focus on something else. My answer? I can't? I love blogging and through this I can express and develop my learning. I love photography, tweaking and experimenting on programming basic codes, and most of all this is how I develop my English enhancement. English language always a challenge to me. I need to bring back and add more English vocabulary words that have been out from my brain bank due to inactivity. Through blogging, my reading activity can be developed. I remember when I was in elementary I was a fast reader, but now very opposite to it as I turn so slow and a lazy reader. That's true and I need to improve it once again. I want my brain to work faster as I wanted and used to be back in the old days. I know my brain will start growing again as soon as I start working on it.

Final judgement when it comes to blogging is to keep playing. I will let the ball keep rolling in my head. Soon I'll give this blog a new face. That's for sure another work to add to the line-up.

Google's 15th Birthday with its interactive Doodle

Google celebrates its 15th Birthday with a lovely interactive game, the piƱata. I get hooked to it for a while trying to increase my score. lol!

I am pretty sure that I'm not the only one who is fascinated with today's Google Doodle. So here you go, start hitting guys!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Crow's Mind Over the Food Inside the Ziploc

One sunny day while we were on our way walking to home from fetching son in the school we met a crow on the street busy flipping over the ziploc with biscuits inside. Crow is everywhere around us here in BC. 

We paused for awhile when we saw the crow's doing. I was more curious than the kids because I have never seen a bird doing such action in my whole life. Or maybe I just didn't care before how birds act. While watching the bird crow, I was really impressed because he did able to get out the food from the plastic bag. I thought only dogs can do that but I was mistaken. I proved to myself that the crow can also solve simple problems just to get what they wanted. 

Friday, July 12, 2013

Free Blogger Opp. iPad with Retina display 32GB Giveaway!

Are you aiming of increasing your social media digits? You might consider in joining this opportunity below. 

An iPad with Retina display 32GB giveaway starts July 29 and ends August 19. 

The item worth is $599.00. So what are you waiting? Come on, join now!

Monday, July 8, 2013

The Useful Tips in Planning a Trip: What and Why Not to Ignore?

This post brought to you by Insurance Hunter. All opinions are 100% mine.

Summer is back and the weather is very beautiful. How nice to tour on the places that captivates me much. Honestly, I have a long list of countries or places to see and European countries are on the very top. I think you know why. Fulfilling even a half of the list is considered a dream come true for me. Of course I want to wander around with my beloved family. My husband is an adventurous man. Before we meet, he has told me that he visited lots of places already. I wish our family had all the means to do the things we love to do specially traveling. Who knows one day we’ll be lucky to get the chance to do such interesting activity in this life.

Although by this time we are still stuck in BC and just let our imaginations roam around, yet I know and continue searching the useful tips when planning a trip. With some insights from Insurance Hunter I broaden my ideas in traveling especially in getting the travel insurance and its significant role, not just mainly thinking about on planning the places to visit, the right time, the booking of tickets, and the activities to do. From their website you can find the useful tips in planning a trip especially if you’ll be traveling overseas. Planning your dream vacation is really such a big factor as in there relies your entire trip to make the most of your precious vacation time.

So folks, are you all set for your upcoming dream vacation? I hope you have chosen already your appropriate travel insurance to put your mind at peace while on travel. You should'nt just ignore this part! If you haven’t decided yet, you should consider visiting Insurance Hunter- the place where you can gain . insurance knowldge and apply the type of insurance that suits your needs. So, don't wait too long. Time is running and every minute is precious and really counts. Visit now the Insurance Hunter website and don't forget to read the blog as well for the interesting topics. May you have a good vacation everyone! 

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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Summer Class Soon to Begin

It is finally school vacation but just 2 weeks apart the summer class will begin. Our son has enrolled in Math class for this summer to have him advance in learning the Grade 1 Math lessons. It is a privilege to know that the class is offered for free so we don't need to spend a penny for the tuition fee. 

At the end of this month both of them will then be back to swimming lessons. Last year they were in Salamander level so this time will be Sunfish. Hopefully soon both of them will be totally learn how to swim by themselves. I can't wait to see that moment. Summer would be a busy time for us. There are still a lot of places we would like to venture as a family here in BC. 

To everyone, enjoy your summer guys! 

Saturday, June 22, 2013

US Dollar to Philippine Peso Conversion Is Getting Higher Now!

On Friday I withdraw my remaining money left from my PayPal account as I need it badly to pay some of my bills. The rate was $42.6 and how I wish this was the time that I had more money in my PayPal. Now after the withdrawal, it's back to big EGG. Lol! Hopefully the Lord will keep pouring blessings to my online work so I can withdraw next time more than this time.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Iowa Personal Injury Lawyer: Ready to Help You No Matter What

Many adults are under the impression that a personal lawyer is only for criminals. After all, crime scene shows depict lawyers as impressive, overbearing figures whose only job is to defend criminals. This, however, is not the case. There are many areas of law, which means that most people will need to consult with a lawyer at least several times during their lives. For example, lawyers can help with creating a will or trust fund for families.

Additionally, an Iowa personal injury lawyer can help if someone has been wrongfully injured at work or in a car accident. Before consulting a lawyer, realize that lawyers are quite ready to help with any problem someone might have. Whether the personal injury occurred yesterday or six months ago, a lawyer will be able to advise the client on how to proceed. Additionally, lawyers are able to help clients navigate the fields of paperwork, legal terminology and court appearances that are sometimes required when dealing with a personal injury suit.

For anyone who believes they have been wrongfully injured or believe they may be entitled to compensation, it is important to consult a personal injury lawyer to make sure that the case is resolved as quickly as possible and that the injured party receives the compensation he deserves.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Nestor Elementary's Sports Day

Last Friday dated June 08, 2013 was Nestor Elementary's Sports Day. Our son was very excited in going to school. Unfortunately before the event started a heavy rain ruined the wonderful day. Due to that they had the event held in the school gym. The space is quite fine but it would be great if outside of their field as it is so spacious there.

My son was in a green team so he wore the green shirt to have a team uniform. I saw the happiness on my son's face when I picked him up and announced their team status in overall ranking. The green team got the 2nd place! Son take home this ribbon found below for the participation.

In the coming few days the school will be over and soon he will be in a Math summer class offered for free. Aside from that we are planning on enrolling him in Martial arts and both of them in swimming. It will be fun and a busy summer for them. 

Friday, June 7, 2013

Taking that First Important Step

There are a number of things we can do to redirect the future, but going back to school is certainly a noble one.  It truly is a fantastic first step to developing a new you, a new identity that you will be happy with for the rest of time.  Building good new skills is important for anyone, and particularly if you are getting older and you are feeling like you are stuck in your life.  A mistake you don’t want to make, though, is thinking that all MBA programs are the same.  My goodness no.  You can get a degree from a decent school that has a bad reputation and yes, your education will be fine, but it won’t look as good on a resume, and that unfortunately does have a lot to do with the types of jobs you can get after you graduate.  So take it from me, go to and enlist some help – they have excellent mbaadmissions consulting reviews

It’s amazing what the people at can do to improve your chances of getting into a top tier school.  It’s like studying for the SAT, you’re not getting smarter, but you are learning how to take the test, and really, what does the SAT test if not how good you are at taking the SAT.  It’s not gauging your intelligence or anything of the sort.  Similarly, you want to get the consulting help that is available these days so that you can better apply for the programs you want to get into. 

Again, you’re getting smarter, but you’re doing something that is smarter, so in that sense, you’re acting smarter. You’ll see what I mean when you visit And sign up for their help. You won’t be sorry, and you’ll look back on that as an important first step to your new life that new happier you. 

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Shop Sports Memorabilia Display Cases at

A lot of people have valuable treasures they couldn't imagine parting with. Be it celebrity memorabilia or a prized baseball from the World Series, collectible items are inherent in society. Obviously, you don't want your special tokens to wilt to the effects of age and a tumultuous environment. The only way to protect your charms completely is by sanctioning them off from the outside world. Initially, this may seem like a scary prospect. The last thing you want to do is board up your valuables in a dark dungeon where no one will ever see them.

If you're proud of your collection, you'll obviously want to show it off. The knick knack and sports memorabilia display cases at are perfect for protecting your treasures while giving them a venue at the same time. You'll find an array of plastic boxes that are completely transparent. Each display case guarantees to be sealed from air and moisture that could damage the inner contents. Basketballs and sneakers are easily tucked into cubes, while items like jerseys can be displayed in a large flat case meant for mounting on the wall.

After you've entombed your prize possessions, you can comfortably set them on a shelf to be enjoyed by guests. Many of the display boxes also feature a wooden base that gives your items a suitable platform to rest on. The price range of these products is also quite affordable for anyone, so take advantage and browse while supplies last. Ordering online will also save you money.

photo credit:

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Google's Birthday Greetings

I was surprised to see Google's birthday greetings when I open its site. I am truly touched. To my dearest family back home and my very own family here thank you very much for your greetings, endless love and support. I felt so lucky!

Of course to our almighty God who always there to hear my prayers, invisibly stand by me no matter where I am, from the bottom of my heart, a gazillion of thank you is not enough to express that sincere appreciation.

Due to very limited time in the net I always need to be hurry to catch up my other works online. Anyway thanks for dropping guys.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Virtual Remodeler – Helps You Visualize Before You Buy

This post brought to you by Royal Building Products. All opinions are 100% mine.

Honestly admitting, my very first attempt at using the Virtual Remodeler tool of Royal Building Products was pretty impressive. It allows us homeowners visualize our own homes to design before proceeding to buy home supplies most especially the vinyl siding that plays a big role in home beautification and increasing the home worth. Through this tool you can certainly choose the style and the color you want!

I never found yet actually a very helpful tool like what Royal Building Products has offered. The user-friendly feature of Virtual Remodeler has a big impact especially to those who are not fully a net savvy. The application is so easy to use that even my preschool student can manipulate it. Users have the option to personally upload their own home photo or use the pre-existing images found at the Royal`s website to see the wonderful transformation. Once you try it you can really tell how efficient and easy to use the application is. By the way, you need to register first if you will use your own photo but doing it doesn’t take that long.

Just for your information, Royal has been operating for more than 40 years in manufacturing and distribution services for the home remodeling, building and construction markets. With its endless innovation of quality products, the more the company gain tons and loyal customers throughout North America where the business is operating.

Now, after I tried the magnificent effects of my photo doing different transformations like its window, patio door, and siding, I am inviting you to visit the company’s website and try the awesome application of Virtual Remodeler. Have fun!

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Friday, May 10, 2013

USA Cash Services Online Payday Loans

When you need cash for an emergency, you may not have time to wait for the bank to approve your loan. If you don’t have the open credit on a card, then cash advances are not an option. However, you can always turn to short-term lenders for assistance. offers Nevada payday loans to help you with all of your short-term emergencies. Online Applications USA Cash Services loans are easy to apply for with online applications. The form only takes a few minutes to fill out, and the information is encrypted for security and the highest level of protection. You can apply from the comfort of your own home or any other secured computer.

Fast Service

The team at USA Cash Services appreciates that you need the funds quickly. That’s why they offer fast service. Your loan application will be processed as quickly as possible, and the funds will be in your bank the next business day. Once the money is available in your bank, you can access it by writing checks or just using your debit card. If you are going to be a little short on the rent payment and are facing heavy late fees, a cash advance can help you save money. When you are struggling to cover emergency medical bills, a cash loan can help you.

Let the team at USA Cash Services help you if you are going to overdraft your checking account and want to avoid the heavy charges. The service is fast, and their applications are extremely easy to fill out.

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