Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Are You Happy with Your Internet Connection?

Hello ladies and gentlemen! Since you have the internet connection are you happy and contented with its speed? Are you not murmuring like many other subscribers out there? The on and off, and slow internet connection are what we as subscribers always complaining about especially if we have rush things to make.

With regards to my internet provider I am quite happy even though there are times they undergo a system improvement and we don't have the connection or it is only limited. Anyway, there's nothing perfect in this world. The most important there is the company is looking for improvement and not always stagnant. By the way, I have heard that with wild blue high speed internet you have nothing to ask for. Is it really true?


  1. I am with comcast hehehe.

    BTW sis yung listia, open internationally yun, nga lang walang masyadong free shipping sa Pinas but there are also users/members from Pinas that you can change items with.


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