Friday, August 28, 2009

My New Wishlist

For the past few days I felt lazy since I came back from the province. What I want to do is sleep, eat and go out from the four corner of our place. In short I felt lazy to blog. I have lots of things to do online but it's like I don't feel doing those things. For me to be back here and start working again I decided to make my new wishlist. I think having this list will motivate myself to work back again.

My Wishlist

To raise 100,000 pesos (US $2,000+)
Buy new laptop
Buy new digital camera
Buy clothes
toys for my children

What do you think with this guys? Is it too much or I need to add more?


  1. sus, kulang pa na imo lista diha madz...dungagi pana oi.

  2. Looks like a fairly decent list to wish for. Just make sure that keeping good health is on the top:)

    My wish list is almost equal except that I already have the laptop :)

  3. oizzt.. morag okz na^ da^.. nah halah sis birada nah.. hahah.. muahh!

  4. just dont forget to pray coz theres no possible for Him.God Bless us all

  5. we just have to pray coz theres no possible on Him.God bless us all

  6. korek jud ni sis..wishlist is kind of goal..if we have a goal, we have a reason to get up and do something

  7. i also want a new digicam... sana touch screen kaso mahal!!!!


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