Monday, August 30, 2010

I Want to Win "Please Vote for Me"

This is my first time asking support from anyone. Though I am not used to but because I love fitflop products I just put more shields on my face to cover the shame. I hope you'll help me.

Fitflop Philippines
was having a contest and I submitted my entry on its last day of the contest duration. Though I was on bed rest during that period due to my bad health condition but I tried to participate because I want to try my luck to own a pair of REBEL sandals from Fitflop. The product offers a lot of health benefits, including good posture. With fitflop you can get a workout while you walk.

I found fitflop very costly. So when I saw the "Cebuanos Shine" contest (intended only for Cebu residents) sponsored by Fitflop Philippines I didn't hesitate to join. Now that my entry is included in the runners-up I am asking your support to vote for my entry by clicking the "LIKE" button which can be found below my entry. Cut off is on September 2, 11:59 PM.

The image below is an snapshot of my entry. So for you to vote you have to LIKE first Fitflop Philippines, the contest sponsor then after that proceed to "MY ENTRY" then click the LIKE button. Even just 1 minute or less than that of your free time you can finish it because it is just so easy.

Again I am asking your support to vote for my entry. Please, please vote for me. And if you're done voting me please let me know so I can put your Name here linking to your blog/site.



  1. woizzt Jov aka Hope, pastilan Joveleen diay ka.. hehehe.. 'saonz nlng ni Joven ra ba akong karaan.. hahaha.. bitaw oi, voted you na and commented pod. Unsa ba ni'ng FlipFlop, brand ba nia or mao ni'ng style sa shoes? Naa mn gud akoa (gi-blog pa gani nko: nga more than a month na nuon ni nko, mao2x ila tumbanan lahi lang ang strap og ang brand, LA Gear akong brand pero like you i could also tell nga very comfy jud xa. So love it! Og wla ko nagmahay maskin mahal ky sulit mn pod.. hehehe.. good luck! Hopefully makadaog ka.. :) Miz yah na bya^.. dogay nata ala nagkita sa akong blog/s. ;) Again, good luck! ~kisses~

    Cacai M.'s Place
    Thoughts, Ideas and Resources
    Cacai's Steps and Journey

  2. Joker man ka Cai oi. Joven name nas ako father. lol! Nice sab ang LA Gear sis mahal pud au na. Fitflop sis kay ila na brand, naa na sila shoes ug sandals pero dri Pinas ako hibal-an sandals plang ang migawas. E import pman gud ni dris ato. Hasta raba tawong kamahal pero sulit sab iya presyo sis.

    Mipalit ko ako blogging income ako gamit pra handumanan ba. Nya sa dihang ako kit-an ang contest pra sa mga Cebuano miapil ko bsin diay itugot sa Ginoo nga maapil ko.

    Btw, ty so much sa vote ug dalaw sis, suroy kos imong mga palasyo ron tiud tiud.

  3. Hi sis! voted for you too... Good luck!

    ganahan pud lagi ko anang imong sandal sis... hehehe!

  4. hello sis, voted for you na unta daug ka... mahal man kaayo ni oi.. di ko salamat sa laag sa akong blog.. (FB name diay Verna Liza Luga)

  5. your welcome sis, anyway, im inviting you to join red's anniversay contest, check it out here

  6. Hello sis, ningbalik ko dre. hehe.. Mao man oi, nabyaan lagi sa train. haha! By the way, fitflop diay, naunsa flipflop mn nuon akong nalitok or nasowat. :D Woizzt akong "tiud-tiud" na word ky "taud-taud" heheh.. thanks for sharing pod diay sa imong tiud-tiud na word.. ;-) though nkadungog nko ani nga word but kewl mn gud. :) Woizzt sge, thanks sa dalaw ha.. muahhh!


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