Thursday, March 31, 2011

Live Life to the Fullest

We are all aware that we are only passers in this ordinary world. God has given us one life so it's up to us how to use it while that life exists. For me I actually just realized that I should live my life to the fullest. Spend each day or moment as the last minute of it. I didn't mean to scare anybody but it is like that because our life is so unpredictable. We don't know when God would take it back. So better enjoy life till it last.

Just for a share one thing that I'd really want to enjoy is the company of my husband. Since we got married until now we are still living miles apart. Question such as when is the right time for us to reunite forever kept flashing back to my mind. But you know what it makes me a stronger person, gained patients, and of course have strong faith to God. I am happy though but something is missing. If we're just together maybe we had purchased already Adele Tickets and enjoyed the shows. My hubby knows that I love traveling. I remember the time we talked about on going to the US for a sight seeing and other things like watching shows. Bamboozle Tickets are already available for May shows, my birthday month.

Today I'll be talking again with my beloved husband. I am thinking of discussing with him about buying Harlem Globetrotters Tickets just in case he wants to witness the event in August. Anyway months to go so he he can still think and set aside his time. Well guys, there are more shows coming. If you want to have advance Josh Groban Tickets and Barbra Streisand Tickets by now you have to start thinking my friends so you won't be run out of ticket once you can have the final decision.

Simala Shrine Has a Big Improvement

Below are the photos that I took last week during my visit in Simala, Sibonga where Mama Mary is adorned and pray much. People from different places go there for their different respective purpose in life.

On my visit I was so surprised for the building's improvement. It's becoming bigger and taller. Before, the stairs was not the same as in the photo shown below. Now it's so beautiful like the face of Mama Mary. If you are planning to go there it would be great to come early so you have the option to ride either the V-Hire or the Bus.

the right portion of the building

me taking photo of myself.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Home Flooring is Sometimes Confusing

I admit when we did our home renovation was hard. Why I say hard is because of the quality of different flooring stuff available in the market. There is a tile, carpet, granite, hard wood and a lot more for us to choose. But in the end, in my part I ended up with the tile flooring. Honestly I like the chosen color I got and its blending with the furniture we have. So to anyone who do the home building all I can say is take your time especially in choosing the home flooring that would suit your taste.

I'm Back to Blog Land

Do want to celebrate with me? I'm having a glass of coconut wine matches with dried fish. lol! What a poor taste of mine! Kidding away guys, I am really thankful that I am now motivated to go back to blogging. Yepey I am now back to earning then.

Search Engines

If you are knowledgeable about the numerous search engines on the web you should also aware if how those search engines work. To give you an insight Google is one of them. It is so familiar throughout the world. In fact it is now a verb. You just need to type the words you want to know and hit enter then in a matter of seconds you can get a result of the thing that you've been searching. In fact you could try searching about ppc search marketing. Once you gather the details so that's the result of your search from the search engine.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Photo of the Day

My little maldita wearing one of my small clothes during my singleness. I love you baby Angela.
Get well soon because mommy will take you to the mall.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Cash For Gold

Gold is getting higher in price. For anyone it is a good investment to consider. Actually in the province where I came from I heard there were gold miners who became rich because of gold bars they found. But just put in mind that what they're doing is too risky. Just imagine you are going to dig the ground not just in feet but longer than that and may possibly the cause of your instant death once you'll be covered with the soil. But in case the miners become lucky enough to find gold, for sure there's a cash for gold that awaits each and everyone of them.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Cents Chaser

Do you wonder who is the cents chaser I am talking about here? Well, no other than the writer behind this humble blog. She's been absent for months because of her personal life that needs attention. She wants to be totally back to blog land but there are circumstances beyond her control that need his full focus. Guys sorry to hear about it but don't worry she's trying to do her best to give you an updates as often as possible. For the mean time, I'd like to tell you that she's chasing cents to buy her wants such as blinds to beautify her small habitat.

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