Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Have Fun with Online Casinos

One way entertaining oneself this time is through playing online casino. It is a fun activity that anyone should try and experience what the feeling is once joined. Actually I have some friends who were tried different online casinos, and what they usually mentioned is the word great. Well, I haven't tried playing any casino online so I think it's not yet too late to give myself the fun with it.

Bottled Ink From CD-R King

I am an avid shopper of CR-D King even though I spend almost 1 hour in falling in line every time I'll buy something. I don't like their system but since they're selling very cheap computer stuff and some other things I have no choice except to wait for my turn. I don't have the pic right now of people falling in line while taking orders so I'll just try my best to take one next time.

Anyway, the last time I visited CD-R King I bought ink to refill my empty HP cartridges at home. Genuine ink is expensive so I didn't hesitate to get these stuffs, black and colored ones. So right after I refilled my cartridges I tried its printing performance and I'd say to myself that although the stuffs are cheap but so far they're so good.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Play with No Restrictions

If you want to play online without any restrictions then consider the casino online. For you to know, many people find it very challenging and really worth spending. So if you are one of those who want to play without restrictions then take a look at on line gambling. There you'll surely have fun. Actually it is an online gambling portal that accepts USA players from all American states with no hassles because as what I have said there are no restrictions. Another good thing that you need to know is that there's big bonus that awaits you there. So what are you waiting? Start now the game.

Another Mistake Created

The past days my mind was so confused. I wasn't able to think properly. Things were cluttered and it caused me more trouble in my way of thinking. Many things were affected both online and offline journey. Now, I am facing the consequences that it had brought me in. I am punished and currently I am in my cubicle trying to stay away from those bad spirits in the past few days. Oh, life! I need to be awake and learn from my mistakes.

Your Premier Source for the Best Online Casinos

Boredom hits to human anytime anywhere. Some people just use drugs to stay away from that kind of feeling. So obviously, they don't find any other ways to have fun which in fact there are so many challenging things to do especially on the web, and playing casino is one of them. Don't you know that casino could make you rich? If you are lucky to win big amount of money playing casino then in just a matter of minutes you'll become rich. It is really good news! A while ago I had read online casino reviews and it really made me think of spending my time playing online once I'm unoccupied. By the way, casino online is your premier source for the best online casinos and no other. So do you want to join with me?

No Class Tomorrow

Tomorrow is holiday. It's the inauguration of President Aquino so there will be no class. I don't need to wake up early and do the household task, but tomorrow I am planning of doing my laundry so I don't need to do it this coming Saturday.

And speaking of laundry, here's my son who helped me wash some of the clothes the last time I did my laundry. He insisted so I let him do it.

Go go go son! I hope in the right time you'll be the one to wash your own clothes and also you'll include ours. lol!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Quick Update

I just realized that it was 3 days ago since I made my last post. Where I have been? I am still busy at home taking care of my kids and doing other offline errands. I am preparing also because our 2 maids will be leaving this week, so no more maids after that. I decided to stop hiring for a while because I want to see first if we can do the things without a help. These maids I got are a pain in my butt. They can't follow so simple instructions. They are on their 4th year level when they stopped and they both came from the mountain, so supposedly they should be hard working but why is it always sleeping in our home? Gosh, I don't hire them just to act like the sleeping beauty! Oh, too much for this as my is beating faster now. I need to stop it. By the way, thanks for your visit. I hope I could visit you back soon.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Lady Next Door

I have a neighbor around the village who has a Yamaha motorbike in color yellow. Its color is very bright like the rising sun. Anyway, no matter what color of motorbike she'll be driving it's none of my business. I am just a jealous neighbor who lives next door that who doesn't know how to drive. Sorry I'm just not brave as her to learn how to drive a motorbike. I am afraid of getting hurt when practicing so I will not really learn because of this feeling of mine. In some other part, that lady who owned the yellow motor is looking for motorcross accessories. I knew it through one of my neighbors when we had our chit chat yesterday. And news there is she'll be joining the upcoming motorcross to be held this coming week. All I can say about it is that she's really that brave! She has the nerve to participate in such dangerous competition.

Wordless Moment: The Driver

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Take Part of the USA Online Casinos

Online casino is the replacement of the old fashion of playing casino in a club house. This time you don't need anymore to go there and transport yourself just to enjoy. If you are from America there's USA online casinos for you to look at any time you want to join the game online. It is intended for players from USA. Once you are from there then it's your chance to shine and amuse yourself online. You need to know that you can play there without any restrictions. Big bonuses are waiting for you there. So what are you waiting? I think you have to start the fun soon.

I'm Almost Late

Gosh the time is near for me to send son to school but I still have 1 more post to make because soon it will expire. I have now last 2 minutes to make it. I need to fast. Lord please help me. Enlighten my mind to think quickly and correctly. Ho ho ho!

I'm Craving for Home Design Ideas

We moved in to our new place even though it's not yet totally done. I prefer that way because I don't like always renting others place because we have our own unit to live on. Although we don't have more furniture to use but it doesn't matter. Anyway, there's a time for that. So now after staying our new place for quite few months it seems I am craving for new home design ideas to beautify it. Our bedroom is not that spacious so I want to get bedroom design ideas for small bedroom like ours. Well, it's not hard because there are helps and ideas that we can get online. And as a matter of fact I already got the living room design ideas to make our clattered things organized especially the big sofas and some other furniture. So in case you are craving for home design ideas, just take a look online and surely you will be fine.

Pimples on My Face

I wake up this morning with 2 pimples on my face. I don't like those stuffs appearing on my face. Maybe it's because I've been sleepless and stressed out the past days. Now I need to get rest and hope it will be granted. (*sigh*)

Anyways, today is Monday so I need to drop my son to school again. To all my visitors thanks for visiting my blog. Hopefully I'll be able to visit you all tonight.

Lights Brighten Our Life

In life we need light to guide our way. It simply denotes that light has a very important role in our daily living, especially during the darkest moment. Just imagine living in this ordinary world without light, do you think it is so easy? Oh, for me, it's surely not.

Nowadays, if you are just more observant to the houses, stores around us you will notice the different amazing art deco lights. This generation has really lots of different new inventions and discoveries. Before so many years had past only simple light color yellow lighting reflects in every part of the house. But this time different designs, colors and even the types of materials being are now extra ordinary. Actually, you can get your own art deco lighting online in just an easy order.

Actually, I am into the plan of purchasing one for our living room. I want the design of art deco ceiling lights. Surely my friends will ask me if where part of this continent my lighting stuff came from once I'll make my order online. I have more plans of purchasing different designs, but not this year, hopefully by next year. I need to save first and grab whatever opportunities for me online.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Mommy Moments

I really treasure this photo below. It's me and my angel having our peace sign. Two for me and three for my daughter. I kept telling her to make it two to show peace but she doesn't know. She finds hard to bend her fingers to make it two so that's why the result is three. She's so funny, all her taken pictures with peace sign is in three. lol! So she's on rehearsal to that peace sign. lol! Hopefully next time she will be able to make it.

Go go girls make a sign of peace!

The Stunning Stone Staircases

House is a good investment that has always a high value. The more it cost much if materials being used are those durable and classy materials just like the stunning stone staircases that I have seen on the web. It has the classy look which anyone can't say no living in the house with such a lovely elegant stairs. How I wish our stairs are made up of stones. Although it is quite expensive but when it comes to long lasting and classy thing don't hesitate to use it for your own home.

Anyway, when it comes to the installation of stones, what you need is The Stonemasonry Company because they have that expertise to do the stone installation jobs. They have a high level performing staff to work with your designer or even your hired architect. So in case you want further details about the stones installations and some other things that you need clarification just reach them anytime you feel convenient to do so.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I'll Be Blog Hopping in a While

I've been busy for the past few days. My son started his class few days ago and it makes me busier because of the preparation. I haven't blog hop for few days so I owe lots of visits now. I'm sorry I'm always on time shortage but I'm trying to manage my time well and it's a must. Whew! I really need to catch up my my online class. Hmmmm... it seems I'll behaving this class throughout my life. Grrrr...

Anyway, to ALL my visitors myspace graphic comments

The Fein MultiMaster FMM 250Q

Hello guys! Have you ever heard of Fein MiltiMaster FMM 250Q? For anyone to know, Fein MultiMaster FMM 250Q is an incredible multipurpose tool system for interior fitting and renovation jobs. If you are having renovation jobs or if your field of profession is in there, I am telling you don't ever miss to get this powerful tool. Fein MultiMaster Review is provided for anyone to read about this tool. For you to gather a little bit of info you better read about the review.

By the way here's what you'll get when you order Fein MultiMaster Top system:
  • A rugged plastic carrying case
  • 1 HSS Segmented blade
  • 1 Universal E-Cut blade
  • 1 Carbide Blade
  • 1 Rigid Scraper Blade
  • 1 Carbide Rasp
  • 1 Dust Extraction Kit
  • 1 Profile Sanding Kit
  • 1 Sanding pad and 15 sheets of sand paper

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

His First Day of School

Today is son's first day of school. I'll be busy again starting this date because I'll be the one to drop and wait for my him during school days. Son is very excited. His eyes are glowing like he knows what would gonna happen inside the class room. Surely he'll meet another friends. So this is it! It's also like the the start of my journey dealing with the heavy traffic on the road before reaching to the school.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Your Pool Pumps Problems Can Be Repaired

The very first thing that you need to know about your pool pumps problems is that it may not even be like that it's broken at all. This is why you need to go through a check-list, before you even consider breaking out your tool kit.

Check Out Your Pool Pumps Power Supply

For instance, it's not running at all, it could be that it's not getting any electricity. Start out at the source and this would be the main breaker box. Give the switch a click off and back on then do the same at a secondary switch box if you have one.

Follow the Power Cord From Beginning to End

After having done that, try following the power cord if it's exposed. Maybe it got ran over by a lawn mower or it could just have some type of defect in it. A good test is to find something like an electrical drill that you can plug in to give it a test.

Is it Running But not Sending Water?

If the power all checks out and the pump still isn't running, then you'll need to remove it and break it down. However; if the pump is running and your not getting any water flow, there' another checklist that you need to go through.

Check to See if Your Filter is Clogged Up

Check the pumps screen and also the pool filter. If your filter hasn't been cleaned in a while then that could be your problem, if it's clogged with debris. Another thing to check is the water inlet ports. Kids could have stuff something inside of them.

Make Sure You Shut Off the Electricity

Now before you break out your tools and begin removing any pool pumps, you need to make sure to shut off the power at the breaker box, so you don't get shocked. Make sure that you turn of the correct switch too because this is an easy mistake to make.

With all of these things kept in mind, hopefully you'll be able to enjoy your above ground pool without any problem.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Our Week's Family Adventure

Our week has ended with unforgettable moments. We went to Talima Island for sight seeing. There's a water park that we could enjoy all the unlimited rides if we only arrive there early. Actually, the place is still under construction and it's not yet totally developed. For activities, they have water and land-based to enjoy during your stay.

While we are on the pump boat enjoying the ride in a very calm water.

Talima's front view. Sorry I took this photo (above) in a far distance.

Me and the kids. My kids love riding in a boat. They're the one who convinced me to have a ride.

The water-based activities. Have you noticed those blue stuffs floating on the water? Those were what I mean by their water activities.

Photo was taken at the back while people are continue constructing the place.

On our way home. Since it's very low tide and the pump boat can't get closer to their docking area we need to go down to the water and walk till reach that orange floating stuff with full of people on top riding. From there the Tamila personnel will bring their guests to the boat so they can go home. So no good going there during low tide because it's hassle and the more if you'll be bringing a baby like what I did. Just imagine you will be walking in a rocky place from land to that orange stuff while carrying your child. Isn't it so hassle? Well, really an adventure.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Playing Online Casino Games

Amusing anyone's life these days is not that hard. If you are hit with boredom but have no time to go out because of your very hectic schedules then no worries because you still have the chance to entertain yourself even just for few minutes. You grab your PC and play online casino games. That is one way of entertaining oneself these days.

If you never tried it, I'm sure you will have a lot of fun once played. To start the fun all you have to do is download the gaming platform on your computer and you can start the fun rolling down throughout the day. Isn't it just so easy? Just be careful in choosing the casino games you want to play. For you to make sure that you will be playing the best 10 online casino games just be cautious all the time. Actually I just found out that Silver Oak is one among the best 10 online casinos. Well, I never try it but I can't wait to explore the game. I also want to find out how to play bingo in an online casino so let's explore and have fun together with online games.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Mail for My Daughter

I just realized that I signed up at Microworkers using only my daughter's name. Actually I was not that serious about that site till I found out that it is really proven a legit one. I knew it through other blogs, while reading their posts. So to the point where I reached $10 I decided withdrawing it and it says that I need to key in the PIN. The group sent me the PIN through my daughter's name and with not so much expectation the mail has still arrived safely with no blood scattered outside the envelop. lol! For the first time the mailman asked our neighbor the whereabouts of dhurianne (my 1 year old and 10 months baby) because she has a mail from someone. hahaha! Soon she'll replace my position in some of my other earning sites. lol!

Cash Loans for Bad Credit

I think nobody of us in this world has zero credit, maybe except those who are not working. Wherever you may go for sure you can always hear about this magical word credit. Actually putting oneself into credit is so easy but getting out of it is such a difficult thing especially if you are always out of budget to sustain the future expenses. Whether you agree with me or not you can't leave the fact that there are individuals who spend money beyond their earnings, and usually it is the reason why they fall into bad credit. Nowadays, it seems people are not afraid anymore when talking about debt. Instead of staying away they find ways to search which companies are offering services for them to borrow money with interest. In fact I have co-workers who don't look at the interest rates. They just grab right away to pay their other debt. So during payday I heard them murmuring because the have no more money to withdraw from their ATM card.

Actually, there's nothing wrong borrowing money as long as you are going to spend the money wisely or spend it for your bad credit. If you have tried availing any loans, for sure you are already aware about this term cash loans. The term cash loan is known globally because mostly financing companies are offering this type of loan.

When it comes to cash loans to pay for your bad credit, you can count on MoneyNowUSA. The approval is 4 out 5 applicants for a payday loans. By the way, safety is guarantee so nothing to worry about the spreading of your personal data. For more details just simply visit their site.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

I Want a Bike But not Like This

It's been months now that I am longing for a mountain bike. I live so far from the mountain but that's okay, I'll just use the mountain bike around the village, in a flat surface. lol! Actually, I want to buy a bike using the money from my online earning rocket not from my husband's pocket. I simply want to get the ordinary mountain bike not like this most expensive bike in the image that I found online worth $114,000 plus. The price is very high and my online earning is not that! Honestly just for a 2 wheels hobby, this expensive bike is too much!

photo source: Google

For Your Translation Services

In this ordinary world we are not born lucky to speak and write more than 5 different world languages. As a matter of fact, some people enrolled in university just to learn the language they wanted to learn. Before if you want to visit some foreign land and you don't know how to speak their language then you are in trouble. But bear in mind that the case was before when online translation has not yet born. Now that Translia the so called cloud translation has come, you don't need to worry anymore when it comes to translation just for you to be understood. For you to know, Translia offers different translation services. Imagine they translate 129 different languages. Really amazing! Not only that, Translia is assuring anyone the 100% money back satisfaction guarantee with 24/7 professional translation services. So what else are you looking for?

Anyway, for you to avail the opportunity of their service de traduction you need to register. Doing it is so easy like counting 1-2-3. Actually I am thinking of giving myself a try especially that I want to learn French. They have professional translation services and at the same time hassle free so a big plus factor for me. Translia is really perfect for anyone who wants to learn and have fun translating words with professional translation. So I hope you will give yourself a try.

I Need to OverTime

I have pending tasks waiting for me to entertain them. I was absent for few days. I need to render an OT tonight without pay. Well, I am not employed so who will pay me? You? lol! Just kidding. Back to serious, I'm now sleepy. I don't know how to overtime now in this situation. I'll try to get a cup of coffee downstairs and sip it while it's boiling. Gosh! So scary...for sure my mouth will be full white tomorrow if I'll do that. Hmmmm. we'll see. I'll just show it to you tom.

Get Your Own Emergency Survival Kit

Living in this temporary world has a package of struggling life with the different natural calamities, such as flood, earthquake, hurricane and a lot more. No matter how hard of push we make to avoid those calamities but when it comes to the call of nature it is already out of our control to stop it. Yes that is the fact, but you can still do something and that is to get yourself ready. As soon as you can start hearing its call it would be better to get into the act of preparing the things that you need so fast. Start grabbing your survival kit that you've placed in a safe place. It is very important if there is an emergency. We do not know yet the possible things to happen so let us always be ready. Some people died because instead of concentrating the best thing to do, what they do is run away without direction.

So in times of emergency my dear friends don't ever forget to grab your emergency survival kit fast like the wind blows and stay calm. Way back in the province year 2000, I experienced a big flood for the first time in my whole life. My knees were shaking because I was afraid of the things the might happen like the one I saw in the foreign movies that many people died. I was really scared. During that time I was worried about my future. Questions that played on my mind during those times were like: how could I pursue my college? What's the future that awaits us after the big flood? The more I was scared when I heard people saying, "This is the end of the world and Jesus will come." Since I don't have anything I was so tensed to the bones. So as part of getting ready I learned that we should get in advance the emergency survival kit and the two person survival kit is better than one. Anyway it is available online so no worries if where to get it.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

My New Bulletin Board

I want things to remember easily. I'm very poor in memory now since I had my cesarean twice. I used Styrofoam before as my bulletin board but my papers flew away because of the electric fan and the paper doesn't stick well on the styrofoam because it is so soft for the pins. Just today after how many years that I've been always sitting here in front of my computer at last I decided to get one. I am happy for this decision. I hope I won't miss any single thing that I don't really want to miss. Sorry I have no picture of it this time to share with you just too lazy to take one, maybe next time.

Becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant

Are you one of those individuals who are dreaming to become a certified nursing assistant? Don't you know that it is not an easy job to do? Working as a nursing assistant needs patience and your determination to serve the people. Before enrolling it you must have to ask yourself many times if you really possessed those attitudes because in the long run and you decided to quit you are just wasting your time, money and of course your effort. Based on what I know, different country or estates have different teaching ways. Some certified nursing assistant who took their course from other country still not qualified to work in a different country because they have different cna training, maybe some countries have low quality of training and didn't pass the standardization of some foreign lands. Well, we can not blame them for that belief.

For you to be a certified nursing assistant of course you have to pass the cna exam. It is the same when you were in high school days, you still have study your lessons. Before the exam have yourself ready, sleep early and go to the examination area early for you not to be late. Lastly, don't be nervous just relax and take a deep breathe.

My Adgitize Ad Has Expired

My Adgitize ad has expired just today. I won't be renewing it unless I'll receive my payment from the network. So far I am satisfied with the result of my last advertisement, even though just few cents returned to me as their advertiser and at the same time publisher but it's okay. For the last month I noticed that no matter how hard I tried to surpass the 1 month ad price to pay for the following month ad exposure but still I failed. Grrrr...So I have to add another few bucks from my pocket. I hope adgitize will pay today because it's already 8th of the month and I can't wait to renew my ad again. Hmmm. over excited? lol!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Are You Willing to Help?

Hello everyone! I just want to ask you if you are willing to help those who are in need. The Vietnam Veterans of America need your support this very moment. You can show that support to them by simply donating your car. If you have more than one car then I think it's the best time now to think to donate car. Just always bear in mind my friends that "the more you give the more you receive." So please open your heart.

Once you have decided for car donations I want you to know that as part of it you are eligible to receive an IRS tax deduction and it is applicable to anyone who will donate their cars. Donating your car is a hassle free and worry free for you as vehicle giver because they have an easy process, fast and secure procedure. Giving your car will truly make a difference to the said Veterans because it will help them to provide critical support for their defenders.

So for you to get benefited with the car donation tax deduction you simply donate your car now. Just remember that doing so will help lots of Veterans and not only one.

Monday, June 7, 2010

My Saver's Pack for Stressful Life

To overcome stress is what usually busy people are doing. But what did you do to overcome it? Based on your own experienced, how did you handle stress? Stress has numerous causes and it is only a matter of how you gonna deal with it. In my case, to fight for that killer stress here is my saver's pack of Stresstabs that I bought with Php5 pesos off. Well, not bad. I am taking it everyday if I can't forget together with Myra-400E. So go go Stresstabs fight for my stress because I need to do lots of things tonight.

Friday, June 4, 2010

My Texting Lil One

There she is, busy texting her friends using the maid's phone. She's a phone addict like the owner of the phone she's holding on. She broke the casing of my phone and not only that our plates, glasses and a lot more. Oh my baby, she's a breaker. I already warned the housemaid not to show her phone to my kids but because stubborn too so I told her it's not my problem anymore once my kids break her stuff.

Philadelphia Office Space

If you are the one who is in search of Philadelphia Office Space no worries because it is not a difficult task to do nowadays. Through online search you can easily find Philadelphia Office Space by just a click of your mouse. Actually, it is not only in Philadelphia where you can get no hassle search because through the net you can make a search no matter what place you want to search. Just like here in our City, when we tried to find a commercial space we don't experience that inconvenient feeling. Real estate firms are already enjoying the benefits of internet, so searching Philadelphia Office Space is just within anyone's reach. Some websites need only the ZIP code then you can start the property search in just a second and get the result for a few seconds, which is really amazing. 

Just in case you also want wikipedia to help you understand the wikipedia office article just do not hesitate to drop by around. Using the site is also free, it cost you nothing to know about the article you want to read. So grab the time that you are free. I hope you can also find soon the property you want to search.

O'll be Out Today

It's Saturday once again and time to ramble. Do you have any plans for your weekend like going to the beach, mall, or wherever? Today is really my day to go some place. I am planning of mall hopping because usually they're having sale event during weekends maybe I could get a good deal of something. we don't know. But before heading myself I have to finish my pending blogging task. I'm good in making pending task till the last 2 minutes. So now that the deadline is almost over I am acting like a train.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Friday Fill-Ins we go!

1. The beautiful island of Cebu is my favorite place to travel to.

2. When I think about my childhood, I often remember the things that made me cry.

3. Respect is one factors that makes for a good friend.

4. The wind in the trees, the rain on my skin, makes me feel so cold.

5.Traveling the world for free with my family is so exciting!

6. My best friend knows that I hate a liar.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to finish my blogging task, tomorrow my plan include going to the mall nearby because they'll be having a midnight sale and Sunday, I want to watch funny movies with the kids!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

First Post of the Month

Where I've been? I was sleeping? Nope! I was busy tweaking my other blogs. I want my other blogs to work this time. Actually I am thinking of joining it to Adgitize but I have to raise the funds to pay to its monthly payment. So this is my first post of the month. I am very late it is already June 3. lol! I was just busy doing other errands online. As usual I am still looking for best opportunity. In the previous month I joined some contests but I wasn't lucky, hopefully next time my name would shine. Anyway, since it's now June the more I'll become busy compared to the previous months but blogging still a part of it for sure. So go blogging momsy.

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