Friday, July 29, 2011

Thinking of Buying My Own Domain

My mother blog has been existing in a free hosting site for more than two years. Lately, it came up in my mind of buying my own domain. But my main concern if I will do that is I don't know how often and I am not sure yet if I will be able to blog for a longer period. I already have five blogs and right now I'm finding hard updating them all as much as I want. Time is the problem. I love blogging, but I have another priorities in life, especially this time. So I am confused whether I will get my own domain. (sigh!) I need to think about it again.

God Bless Us All!

Beautiful Sand Sculpting Images

It's a Friday once again my friends. Another beautiful weekend awaits for family gateway. Any plans folks? For last weekend, we just went to Parksville to see their sand sculpting competition.
Of course tourist including myself took photos, and since the place is just near to the shore some went for swimming as well after the great tour.

So here we go for the photos.

Enjoy guys!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Baby Name Banned from New Zealand

Expecting a new angel in a family is so exciting. It's a long preparation from finding the baby's name till getting and organizing the baby stuffs. I've been there in that situation twice. In fact we came into the debate sector because we experienced disagreement with the names. Parents want unique and meaningful names for their baby. As for us it was also a tough condition deciding what name to call for our babies. Well, my daughter has only 3 words first name and my son has 2 words.

By the way, a baby name banned from New Zealand is Lucifer. I know you're so familiar with that name because you can find it in a bible. When I conducted my research it has several meaning.

So here we go. Lucifer means:

1.) Devil/Satan
2.) light bearer

If you are expecting a baby, would you consider Lucifer as his name? Hmmmm.... you tell me.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Online Cash Advance

People always need money. It's the fact that we couldn't deny. These days I would say that people are fortunate because once they have a job there are lots of companies that would let them lend money. Actually in a common term they call it as a loan, and it is payable in a certain period of time. In the old times, the borrower should go visit the company's office in order to file for application but since we are now in high tech generation borrower can apply a loan online. Applying for online cash advance is actually so easy. All you have to do is fill up the form correctly on their website.

If you have bad credit status before, no need to worry about it because the company will not check your debt history. So after successfully filling up the form online expect some cash deposited in your bank account. It's only few minutes of waiting actually. The approval is instant and 100 percent. Disapproval is so far away and no need to worry about it. If you are out of cash or broke and need money badly you know now what to do. For me, online cash advance is such a great help for anyone who are in need financially.

Monday, July 18, 2011

I Want my PR 3 Back

For being active in blogging in about 2 years I gained PR 3 in three of my blogs. I was grateful because the juice remains for more than a year. But when google updated blogs/sites lately, I noticed that Google took my blogging capital which is my blog PR. But you know despite of that negative side I still want to pursue my blogging journey. I am having fun with what I am doing.

At this moment I am hoping that father Google will return soon my PR 3 in these blogs My Thoughts in Daily Living, My Passion and Momsdrive.Info.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Canada Day Photos

Canada Day is celebrated every 1st of July. This year I would say I am fortunate because I able to witness such event for the first time. It's another experience that I want to impart with you through my blog.

So here we go for the photos.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Making Friends and Chatting Online

What can you say about making friends and chatting online? Isn`t that a fun thing to do? Here in North America I am amazed how they advertise online dating sites on TV. They are helping anyone to find someone to chat with and gain friends. Well, that`s a big help for individual who are longing to have somebody. In joining or registering to those numerous sites you don`t need to pay even a single penny. All you have to do is register and fill some information on the registration form then start mingling other members like chatroulette.

As you know, chatting and making friends is a way of exchanging and expressing your inner thoughts. Honestly I love doing it because through chatting you`re also learning. These days, as what I have said online dating site is spreading too fast. One that I can mention is If you are now ready to meet anyone online, I am telling you that site is the right for you. There you could possibly meet omegle another member who wants to chat to beautiful individual like you. Hopefully on your first day you will have lots of fun and want to keep coming back to gain more friends.

So Impressive Small Toilet and Bath

I was amazed with the Cosmpolitan's Hotel toilet and bathroom. Cosmopolitan is one of the 5 star Hotel in Hongkong. Though, the bathroom is not that big but I like its design. So impressive actually. They`re using a marble in flooring as well as the walling.

Now I have a guide for the upcoming renovation of our newly bought unit. So, can you give your thumbs up to it?

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Just Renewed my Domains

I finally renewed my 3 domains that will be expiring this month. Being a mommy saver looker, I able to transact it today with a coupon giving 31% upon purchase. I save about 7 bucks. Hmmm... it is such a big savings already in my part. I used the code wallet412 from the site I saw when I did my research. Anyway, I'm looking forward of my blogging journey till the next expiration of my domains.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

World's Longest Bridge

Just last June 30th 2011, the world's longest bridge has opened some province in China. The bridge is 42 kilometers long and it's connecting the eastern port city of Qingdao to an offshore island named Huangdao.

The photo is here in the left portion. See how long is it? And have you ever imagine walking there by yourself?

Photo credits:

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