Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year from My Home to Yours

Today is the very first day of the year 2013. It is so brand new. I smell that it will be blessed and blissful as I wanted it to be.

To all of us I am glad we surpassed the previous year in 365 complete days. Let's rejoice with that and be hopeful as ever.

Today I saw Google celebrating also New Year online through with their meaningful logo as seen below.

To all of us from different parts of the world, let's shout a Happy Happy New Year!!! Let's move forward not backward!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Where to Shop Top French Brands of Cosmetics

Mostly ladies love putting something on their body to enhance and maintain the outer look. No matter how expensive the product is as long as it satisfies their desired appearance they are willing to spend money for it. Honestly even me I am willing to do the same if has just the means especially for my face, hair and skin.

img. frm CosmeticSublime
By the way, are you one of a kind that spends longer hours on store searching for beauty products? Actually, I found an online store named CosmeticSublime that sells cosmetics specialising in French brands, in case you are in the search mode you may take a glance on it. They offer variety of products for skincare, bath and body, haircare, handcare and footcare. When I saw their Herome Nail Hardener Extra Strong it reminds me of my mother's very weak nails. It's awkward but mom has such type of nails. Hopefully soon I could purchase a bottle of that together with few boxes of Le Petit Marseillais Bar Soap and ship it out through Balikbayan box with other stuffs.

Snow Here You Come

Today is a lazy day for me. I woke up with droplets of snow outside. It is actually the first day of winter time  that snows here in BC for this year, exemption to places up in the mountain where often snow.

The photo above is my first captured at 7:30 AM, my late get-up from bed. lol!

Few minutes after my student left, I went to the supermarket close by walking under the snow. Sorry for my daughter as she stayed home because she doesn't want to wear thick outfit in going out. So this is the start of my day with fun walking on the snow land.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Keep Area Tidy, Hire Efficient Cleaning Professional

I have discussed in my previous post the effect of the flooring job once done by an expert flooring professional. It has the same scheme in the cleaning work, once a certain area is cleaned by professional cleaner it is guaranteed you can get good result because that is their field of work, or shall say their expertise. They do that type of service every day and as day goes by doing the same work for sure they will master it, right? Besides, people in the field of cleaning services keep enhancing their skills to continue providing efficient service to their customers.

I can say that keeping area tidy is a must regardless if it is your home or public places such as restaurant, schools, offices, gymnasium, construction area or bank to avoid people from acquiring unwanted germs that may cause in getting sick. Now if you are in the position of searching company that will cater wide services and guaranteed very good result, I can recommend Jan-Pro in their website. They have been rendering cleaning services for years and now they are proven and tested by the mass. 

To specify the company’s coverage of cleaning services, please read herein below:  
  • Carpet Cleaning 
  • Janitorial
  • Office Cleaning
  • Floor Cleaning
Just FYI, Jan-Pro is using effective disinfecting procedures to keep everybody healthy. And
most of all they are using high-tech machines that could not be find just anywhere.

In our case that we will moving out next year from our existing apartment we are obliged to do the overall cleaning from ceiling down to the flooring and you know how hard to that such job especially if with little kids like my case. So by now I am thinking of hiring a professional cleaner to do the cleaning job in behalf of myself. In that way less stress for me.

The Sandy Massacre

The dreadful tragedy hooked my eyes and ears awhile ago on the CNN News when we got home from school to pick-up my son. The Sandy Massacre in Newtown Connecticut killed 26 lives, 20 were children between 5 and 10 years old of the elementary school and 6 were adult.

The gunman identified as Adam Lanza, a 20 year old killed his mother first in their house prior going to the school. The horrific tragedy is really a nerve shaken. The body of the children are still inside the crime scene for further investigation and the parents are waiting outside the school. To the teachers who saved lives they are really a hero! You know by now I am thinking that as a parent we are sending our children to school to learn not to be killed unexpectedly by crazy heartless individual. This massacre is really unforgettable moment for everybody.  I hope that everything will be fine. 

Carpet One for Home and Floor Stuff

Hi everyone! It is now mid-December, winter time and pretty soon you will be celebrating Christmas. Are you getting excited as the time flies too fast?

This month, despite of the cold and busy month people are determined and pushing through their different respective plans like home renovation and family vacation. Speaking of home renovation I saw houses close to the school where my kindergarten son is going. It seems they are preparing for the holidays, friends and family coming over to their house and have nice conversation and share with variety food on the table. That would be a delightful moment to cherish before the year ends!

By this month, back in my homeland, is supposed to be the schedule of the home repair due to leaking and flooring problem. However, because of some life’s uncontrolled happenings we cancelled the plan. December is the month that store offers great discounts, savings and different promos to their consumers. To some store I can tell that even not December they offer savings to shoppers especially in home and floor stuff.

img by: google
In the particular place of Texas, I can recommend you Waggoner Carpet One Home and Floor for all your flooring needs, from carpet, hardwood, laminated and tiles they have it for you. If you have no idea what type of flooring to put on your bare floor to make it extraordinary and comfortable as your every step of your feet touches on it, then, the store is the right choice for you. Remember that no matter how expensive your materials are yet not properly done the owner will be unhappy. So, professional and well-trained people are very important to consider aside from choosing materials. 

FYI, Waggoner Carpet One Home and Floor store has wide variety of carpet options in different color, material, style, brand and type. So for you to learn more of their flooring stuff, I suggest you to visit their website.  

It's Pyjamas Day at Nestor Elementary School

Today December 14, 2012 is Pyjamas Day at Nestor Elementary School. Students are going to wear pyjamas. I'm sure you know what pyjamas are, to elaborate it- clothes for wearing to bed and sleeping in, usually consisting of a loose-fitting jacket and trousers

So what's up at pyjama day at school? For my kindergarten what I know is they'll be having story time just in that comfy pyjamas outfit and hot chocolate as well is being served. When I take my son to school today I noticed teachers are also wearing pyjamas. It seems all of them we'll be having fun today! During my school days we don't have such school activity in school so I did not experience it. Well, for kids it would be fun for sure seeing their classmates in different pyjamas. I'll be asking my son later when picking him up time.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Making Home Improvements

Making improvements to your home will absolutely increase its value in the market. Some business-minded people I know back in my homeland they buy old houses and renovate them. After all the repairs are done, they put then the unit in the market for selling. That is how easy they make money for life. In relation to that, the old location where we were residing a year ago, the real-estate business is certainly booming up to now. As evidence, houses, condos and apartments are continuously rising.

Back to home improvement, hubby and I are planning of working on our apartment’s kitchen and living room flooring. I remember how I exhausted I was searching an expert flooring tile installer. Because of low budget I ended up to a cheap installer and ended up also with no quality work. The tiles are uneven and not accurately cut. It is so disappointing!  I put on ceramic tiles both kitchen and living room so the cleaning would be easier for our tenant. Next time I must see to it that I get a professional floor installer like Flooring America. I wish their store is just so close to our apartment so less work for me from floor shopping down to the installation. Another good thing is they are always on sale plus they give away $100 coupon. If you are in the flooring project recently, regardless of laminated, carpet, hardwood or even tiles and interested in availing shop flooring sales and savings then this store is absolutely the right option for you. And before I forget I'd like you to know that the store is serving communities such as Bradford Woods, Seven Fields, Mars and many more in Pennsylvania. 

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