Saturday, February 27, 2010

A Plan of Having Plastic Surgery?

Hello guys! Does anyone of you have the thought lately of having a plastic surgery? With the recent technology, plastic surgery is the choice of many individuals who can afford to pay. So far, here in the country where I am living there are many celebrities who undergo this procedure to enhance their beauty. Speaking of beauty enhancement, Reo Drive Plastic surgery is one among the leading surgery offices with highly train professionals and doctors to conduct the operation. Aside from that its services are not only good buy it comes with reasonable prices.

Reo Drive performs different procedures such as for the face, breast, body and the last but not the least is the skin. Their focus is exclusively on providing superb cosmetic plastic surgery. If you are facing problem of a very loss skin because of giving birth or losing weight after you've been struggling life then Los Angeles tummy tuck is a good choice for that very loss skin of yours. To many women having a big breast is such a blessing but not all are blessed and happy for what they have, many I know are yearning to have a big breast. With this type of problem this beverly hills breast augmentation is the solution for them to be satisfied with their breast size.

As what I have said, they have reasonable prices and with good medical doctors to undergo the procedure so I think anyone should not be worry. So to beautify yourself you know now where to go just visit Los Angeles plastic surgery.

Friday Fill-Ins

1. A cup of tea sounds good to me.
2. Love is what makes a place feel like home.
3. Everything has its beauty own beauty.
4. Do you like the taste of strawberries?
5. Art makes me the world go round.
6. LOL I just noticed I forgot to wear my underwear.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to get lots of rest, tomorrow my plans include rest and rest and Sunday, I want to stay home read with the family!

Friday, February 26, 2010

I Want New Planters for the New Place

I had plenty of planters planted with palm trees when we were living at the old apartment. I intentionally planted those outdoor planters with palm trees to add more shades outside our place. We know plants really can be trusted when it comes to adding shades. Since we finally moved in here in our new place I want an adorable decorative planter to be put in our small living room. I just don't have the chance to look before because of the very hectic schedules I had. But now that I'm very free for sure planters will enter to our new place.

For outside our house I am planning of planting vegetables. Although we have a very small area outside but still my eagerness to plant is still in my heart. All I need to do is find ways to be able to plant because I know that planters will help me organize the place.

Why Skaters Don't Get Dizzy?

What do you think is the answer with this simple question guys "Why skaters don't get dizzy after spinning over and over again"? Before I haven't read yet the article telling why about it I was wondering and thinking if there's something miracle but there is nothing actually.

Based on the article I have read:
Former National skating champion Shane Douglas said the key to getting over dizziness is to keep skating. "What we tell our students is keep spinning," said Douglas. "The more you do, the less dizzy you get." Douglas said it could take skaters about a year to get used to the dizziness.

So, skaters initially get dizzy, but then it becomes second nature.

Tips: Techniques for initially dealing with the dizziness include staring at a fixed point, closing your eyes, and concentrating on something else.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Free Software Download

Right after my computer got crashed I really don't know what to do. I was confused because I don't have the CD's for me to use for the software installation. I was really nothing! I was upset because someone destroyed my computer. He's not my relative or even a friend. He is just a neighbor who tried to borrow money to my husband. So how I wished to have all the free software download for Windows during those time but not. Instead I hired a technician to do the rest.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Gambling After Grilling?

Hello ladies and gentlemen! What can you say about gambling after grilling? Is it a good match? Instead of drinking drinks that could make you drunk why not consider gambling? Sorry to ask you about this silly question guys, actually it just came to my mind after having fun at the beach yesterday with my whole family. My kids really love the beach so we spend our day there swimming, eating and some other things. Although hubby is not around but we still have fun. I hope next visit he would come with us. Anyway, have you tried playing online casino games my dear friends? If so, how was the moment?

There are so many things we could do online aside from blogging like I used to do. Another thing some people are doing is focusing on these slots games. Have you heard also about these words? Here on the net aside from earning online through blogging people also earn money through playing online casino. If you are so blind about this thing try to make some search online and let me know what you find out. Maybe someday you would become one among those people earning dollars on the net just sitting and playing online games.

Grilling Time Again!

You want some?

Gathering Information About Denver Colorado

Gathering information nowadays is not that difficult compared to job hunting. There are numerous ways to search information and one of the mediums we are using these days is through the internet. With the advance of our technology, almost everything is made to be possible. And one thing I can assure you which is possible with internet is searching information about Denver Colorado. I never been in that place but if I'd love to visit there someday and explore the entire place.

No Wonder Less Traffic

Hi guys, how a re you doing? Hope you are all doing great and always in a good health. This morning I had checked my other blog if what's going on. I am so sad that the digits on my Alexa widget is getting higher, higher and higher up in the sky. Oh, so bad. Well, I am really expecting it because of the less traffic. I spend less time being online like almost 2 months now because of my very important matters offline. But soon, hopefully tonight I'll be back again to my usual online routine.

Again thanks for the visits. Every drop around my blogs is very much appreciated. I'll try to return all your visits as soon could get the chance.

What RealTruck Offers You

Taking care of your gear is like taking care of your own self. You are spending money especially those expensive gears so proper care is a must. Regardless of the gear's high quality as long as not cared of properly its life will be shorten for sure. I have just said awhile ago that take care of your gear and as much as possible love it especially your expensive truck. Provide your truck a good bug deflector. Aside from that, put a nice car floor mats on it to make it clean and of course easy to maintain the cleanliness.

The last but not the least, the thing aside those stuffs I mentioned above for you to buy for your truck is a backflip. It is very necessary for security and for your truck bed access. At realtruck you can get it including bug deflector and car floor mats. Backflip is available at realtruck in 4 different designs. So whatever you want to suits your taste then don't hesitate to get it for your valuable gear. So those are just some of the few that realtruck store offers you. Regardless the amounts of your things as long as you value them, don't ever hesitate to call realtruck.

I Need To Rise Early

Today is Wednesday I am going to pick up at the terminal my newly hired household maid. Aside from that, I'll be going to the office in one of the real estate firms here in the city for very important matters. In the after my parents will be leaving for the province so again I need to be hurry because I'll be accompanying them going to the port. Oh, what a busy life of me today! To finish my household chores early and my online things so here I am waking at 3 in the morning. Although my bed still calling my name but sorry bed I'll just hug you again tonight. So what about you guys, what you'll do today?

Good Deals of Stuff

When it comes to shopping term I always want to get good deals. I want to see to it that anything I'd like to buy are not just for sale in a cheaper way because it is in low quality but of course a good one and really worth for its price. Shall we say at the shopping mall, I prefer to shop there during sale event and if simply outside like in the market where you can negotiate the price then I always ask the vendor to lower it till I am satisfied with it. Yes I am a person with a big face when it comes to asking of lowering the price. When my mother accompanies me for sure she'll get embarrassed because she does not want what I am doing on keep asking vendors to reduce the price. Well guys I am so sorry I just want to get good deals every time I shop.

I think not only me who want good deals but many individuals out there too. With this time right now that is still in deep crisis, many people are losing their jobs like what I had seen few days ago a certain company just closed instantly without any noticed to their employees. I feel so sad about it. So now that those people are jobless what they will do? What about their needs? What about their kids? So just in case their children are begging them to buy even cheap unlocked iPhone, so how can they purchase? Oh, life it is really hard sometimes!

I know nobody won't say yes to shopping as long as they have the wings. Without them they simply can't do anything. A wing here is referring to money guys. Anyway, watch out for the opening of SpicyBids to get your stuff just in a very low cost. Isn't that what you want to buy things you like in just a very cheap amount? I am sure you are wondering why I am sharing this to you. Of course I want you to avail too the items in a low cost because I know how hard to earn money nowadays. People are doing their cost cutting just to eliminate their expenses because of this deep crisis which we are recently facing. Just to let you know my friends, SpicyBids is one of the online auction sites available online. So watch out on its big opening.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Yepey, At Last!

Yepey, after a long time that I've been waiting for the reward is now here. I got a new printer. I don't need to go out to scan my files or have a photo copy because it comes with that features. So I am really grateful. Although I have the flu but still I am still happy because my internet connection is also back. After 3 days since I filed my application for relocation Smart hooked it again for me that fast. So thanks Smart I hope you'll still be good as that.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Best Online Slots for Real Money

Online gaming is not intended only for fun but as you can see and observe it is also for real money. Once you play there is a chance for you to win some cash and of course to put it in your personal pocket. Actually there are numbers of people who already won playing especially the best US online slots for real money. If you are not aware about it and want to find out if where to see the online slots for real money simply visit There is a voted top 10 list there for 2009.

For best online roulette for real money just drop by at Anyway players have rules to follow once they wanted to play. I think to avoid being disqualified anyone should follow the rules and get the chance to win some real money. As part of the life's amusement, although we need to spend money but enjoying oneself is really worth paying. Another site I came across yesterday while doing some browsing online is Anyway have you been there guys? It is also one of the life's entertaining sites for us human to have fun online. So why don't you try to amuse your life through the game?

The Top Web Career

I just read an article online about how to make money on the web. Actually as of these days there are means on how to earn money online if you are just resourceful. One that is on the top is BLOGGER. Well, are you one of a kind?

Friday, February 19, 2010

Breast Enlargement

Whew! It is very hot right now here inside the internet cafe. While browsing few hours ago I came across the site which is talking about breast enlargement. It made me think because there are girls who are not satisfied with their natural size of the breast. How about you are you wondering how you could enlarge your breast in the easiest way or the most effective way with no side effects? Nowadays, there are numerous operations on how to enlarge the breast. If you have the money it is not a big problem because there are highly train professionals available everywhere.

So if you are one of those ladies who are not happy for what God had given you try to consult the doctor and make queries about it.

Oh, What a Very High Price!

I went to the hardware nearby our place to get some of the materials that is lacking for our renovation. I thought the store has been selling the items we've been looking for but I was mistaken with that thought. So what I did was I transfer to the next hardware which is few minutes away from the first store. When I arrived there what surprise me is there very high price of materials, almost doubled the price of the store where I purchased first. Of course I didn't purchase. I'll just wait till I can visit again the store where I bought my cheap materials. It doesn't mean that cheap so no good, of course very good.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

I Never Been to Paris

After those busy moments with our home renovation till moving from our old place for sure we deserve to have fun in life and explore the world. The place I'd to explore this time is Paris. It is such a wonderful place to see and stay at apartment paris. So far, I heard that it is nice also to stay at apartment venice. Well, what do you think? Have you tried there guys? Aside those accommodations mentioned I also want to visit Rome and stay at hôtel rome because there are many Filipinos living there. So hopefully that someday I'll be able to travel the world for free.

Continue with the Painting

We had moved with the new place but still there are portions that have not done with the painting yet. It is only the primary coating that has been put by the painter. So painting is what makes us busier aside from arranging our things. Moving is not that easy. It includes lot of works. It really made me crazy just to share what I feel. I hope and wish that no more moving next time from one place to another.

So this time with regards to my internet connection it is not yet back. Hope soon so I can do my blogging things.

Monday, February 15, 2010

What About Playing Casino Online?

Life is just a matter of how you deal it. If you think you are bored then why not make it happy and fruitful as you can be? If you don't want to hang out with your friends like going to the bar or wherever doing anything outside try to consider being alone at home and play casino online. As what I have heard playing casino online is so much fun. Some players put some money on their pocket because of it. If so, I think we should take our chance. Anyway we will not be in prison if we'll play.

Just few days ago I have read about the basic elements of online slots. I research more about casino and the browser brought me there. Through searching online about the game made me aware if how it works. So hopefully this week I can play the best casino online so I can apply what I have learned.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Great Stuff for your Office

It's been a while since I resigned from my work. Before I resigned I had the feelings of not working anymore to any of the companies, but now that I am officially unemployed it seems I want to get back to work. I want to work but of course I want in the field where sitting is not prohibited. It is so tiring after all day working without chairs to sit on or simply chairs are so far away from our sight. There are companies who are doing this especially in manufacturing.

So based on the experienced I had if I want to be employed again I want in the areas where chairs are given for free to sit on, in the office where there are ergonomic office chairs. By the way since then I am longing to work as a higher in rank in any establishment attending conference facing big people in a wide room with executive conference tables. Oh, I am dreaming! Anyway, speaking of executive tables, Spacify has a perfect executive chairs to match those tables. Just in case you need those things for your office you already know where to go, simply the Spacify online shopping store.

Globe as Replacement?

There's an agent who keep convincing me to shift from Smartbro to Globe internet. So far I am happy with my current Smartbro connection. The thing I like at Globe is that they have the plan that comes with a telephone. So I am calling bloggers who are Globe users especially located in Cebu City or Lapu-lapu City to give me feedbacks about Globe. It is very much appreciated guys.

Hope to hear from you soon Globe subscribers.

Spacify's Modern Furniture

As years go by there are numerous new designs and modern furniture that are spreading now in the market. People are tempted to change what they have especially if what they got at home are the old designs. In terms of modern furniture, we can find many at Spacify. It is a great furniture store where we can see updated designs. You won't be outdated once you'll shop there.

I saw an amazing dining table which causes my eyes not to shut. It is really awesome! Actually it is one of their stunning contemporary dining tables for sale. The image is here below. Isn't it an awesome one?

And not only that table above catches my attention there is another one, the Histoire round bed. I simply love this bed. Its price is $8,047.00. I prefer the color beige. It fits the paint color in our room.

Since we finally moved to our new place I am planning of getting more furniture. It would be great of I could buy the contemporary furniture at Spacify because there is where my eyes don't want to shut. So if you want to take home awesome furniture simply visit Spacify the right place for awesome furniture.

Had Moved Finally

After the trials we've been through from the previous months finally we reached our main goal which is to move. We woke up early this morning to start moving our things from one place to our new destination. I was sleepless for many nights packing our things because of no time doing it during the day. My next thing to do is go to the Smart Wireless Center to apply for a relocation which is supposed to be done before moving, but due to some important matters I wasn't able to do it. Anyway it's okay I'll just go to the internet cafe nearby to do my blogging things. I am so sorry guys if I have not visit you back for the past weeks and in the coming days till I have my internet connection. I know I owe you lot of visits but I hope you understand. I'll promise to visit you as soon as have the internet at home.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

It's Time to Have Fun! Get Your Tickets Now!

At last I am almost done with our project. It is so time consuming and tiring always being there supervising those faces of people. I need a break! I want to give myself a treat for succeeding the project. Although it is not yet totally done but we are getting there hitting the mark. Feeling the success now is so rewarding. Anyway I want to say thanks to my visitors for their visits here in this blog. I appreciate it a lot. As a way of my sincere appreciation I am inviting you to have fun with me watching NBA. To watch you just need to get your BRADLEY CENTER TICKETS.

If you love hitting 2 balls at the same day you may buy RAYMOND JAMES STADIUM TICKETS so you can watch the event at Raymond James Stadium. The fun doesn't ends there. If you want more shows after the very tiring day of yours so don't let Taylor Swift surpass the time. Try to visit their site so you can see the different events and of course so you can get Taylor Swift tickets for you and your company to go with you and share the moment.

When Snow Hits the Ball

Snow Time! Are you freezing today because of the snow? I just read an article few minutes ago that out of 50 states 49 are showered with snow. So speaking of snow here are more photos of snow taken by hubby last winter time.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Plan of Getting New Mailbox

The house is almost done. We are now on the painting process and other things will follow soon. After those busy times I spent with the unit it seems I can breathe now properly. Before it seems so hard because of the mountains I am climbing on. This coming Monday is our schedule in moving. Although there's no front gate yet but it does not affect our plan to move. Hubby is keep on asking me if I am excited in moving and I answered him of course I am because aside from it is our own unit our kids will be in another environment, so new neighbors and new friends too.

Yesterday I talked to the welder the one who contracted our windows and railings. I asked him a quote regarding the commercial mailboxes because soon I want to get one together with the gate. I do budgeting so I really need to know as early as possible. While talking to the welder I asked him if he tried making cluster mailboxes. Guess what he answered? He already have ready made as well as the apartment mailboxes. Based on what he told me I think I have to take a look at those designs first before designing my own because maybe he already made the one I like to get soon.

Friday Fill-Ins

1. Pickles mother earth.

2. I arrived late and tired last night at home.

3. The snow is still doesn't exist here in our place.

4. I am a nature lover in nature.

5. It's 5:16 PM; that means it's almost time for my kids dinner.

6. True friend is hard to find.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to sleep more than 8 hours, tomorrow my plans include visiting the other unit early in the morning, buy more paints and Sunday, I want to start packing our things and get ready for the following day which is another busy day!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

It's Because I Love this Art

I found this image online and it really catches my attention even just for the first time. It's because I love this art I took a snapshot from the fine art gallery that I saw few hours ago. I like its color because it is so cool and of course it is one of the natures created by heaven above. If I need peace of mind I'll simply visit their art gallery to soothe my mind and be free from those poisonous thoughts.

Actually there are plenty of designs that you can see but what I like most are the nature designs. They are like real and I love to put them at home. For sure my husband will also like their lovely designs to be put especially in our master's bedroom.

Today's Tasks

As of this sunny Thursday, my very first task is to get the paint for the finishing touches then going to Smart office for some very important matters. I hope that no bad creatures today to ruin my day. I am starting my day with a beautiful morning sunrise so I hope it also ends in beautiful evening sunset. Have a great day to all you guys. I'll just see you tonight.

The Leading Online Tutoring Company

Our main goal of going to school is to learn. Learning with all the subjects being required to pass the semester or a certain grade is not easy at all times. There are students who are not able to catch up immediately base on what is being discussed by the instructor or teacher. In that case those students need help especially if the subject is Algebra because it is not an easy subject. In fact there are numbers of students who failed to pass during my college days and I am lucky that I was not one of them. Anyway no worries if you are struggling these days with algebra especially Algebra 2 because TutorVista is there to help you no matter what and no matter where you are in this world. For you to know, TutorVista is the leading online tutoring company in the world.

In addition, the company has Algebra 2 answers for Algebra 2. If I am just aware about this company when I went to school maybe I could get high grades in Algebra subject. Anyway, although it's late for me but I'll just pass it to have my children because they are still on the way to this subject. Since I am not good in Algebra we'll just contact TutorVista and ask either Algebra 2 Help or Algebra 1 Help. The good thing I like in their company is that they provide free demo for the first time user and it's for free. With regards to their service, it is available 24/7 and they are offering unlimited monthly tutoring package for a very cheap price.

Little Time to Shop

Few steps away till Valentine's Day. I am almost run out of time to shop for hubby's Valentine's gift. Although we are miles apart again this month of hearts but it is just fine with me as long as I can hear his voice and can give him presents to show my love for him. I already got the greetings card so early last month but I am late this time to purchase my presents. The reason of this is because of my very hectic schedule from our recent project, doing home chores, taking care of our kids and also looking for a part time job. Aside from blogging I want to earn some extra cash so I can also purchase some unnecessary things that I want to buy for myself.

So for the gift I simply want to buy for him a jacket. Hubby has jackets but I just want to give him one. In the image is what I like because it is waterproof 5000mm, of course it is machine washable and fully breathable. I hope hubby would like it. Regarding the size no worries because it belongs to the large size clothing in the place where I found it so I'm sure it will fit on his body. By the way I found it online just in case you'll also want to buy.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

My Today's Finds

I really like this beautiful dress in red. So perfect for this Valentine's Day. lol! I could wear this while sleeping because of no date.

This outfit is so pretty too. Since I never tried wearing boots with same length as what the lady is wearing now I'm so anxious if what would be my face in front of our minute mirror.

This Month's Impact

It's been almost three years since my laptop got crashed and lost everything on it. I wanted to reinstall all the programs installed before it crashed but unfortunately I wasn't able to do it because I don't have the entire disc needed. I was so upset after that time. It was not my fault why that incident occurred. A newly friend of my husband was the one who did it. He pretended that he knows everything although not. So I have no choice except to hire somebody to fixed it for me and let it reformat and do other things so I can use again the computer given by my husband. I spent money for it but few months after I just realized that the program being installed were pirated. I did not buy those necessary programs that I need because I know they are all expensive and even paying the technician is very hard for me because I was out of budget at that time.

I was not really expecting that hubby's friend will be the cause of that big tragedy. I really counted it as big tragedy because until now I wasn't able to buy the programs that were lost in a glance. I was learning graphic design when it happened. Since my Adobe Photoshop which is the stepping stone of my graphic design learning tool my practice has been cut also till now and the worst there is I almost forgot everything I learned. I really want to pursue what I had started but I think it's just a matter of time to save money so I could buy whatever programs I need aside those free but with expiration from the internet. Anyway, I am hoping that I could find a package design tool for my back to learning process.

Been Looking for Outdoor Sconce

I want to put sconce outside our home, maybe just 2 is already fine. I've been looking for cheap, good quality and of course with pleasing sconce but couldn't find those three qualities in one cup. I saw cheap but it's not in good quality. There are also good quality and pleasing appearance but pretty high. Oh, man! where part in this world I could find what I've been looking for?

These sconces above look so pretty for me but all are pretty expensive (sigh).

Monday, February 8, 2010

A New Addiction

I just want to share to you here online about one of my neighbors here in the City who turn into an addict. She is not addicted to any drugs or whatever smoke available on earth but to casinos. She said that she's just having fun why she's doing the game. Since she used to play it's becoming more difficult for her to stay away from playing casino. I was really wondering why so what I did was asked her sincerely till she confessed the main reason. Her answer is just so simple, the reason is because of money. She wants to win and to become rich someday.

Photo of the Day

My mama wearing the shirt I won from the online contest I participated last December. The shirt is too big for me so I just gave it to her. So now she's one of the Pinoy Bloggers in the country. Go mama go!

Online Gambling

In the recent times internet is the number one source of gambling. Many people are having fun especially that from their very own place they can gamble because as what I have said it is now online with the power of the internet. With online gambling you don't need to go out get dress just to gamble. Many sites are accepting real money especially from the United States. In fact there are top sites I found few days ago listed on the internet that are accepting players and giving bonuses to the one who will play. Do you think isn't that awesome to hear?

Friday, February 5, 2010

Home Lighting Needs

We are almost done with the home repair. Soon I'll need home lighting to lighten our little humble place once we move. I want to get the cheap one with quality home lighting stuff to match our place. At first I don't know where to get those but a friend of mine called me last night and gave me the details because in the coming few days I'll be buying those home lighting staff. It seems I need more than 5 lovely designs excluding for our terrace. So wish me luck guys not to give me hard times finding the one I like because I have no more time to shop preparing our things for the very awaiting moment which is to move.

Today's Quote

"Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out."
by: Robert Collier

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Neighbor is Searching Mercedes Car

A neighbor of mine who works as a seaman is busy looking for Mercedes car. They are married for almost 30 years but still don't have the chance to have a baby. Since they don't have any children so they can get all the luxury they want in life. They have their nice house, nice cars and been to different places already. So right now my neighbor is in search of the latest model of Mercedes cars but of course in good Mercedes Deals. We have another neighbor across our home who is working in the automobile company as an agent so the seaman is asking for help from him. The seaman wants to replace his old model to any of the New Mercedes Cars available this year. Before going back to work the seaman really wants to replace their old car for his wife to use.

Anyway for this time, really no worries if couldn't find offline the cars you badly wanted because Mercedes Hoffman is there to help you no matter what Mercedes cars you need. If you don't want the new Mercedes cars they have the Used Mercedes cars. All you need to do is to decide whether you will go for the new or the used one.

Why Lucky Bamboo?

Lucky bamboo

I am just very curious of this plant name lucky bamboo. Is lucky bamboo really brings luck into your home? If it does, I think I have to start gathering lucky bamboo and place it inside our home.

Flowers for Me this Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is already few finger tips away. Like anybody woman out there I myself is also wanting flowers for this coming Valentine's Day. Even there's no other gift from hubby aside from this very lovely flowers from flowers Argentina I'll still be grateful and will be jumping of joy for remembering me that very especial day of hearts. How about you what do you expect from your very especial someone? Are you longing also like I do to smell the flowers given by your dearest?

Flowers could melt away the hearts with full of pain especially the flowers from Argentina florist for they have very lovely flowers. They have their beautiful lilies, deluxe collection, roses and a lot more. If you have friends, relatives or even your enemies from Argentina and you want the Argentina flower delivery to melt their hearts away simply drop by at the flowers Argentina and get the one you like. In my part I like to receive their premium roses because it simply is the best. Once you order the flowers you like the delivery day will be the following day, so to make sure that the flowers you want to deliver will be on time make sure to order it ahead of time.

Monday, February 1, 2010

I Think This is the Fact...

In earthly matters, I think it's in reality that we could not control the individual's mind towards the things he sees. Everybody has different taste and perceptions in life. I just came up with this thought tonight because of a certain work which I'm not really satisfied. Maybe those people believed that what they gave me is just fine and acceptable, but sad to say that big NO! Sorry for them! I want them to repeat their work because I paid them in high amount and just all of a sudden the will give me unsatisfactory product. Too bad for them! Today I decided to let them redo their work because their work is unacceptable for the amount I pay.

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