Friday, December 26, 2014

December Good Stuff Award

The month of December is such a memorable month for our children. Aside from the fun stuff they had at school like the pancake breakfast sponsored by the firefighters, the Choir Concert, there was also a giving of Good Stuff Award. We are very grateful and proud of our daughter for getting an award. Although not that huge accomplishment, but thinking of our child's effort and get recognized is such an uplifting moment for us as her parents. 

                                                    BRAVO DHURIANNE!!!

You made mom and dad's day so bright!

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Good News: American Life Expectancy Is on the Rise

Good News: American Life Expectancy Is on the Rise

Americans are living longer across the United States. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Americans live the longest in the states of Hawaii and Colorado. However, life expectancy is on the rise across all 50 states. In 2012, Americans had an average life expectancy of 78.8 years across the board. Women tend to live longer than men. However, the gender gap has remained consistent since 2011.

Putting Things in Perspective: What Life Expectancy Was 100 Years Ago Compared to Today

Living until the ripe old age of 80 years might not seem like a big deal. However, the life expectancy for Americans has increased by a whopping 31 years over the last century. To be exact, the National Center for Health Statistics reported that women have experienced a life expectancy of 32.9 more years and men have experienced a life expectancy of 30.1 more years since year 1900. Suddenly, living to the age of 80 years sounds a lot better than living until the age of 50 years.

What Increased Longevity Means for Americans

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Messing Around with Fire Sprinkler

Last week there was one awkward scenario in our building. One unit occupant messed around with the fire sprinkler inside his unit, therefore unwanted incident occurred right after what he have done. It happened close to midnight where people are already asleep so really annoying. The loud noise of the fire alarm woke us up and it took about 30 minutes before the fire truck arrived, although we live so close to the fire station.

To elaborate fire sprinkler further, Wikipedia says that it is a part of a fire sprinkler system that releases water when the fire have been sensed. So if you mess around with it and the water release, of course flooding will happen, especially if the action takes too long. During the following day, we got a notice from the company who handle the problem and have mentioned that it flooded on that night until to the 10th floor from the affected unit.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Figuring Out What People Want

Figuring Out What People Want

If you are in the food service industry, whether it's a restaurant that's been in the family for generations or a Cold Stone Creamery franchise, you know that the customer is always right. That means you need to figure out exactly what consumers want to keep them knocking on your door. No matter how long you've been in a business, whether it's been two decades or two days, stay attuned to your customer base and keep them happy.

Hire the Cream of the Crop

Your employees are as important as the food that you serve. You can have dishes that are out of this world, but no one will come to your establishment if your service is poor. Take the time to bring in the best help. Give questionable employees a chance to improve. Let them go if they cannot meet your expectations. If you're having trouble with family members in your family-owned business, give them responsibilities that do not deal directly with the public. Make the most of each individual's talents.

Make Everything Look and Taste Good

Sunday, November 23, 2014

When You're Ready to Take the Plunge into Buying a Home

Buying a home is a big step. You are getting ready to make a major investment. At a time when the economy is not at its most stable, you also want to think about resale value. While you may plan on staying put for years to come, life could have other plans. Be sure to do your homework before you actually move forward with getting a mortgage. 

Vancouver Housing

Get What You Want

When you're about to buy a home, you need to make sure you actually choose a house that is a fit for you. Make sure you have enough space to fit the demands of your family or the possibility of a growing family. Pay attention to the neighborhood and access to work. If you have children, the schools should be a top priority as well. If you are willing to take on the challenge of a home that needs renovations, be aware of what is involved in repairs before you sign on the dotted line. Buying a home that needs remodeling or finishing can save you money at the initial purchase. However, you'll have major expenses down the line. You may need to take years to actually finish the job. 

Don't Bite Off More Than You Can Chew

As you scope out potential properties, look at the big picture. You need to think about your mortgage, taxes, and utilities. If you are going to have a longer commute to work, your transportation costs will need to be factored into the equation as well. Don't commit yourself to a mortgage payment that you can't afford. Consider the cost of mortgage protection insurance. While this will be an additional expense, it is a safety net that could save you when you are dealing with financial hardship.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Adult’s Challenge Towards Life When Returning to College

Adult’s Challenge Towards Life When Returning to College

To adults’ case, returning to college is such a huge life decision to make that will affect positively in their future, however, in the short-term it could also bring some undesirable effects into their lives especially if they are working, married and much more if have kids. There are truly several factors that need to compromise when returning to school. 

 Reasons Why Adult Go Back School?

 1. Change Careers 

 2. Update Professional Credentials

 3. Learn new software, technology, applications and management skills/program 

 4. Higher income 

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Kids On Rainy Days

Here comes a lot of rain in BC! Rain every night and every day. Cold plus rain equals, what? Recently that my husband has another morning errands to deal with, I am the one taking and picking up the kids at school.

The bus stop is about 8 minutes walk from where we reside, so a lot of fun to occur while along the way.

I am just sharing with you guys the snapshots of my kids while on the way home waiting for the traffic light. Just killing the boredom brought by the rain at that time. hehehe.

Monday, November 3, 2014

A Bunch of Product Samples

It's been a while since I don't collect samples from online sources. I have twitted before that I was in procrastination. I lost my motivations and I let myself carried away by the big dragon. However, I am now back for good. I am feeling blessed and happy for that. I have set also once again my goals that motivate me to keep going and stay focus.

I am back to couponing, collecting samples and doing my other online errands for an extra income. Still, I am balancing my role as a full-time mother and online worker. Honestly, it was such a struggle for me in the beginning, but as long as I know my limitations and roles in life, I will be in the right direction. 

Product Samples
My recent samples received. Kids are happy with the chocolates and candies. lol! 

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Improve Work Production

No matter what kind of business a company runs, it’s vital to create an atmosphere of efficiency. This can be done by creating solidarity amongst employees and improving work conditions. People like to feel proud of the company they work for, and they like the feeling of belonging to something bigger. When an employee feels proud of their workplace and feels a part of the process, they seek out ways to improve their job performance. There are a few ways to increase solidarity and improve work conditions in the workplace. 

Improve Workplace Production

Fun times create fun memories for employees, which also increases bonding amongst employees and their employers. People who have a close bond are more likely to work together for a common cause, which means greater hustle to achieve work objectives. Fun times can occur in the office by allowing employees to quit working ahead of time, and it can happen by taking employees out for fun. Special picnics with games and food are fun on the weekends. After work dinners are fun for employees too. 

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Where to Buy the Best Packaging for Any Product

In the manufacturing business, using the best and right packaging for a certain product is a very essential factor to create. Packaging is one of the factors where consumers consider when buying whatever kind of product, goods or anything. Therefore, best packaging can lead more market sells.

Product Packaging Guide

Folks, are you in the manufacturing industry? If you do, how satisfied and happy are you with the existing packaging you use for your products? Try to take a look at the All In Packaging site, they cater thousands assortment of packaging products for you to choose from. The store categorized their products found on their website very well, such as: bottle, cap, airless, pump, cardboard boxes, and glass products. If you are in the food business, there also food containers and tray that you can buy even just in small quantities. At their online store, shoppers have opportunity to search food packaging according to the shopper’s needs such as size, color, product material, shape and field of use.

At All In Packaging, buying directly packaging supplies from them bring you the following beneficial features:

  • Thousands of products and services at one place
  • Complex packaging solutions
  • Simple Online procurement
  • Low minimum order quantities
  • Personalized service
  • Fast delivery

In addition to what All In Packaging has offering, they also have the printing and creative labeling services. To make your product stand out in the store shelves and generate more sells, choose the best packaging and the convincing creative labeling style.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Boy's Kid Halloween Costume

Few days left before the Halloween, but I have not purchased yet the Halloween costume for my son. He got two costumes from last year that still fits on him, so I wonder if I need to get a new one. It is not necessarily though to have a new Halloween costume every year. Hmm.. we'll see if I could get a new one for him pretty soon. My son wants the Captain America kind. Hopefully, there is free one out there for a review.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Texting: The Patient Communication of the Future

To show the survey result presented in a form of infographic below provided by Televox- a technology partner of the leading hospitals and more than 100 health plans, entails that the text messaging plays a vital role for increasing provider-patient engagement.

Adjusting to Consumer Trends

According to the survey, landlines are becoming thing of the past. The percentage of American household using wireless-only is 39%, it means that these people have no longer have access to landlines for the primary purpose of saving money. The wireless penetration percentage now in the U.S. is 102% which denotes that there are more cellphones than the number of people. In addition, older Americans are beginning to see the value of digital communication in their engagement with their providers.

Text Vs Email

The survey discloses that Consumers read 98% of text messages sent to their mobile devices. Out of 50 text messages, 1 goes unread. However, with email, consumers read only 20% of all emails sent to them, which means, 56% chance of consumer response within 1 hour, 89% response within 1 day and 2.5 days chance for those who don’t response within 1 day.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Trolley Makes My Grocery Shopping Handy and Better

We live in a condo so close to the shopping stores. Everything is very accessible for us and I am so grateful to my husband for choosing such kind of site. While my husband is at work, I often do the grocery shopping together with the kids, and you know lifting loads of grocery stuff from the store to the mall is such a huge task for me. Just imagine the liquid stuff. Actually, supposedly I'll be thankful that we able to buy a food instead of complaining its loads. But with my hands so full (3-4 full grocery bags) and walking beside with me are the kids whining about things, I’m sure you couldn’t imagine the weight in hand in such scenario.

I saw people (mostly Chinese) around our place using a shopping trolley when they do grocery shopping. I saw how easy and convenient they pull and push their stuff, and I got jealous about that. Well, to make the story short, it took a year for me to buy our own shopping trolley. And I had several nights comprehending the pros and the cons when I buy the trolley. But you know, the convenience which the tool gives to the user is truly worth every penny. When it gets broken down, maybe we’ll just think that its usefulness is over and it is about time to buy another piece. Would you agree? 

Friday, August 1, 2014

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Make a Splash with the Right Sign

When you own a brick and mortar business, you need a sign that will make a statement. It should be a combination of craftsmanship and design that is tailored to suit you. Learn more at about all of the possibilities when you are searching for the right sign that says it all. Remember that your sign announces your presence to the world. Whether it's for passersby or you want to make a good impression the first time important contacts come through your door, you need a sign that is built to last.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Her New Fairy-Mermaid Costume

My daughter's face was delighted when she saw her new costume, the fairy-mermaid from the Winx. I have the given the opportunity to review their product and it was such an honor. Its cost online is about $36, so instead of finding a new costume for my daughter to wear this 2014 Halloween I don't need that anymore. Isn't that cool?

There she is below modeling the beautiful, delicate dress. She loves to wear it with wings or without as it comes with one.

She wore Cinderella costume last year and it's time for a change this 2014. You can read my complete review of this product right here. What do you think folks, is the dress looks good on my daughter?

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Financial Management For Parents and Teens

Owning a credit card can sometimes be a hassle for a variety of reasons. First of all, credit card holders are under pressure to repay all of the borrowed money within a single statement period. Sometimes, people cannot come up with large sums of money within a 30 day time span. If payments are not made by the deadline, then interest fees are charged in addition to the outstanding balance.

Visa Prepaid Debit CardsA prepaid card can eliminate all of the headaches and problems associated with traditional credit cards. First of all, a prepaid debit card is loaded with a person's actual money. There aren't any interest rates that are applied. There aren't any hidden fees and penalties that can be charged to a reloadable debit card. A person can only spend a certain amount of money that's loaded onto a prepaid card.

Such an option is useful for teenagers who live off their parent's money. Hard working parents can manage all of the funds of a prepaid card. For example, the weekly allowances may be easily loaded onto an account that's associated with a reloadable debit card. Parents may use smartphone apps in order to manage all aspects of such convenient payment options. A Kaiku Visa prepaid debit card is an example of a financial tool for parents that have teenagers. Personal identification numbers should be created in order to secure prepaid debit cards. It's common for teenagers to steal credit cards from their fellow peers in school and at the mall.

Friday, July 11, 2014

New Home Tenant Finally Found

After the tragic incident with our Libyan tenant who rented our house for two months, we finally found the sunshine. Yes, it's true that after the rain is a sunshine. The last occupants were such a headache for us. So much hassles, trouble. Now we realized that it is very important to conduct an investigation or  ask a referral once you let someone rent your property because bad tenants are just fooling around. 

Actually, currently we are also a tenant of someone's property here in a foreign land. As a lessee, we do our best to comply our obligations and be a good tenant as we can be so we won't be experiencing any trouble with our Landlord, and besides, here is different. Why? Once you have a bad reputation, nobody would let you lease any private leasing property. Well, for me that is fair enough. So tenants, let's be good to our Landlords. 

Thursday, July 10, 2014

The Joy of Debt Freedom

For many people, debt freedom sounds like a nice idea and an impossible reality. Americans as a whole carry trillions of dollars of debt, from car loans to student loans, from home equity to store credit cards. The average American in debt may only have a few thousand dollars of obligations, but each individual source of debt has a required minimum monthly payment amount. The burden on the individual budget really adds up.

Imagine Freedom

The first step for anyone dreaming of escaping from under a mountain of debt is to begin to think differently. Add up the amount of the monthly minimum payment for each debt and see the total amount of money that could be free for other purposes if those debts were completely paid off. With some more complex math it is possible to add up the total amount that will go to interest on each debt over the lifetime of the payments. With these figures clear, it becomes obvious the effect that debt is having on the budget; draining a significant amount of dollars out in required monthly payments, and enriching the bank with thousands of dollars of interest over the life of the debt.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Fantastic Deal of Newly Acquired Patio Furniture

The moment of truth is here, revealing that I finally snag the best deal of patio furniture that I never imagine. The clearance sale led me to pay this patio table and chairs for only $45 including tax from its regular price of $135 plus tax. Patience truly pays! The waiting moment is over, and our kids are happy that I did take these home for our little patio which we just started enjoying its potential. 

We are on the 20th floor of the building and this patio in the image has been ignored for a year because of our thought that it will just bring danger to our kids, which is absolutely is if  none of our eyes are around them watching over. 

Monday, June 30, 2014

What's the Cost of a Car Without Insurance

Do you have the idea what certainly the cost of a car running around the road without an insurance? If you have been driving for years or made a research, you probably have the clue with regard to this particular matter. As you  know, the primary reason why car owners need to have the car insurance is for financial protection when a car accident occurs. And most likely, car insurance is way cheaper compared to the costs of car damage brought by a car accident whether a fender-bender or major collision. 

Damage to Your Car

In the info graphic below, you can find the average costs of common car accident damages such as body work, engine control unit, radiator, oil pump, transmission, alternator, engine and starter. Please bare in mind that car accidents can include multiple damages. Examining this phase alone can definitely give you the thought that car accidents can put you in a financial problem than buying car insurance which has the average rate of $1,430.89 annually. 

Damage to Others

Moreover, in a car accident, the driver at fault is responsible for personal injury and its associated expenses, and certainly this can run very high calculating from what are under the compensatory damages and punitive damages.

Damage to Property

Sunday, June 29, 2014

What Online Business Classes Can Do with Your Business

If you take online business classes, your education is going to focus around what you should do to start a business. For example, you will learn about things like business formation laws, copyrights and trademarks and what you need to do to register your new company in your state. All of this can be very helpful, setting you up so that you know how to get a business off the ground. While some people graduate and get jobs working for others, many just start their own businesses because they want the freedom that this offers them. 

However, you may actually find that what you learn about the pitfalls in the business world is more beneficial to you in the end. People often say that knowing what you shouldn't do is more valuable than knowing what you should do. Common pitfalls ruin companies every single year because people just do not realize that they are even making mistakes. However, those mistakes have been made so many times in the past that a bit of research would have shown them what not to do. If you soak all of this before starting your own company, your odds of success can go up. 

They key, as you will learn in places like Washington State or other colleges with similar programs, is to focus on the future success that you can have by avoiding these things. The mistakes that others have made should in no way deter you from your path. By knowing what they are, you can craft a business strategy that targets them, overcomes them and gets your company around those hurdles. Every company should have a yearly plan, a five-year plan and a ten-year plan. Each year, you can review what you are doing to make sure that you are on the right path to skirt mistakes and grow your business. 

As you can see, a lot of what you will learn is that planning and foresight are necessary in the business world. There is still room for innovation and spontaneity, and you need to be flexible so that you can respond to the market and take advantage of all of the positive situations that arise. You should not be so focused on flexibility, though, that you do not have a strategy for consistent growth and development. When you find the balance, success sits on the horizon.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Honeywell's Whole Room Stand Fan

We take home this Honeywell (image below) stand fan days ago and we're liking it much.

Our apartment doesn't have an air conditioning unit, and if we are going to put one I don't know if the landlord would allow us since the apartment has no built-in hole for such piece of appliance. The easiest apparatus for us to get is the electric fan where we can plug easily and then the work is done. 

Monday, June 23, 2014

The Suggested Solutions to Solve Hair Problems

Issues with the hair can create many problems, especially feelings of self-consciousness and low self-esteem. There are solutions that include custom hair systems, extensions, wigs and hairpieces. Both men and women can benefit from the items that are provided through 

Whether hair loss has resulted from illness, aging or genetics, the proper wig or hairpiece will go a long way in providing men and women with a natural and stylish look that will be a huge boost in self-confidence. Hair systems are available that can cover the entire head completely or just a portion, depending on what the wearer needs and desires. 

Delivery of quality hair items can be made in as short a period of time as seven days. Wig accessories are also available on the website that include cleaning solvents, maintenance products, shampoos and conditioners. Whatever may be needed to keep hairpieces, extensions, and wigs looking their best can easily be found and purchased securely, conveniently and quickly.

Testimonials from happy and satisfied customers attest to the fact that has been providing quality items to many online patrons for years. The website also offers a number of features that increase the pleasure of shopping in such a convenient way. It is easy to keep track of purchases and to also search the site for specific items. 

If a hair issue is looming and requires some type of attention, there are a number of solutions that will greatly improve the appearance and also restore feelings of well-being. Online visitors can learn more at regarding the products that are available and what particular items may be perfect for specific hair situations.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Business Owners: Learn How to Bob, Weave, and Listen to Your Gut

New small business owners make a lot of mistakes as they learn their way around their new venture, their location, the clientele they serve (or hope to serve), who their competitors are and if they are powerful enough to squeeze them out of the market. Millennials and young Gen Xers were likely raised by parents who worked in the same job for decades, collected a pension, and stayed at said job even if better offers came along for fear of losing benefits or having to roll over 401(k)s. Because of this, today’s young business owners are sometimes running on cerebral “software” handed down from mom and dad rather than jumping into the mix and trusting their intuition. Deciding to open your own business can be so scary it’s actually nauseating, but then there’s that part of the young impresario that doesn’t just want to open a business—s/he can’t shake the feeling that she simply must do it or die trying.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Outdoor Furniture for Summer Time

Are you in the eye of outdoor furniture? Well, I do!

By now, I can feel summer as it is just so close, and besides the inviting sun have started showing its kindness to us. The first thing comes to my mind in summer time is the outdoor furniture. Although our patio is such tiny as our bathroom, but it doesn't matter. I can make it a functional one base in our summer needs.

So the search began! This outdoor table and chairs caught my attention when I went to the closest store that sells a variety of household stuff. 
Outdoor furniture

I love home beautification and there's nothing to hide about that. In the meantime that we don't own yet our own home as we are just renting a high rise apartment, so we only enjoy and do a bit of stretching its limited potential which is truly a challenging part especially for me as a homemaker.

Would you like to know the cost of the furniture in the image? Well, it is $299.99 plus tax, which I think a pretty good deal. Purely eye estimation, these things will occupy the half space of our small patio. Hmmm... I am super excited to take them home. 

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Wholesale T-Shirts: Suggested Do-It-Yourself Design Ideas

DIY T-Shirt Design

Many people purchase wholesale t-shirts for crafting, events, and resale purposes. These t-shirts are often fun to design on your own without the help of a graphic designer. Obviously a professionally designed, screen-printed t-shirt has its appeal. However, when you DIY your t-shirt design, it can be a run and rewarding process for all that are involved. The following are a few DIY t-shirt design ideas.


If you want to design a quality looking t-shirt, you can always use stencils. You can purchase a stencil that you like or create one. These t-shirts are perfect for school elections, summer campouts, clubs, and more. In order to make them look the best, start with a blank t-shirt. Then, place the stencil over the shirt. It is best to use a stiff paintbrush and fabric paint to create the design on the shirt. Once you are finished painting, let the paint dry before removing the stencil. After you are done, you will have a beautiful shirt that looks incredible in photos.

Tie Dye
Another fun DIY project to try with t-shirts is tie dying. There are endless amounts of color creations and patterns that you can create with this type of project. Plus, it is easy to tie dye using fabric dyes. This project is fun for kids, and it is easy to do with a basic white t-shirt. Once the tie dye pattern has been created, you can add additional details to the shirt like stencils, beads, or tears.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Essential Factors to Consider When Choosing the Right Domain Name

Choosing the Right Domain Name

Choosing the right domain name and type of domain makes a major difference in the success of your business. Customers will often remember your site based on a memorable domain. It's not only important to choose a domain name that your customers will remember, but one that is especially appropriate for the type of business you run.

One of the most important things to remember when picking out a domain name is that it needs to be memorable. While it might be tempting to go for something that seems exceptionally creative, it might not be one that your customers will immediately associate with your business. It needs to be concise, and should be as close to your legal company name as possible. Ask yourself whether the full URL would easily fit on a single line on a business card. Also, avoid using domain names that could infringe on another company's copyright.

Network Solutions now has TLDs, ensuring that you have access to a full range of domains that suit your company. The standard .com domain is probably the best solution for most companies. If your company is Internet-based or the .com you want is taken, .net might be worth considering. You will want to make sure that the domain name differs enough from names used by other companies that there won't be any confusion. Consider whether your business will require a second mobile device-friendly version. If this is the case, youv will probably benefit from the purchase of a .mobi domain as well.

One thing that many domain customers wonder about is whether .us, .biz or .info domains are of lesser quality than .com domains. this is a legitimate question and the answer is often debated by SEO experts. In most cases, these domains have the same odds of good exposure as their peers, as long as quality SEO methods are used to promote them. However, search engine ranking problems are a real possibility that should be considered if a high ranking is necessary. Another important factor to consider is the domain's resale value at a later date. overall, .com domain names have a higher monetary value.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Wonderful Musical Birthday Cake from the Kids

The Wonderful Musical Birthday Cake Made of Paper!

The mother dear celebrated her birthday two weeks ago, and to her surprised the kiddos gave her this wonderful musical birthday cake made of paper. The candle lights up when the card is open and gets turned off in a little while. The mom (yours truly) blew it as the kiddos told her to do so. lol! Pretending that it is a real cake. hehehe! They're too much!

wonderful musical birthday card

So pretending the blowing, here is the mom following the request. I was truly delighted when I blew the card it plays a beautiful birthday song.

musical birthday cake

Thanks to my thoughtful kids and to my beloved husband for accompanying them at the store. We had a simple birthday celebration at home, but it certainly marked in my heart as a memorable one for giving our Heavenly father to me another time to face the challenging life with more strength, wisdom and great experiences. Thank you so much Lord!

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Introducing the 3 Amazing Howard Miller Clocks

3 Amazing Howard Miller Clocks

When it comes to clocks, Howard Miller has cornered the market on gorgeous, high-quality timepieces that are more than just decorative additions for the mantle. They're more like heirlooms and works of art! Here are just three Howard Miller designs that will stun your guests and light up your living space.

1: Rowland Dual-Chime Wall Clock

Made of polished brass and gold, the Rowland looks like an antique but functions with all the vigor of a brand-new clock. Put it in a long hallway to make the chimes echo every hour; station it in the dining room to stand guard over family meals and dinner parties.

2: Chaplin Tripod Floor Clock

As the name implies, the Chaplin was inspired by retro Hollywood, using bezel and chrome on top of a spindly tripod to bring back the glory days of black-and-white films. This is the kind of clock you buy to pass along to future generations.

3: Harmon 26-1/4" Decorative Wall Clock

With an antique nickel frame surrounding a vivid cobalt blue center, the Harmon is sure to turn heads whenever you have company. Its antique face is stylish and charming, and it even has a pendulum peep hole at the bottom for a touch of old-fashioned whimsy.

Whether you're shopping for a unique gift or just looking for a way to liven up your living room, these three clocks are the best of the best. Find a Howard Miller authorized dealer near you to give these wondrous timepieces a new home.

Photo credit:

Don’t be Hesitant to Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer

Don’t be Hesitant to Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer

After a person sustains an injury in an accident, the thought of compensation will usually cross their mind. However, many people are hesitant to seek compensation for their injuries. They don’t want to be seen as greedy or simply out to get money. The problem is that a person may be entitled to compensation, and this compensation is for real injures and damages that a person needs to be reimbursed for. 

You may have been in a car accident that was not your fault. The insurance company of the other driver has offered you a settlement amount, but this amount is less that the cost of fixing your car. This is one area of compensation that you are entitled to, and if an offer it too low, it is an attorney that can help get you the money that you need to get your car restored or in some cases to replace the car. 

Medical bills can also add up quickly. You may not have insurance and already have large medical bills that you can afford to pay. Even with medical insurance, there are co-pays and deductibles. Not only that, but your medical insurance policy should not have to cover your medical bills when the fault was with another driver. There is also the issue of future medical expenses. You can be offered compensation by an insurance company for the bills today, but they may not offer you any money for the bills that will be created months from now as you attempt to recover from your injuries. You are also entitled to compensation for missing work. Even if this is not a large amount of money, it is still money that is owed to you. 

Do not hesitate to contact a personal injury attorney for issues of compensation, and also keep in mind that not every personal injury happens in a car accident. You can also get hurt on private property due to negligence of a business or even a residential property. If you have been hurt, through no fault of your own, you may be entitled to compensation. 

Often it is said that lawsuits are all about the money. This is true, but this is legitimate compensation for your medical bills, loss of income, damages to your vehicle and even pain and suffering. It is important to speak to a personal injury attorney, so you will at least know if you are entitled to compensation. Marks and Harrison is a good example of a personal injury law firm that can help you. Learn more by calling them toll free. 

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Broadway Nails imPRESS Press-on Manicure for a Busy Mom Like Me

A busy mother who juggles household chores plus taking care of the kids is certainly tough to find time even cleaning her very own nails. Do you agree with me moms? If I will go to the beauty salon for the manicure and pedicure it also cost more money. I rather spend the money for that buying my children's needs or to buy food for the family to share in the house. 

Fortunately, beauty and fashion this time has changed a lot. Meaning, there are easy ways to instantly beautify the busy individual look. One example is for the nails, the Press-On Manicure. I am impressed when I tried one nail cover for my index finger. There's no special event set for us at this time, so I'll just save the nail covers for the future. Although, I can't wait for that moment, but I need to than wasting the nails going through all the dishes to be washed in the house. Anyway, below image is my sample of one nail being covered. My verdict? I love it! 

Friday, May 16, 2014

Why Businesses Need A Credit Repair Merchant Account

A Credit Repair Merchant Account Helps Businesses Operate

Every collection agency will need a credit repair merchant account to service the accounts they have. Customers need to make payments on these accounts to repair their credit, and the payments cannot be made with cash or checks in all circumstances. The collection agency must come up with multiple avenues for customers to make payments. Closing accounts every day is the job of the collection agent, but an agent cannot close accounts while waiting for checks to come in the mail.

Setting up the office to take credit or debit cards for payment is the only way to keep customers making payments until they have paid off their debt. The two setups for the office will make it simple for the business to collect payments.

In The Office Cubicles

Every desk in the office should have a credit card terminal or credit card processing software. The terminal and software can be used by the workers who make calls for payment. Customers can read their credit card information to the workers, and the payments can be processed immediately. Also, the workers can check the payment history through the credit card payment software.

On The Website

The website that the company uses to take payments must be designed to take credit cards or debit cards from the customer. The customer can go to the website at their earliest convenience to make payments. The URL for the site can be listed on bills, and the company does not have to wait for checks to come in the mail. The shortened processing time for payments makes it easier for the business to close accounts.

Combining the technology used in the office with technology used on the website gives customers every chance possible to make a payment. Collection agents are supposed to close accounts as fast as they can. Closing accounts with payments from credit cards or debit cards make the collection agency more efficient and profitable.

Installing this software helps with accounting, provides a platform for customer service associates to take payments and makes the business streamlined. More accounts will be closed with this software.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The Essential Benefits of Tomography Equipment for Industry

Tomography For Industry

Many people may wonder how businesses know what is underneath the ground that they own, but tomography is the science that allows people to see what is underground so that they know what they have purchased and how to utilize it.

Yes, oil and gas exploration companies must know what is underneath the ground that they have leased or purchased. However, there are many other reasons that the business industry must use tomography to make sure that they are getting land that they can use. Whether a company is building something on the land or is trying to develop the land for other purposes, the tomography equipment that a surveyor uses can help to ensure that the land is used correctly.


Many buildings can be built on a small patch of land to help a developer make the most of their investment. However, that investment must be made in a building that is going to stand for many years to come. If the building is being built on the land when the land is not necessarily firm enough to support a building, people and the building could be put in jeopardy. If part of the land where the building will not rest is not good enough to support the building, it could end up supporting a parking lot and swallowing up everyone's car one day when a sinkhole opens up. This means that the ground underneath the Earth must be surveyed with tomography equipment to ensure that all of the land that has been purchased is worth using.


When putting in a park or wildlife refuge, the land must be parked as unstable, so that there is never a chance of people doing anything that could cause the ground to become more unstable. If the ground has not been surveyed, then there could be more building in the future that could cause the land to become unstable and cause a terrible accident or sinkhole.

When companies want to lease or purchase the land that they wish to develop, they must make sure that that land is suitable for their purposes and gives them a chance to build something that will be profitable for them, useful to the community and safe all at the same time. When companies learn more here about tomography equipment, they can make the best choices for their new investments and building projects.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Delfogo Skin Care Products

Studying and innovating new skin care products are obviously become part of the science experts’ task that has been in practice for so many years, and its ending is what we can’t surely predict. Yet, bringing the most useful and innovative products is what their primary mission in order to satisfy end users especially in the field of beauty enhancement.

As a proof of endless study and innovation, Delfogo Skin Care Products arise and bringing in the market for both men and women the most significant products to help combat the unwanted body changes especially the signs of aging. With the stressful kind of lifestyle which several people have been practicing, early signs of aging is unavoidable without using the right skin care product.

The Delfogo Brand of Skin Care has numerous promising products, particularly under their Marquee Product Line, which consists of the most advanced and award-winning innovations in the industry of anti-aging. There is the Wrinkle Erasing Cream – to reduce the wrinkle appearance, the Stretch Mark and Repair Cream – to repair and generate damaged skin, the Complete Age Defying System, and so much more.

By the way, Delfogo has 28 products under different categories of skin care intended for both men and women. So aside from the Marquee Product Line, there is the Women’s Product Line, which designed to address and isolate cosmetic problems. Examples of these products are:

-      Ultralash Wand
-     Lift Enhancement Lotion
    Cellulite Smoothing Lotion

Their product line doesn’t end here, to know the rest, will take your knowledge further. 

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Teeth Filling Scheduled

I visited the dentist clinic last week for the cleaning and X-ray. The session did not last that long, however the dentist had some concern about my oral dental health and he advised me to do something it before the year will end. For now I couldn't say something clearly what it is really, maybe only once the issue will be settled. What I am clear by now is that the procedure will need more money because our insurance doesn't cover that much.

Teeth Feeling Scheduled

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The Benefits of Backup Sensors

The way a drive views distances between their car and other cars can be distorted by perception, blind spots and other issues while driving. If you want to have an extra eye on what's going on behind you, you can install a backup sensor on your car, truck or commercial vehicle. These sensors are connected to an alert system within the car so that if you are backing up too close to another vehicle or stationary object, you will get an alert. 

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Monday, February 24, 2014

The Three Significant Factors in Creating Appealing Design of Sign

Design of a Sign Infographic from


In the sphere of sign designing, regardless of the main purpose, whether for business or personal, the appropriate use of color is essential. The truth is, color strongly attracts audience, and it must be complemented accordingly to the design created to be more appealing.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Prisoner of Own Life

Is it true that life is unfair? Or it's simply the fault of a human who did not think a thousand times before jumping into the life of uncertainty? I wish we had the crystal ball like we've seen in the movie that enables us to forsee the life ahead. What a big wish of mine that only happens in the impossible dream!

Prisoner of Own Life

Being a prisoner of our own life is I know a matter of choice. It's up to us how far we can go or sacrifice for the sake of the people surround us. It is hard to be a prisoner without a fence, because it's guilt who's often shadowing around and it's unclear if when would the sentence end. Life is truly full of lessons that we learn along the journey. It seems unfair as we can't learn all those at the same time. Patience is endlessly measured by our almighty God. I wish there's a vaccine for humans to obtain such significant quality, because of so, I'll be the first in the line to avail one. 

What is really the secret to acquire more patience? Or shall we say extend the length of the one I currently have? Would you mind sharing to the student?

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