Thursday, April 30, 2009

Place for Punk Rockers

Have you heard about this site It is a punk rock dating site where all punk rockers meet and chat. It is a great place for anyone who is looking for love. If you have not been there try to visit and enjoy your time. Registering is 100% free, no hassle and it is so easy to register. So go visit now to find your true love.

Labor Day

Today we are celebrating Labor Day here in the Philippines. May 1 the 1st day of the month is declared as a regular holiday. Employees who will render their service today will be paid doubled. Happy Labor Day anyone.

Jewish Chat City

These days there are many different dating sites are created. In my previous post I mentioned about various dating sites and now another dating site is I'm going to share with you. Actually, it is nice to experience chatting with different people, no matter what there race, religion, beliefs and perceptions in life. For us to understand each other, all we need to do is respect them because as individual we are born differently. In religion, I am a Christian but I want to talk with the Jewish person that is why I am here in the place of Jewish Chat City. For you to know joining in this free Jewish chat site is free from any charges.

For anyone who wants to enjoy the free registration of Jewish chat city all you need to is to visit the site and register. Register now so you can start chatting with hundreds of the users all over the world. Registering is so easy and simple, all you have to do is give some of your information by filling up the forms and then you can enjoy the instant access of their site. Once you will become a member you can then use their different chat rooms with a free use of web cams. So what are you waiting for? Start joining now.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Dallas Remodeling Contractor

These past few days we are decided to buy a small property own by a certain developer but belong in a low cost housing. Low cost means a very affordable one and even an ordinary citizen who work as an ordinary employee can avail. Since I don't have a work supposed to be I can't avail the housing using the Pag-ibig Fund but because of a friend who will help me he said it is very much possible. We are still waiting for the result of it until now. I have mentioned earlier that it's only a low cost so there are areas that is not properly done and needs renovation. As a buyer before we can live the house we need to do some repairs or renovations first.

When we looked at the house 3 days ago we found out that we need to renovate the 2nd floor, put rooms, divisions. Regarding downstairs we have to repair the kitchen, bathroom, living room and also the outside portion of the house. In short we have lots of things to do with it. Our plan after making the renovation is to rent it out in an affordable price. While looking for a good contractor I found Dallas Remodeling Contractor and I am happy to be served by them. And as additional information they specialize the following:

  • Magazine Quality Residential Design
  • Master Builders & Remodelers, specializing in additions and kitchen and bath remodels
  • Design and feasibility studies for solar thermal and solar photo voltaic system
  • Solar Thermal Hot Water - Residential & Commercial
  • Solar Thermal Swimming Pool Heating - Residential & Commercial

If you want to know more about them just visit their site now.

Instant Noodle

Instant noodle is the food that is ordered by the Department of Education for the students here in the Philippines. Each pack cost P22.00 because they said it has "malonggay" a green leafy vegetable and comes with fresh egg. Fresh egg appears on its label but there's nothing there in the ingredients. Of all the food on earth, why instant noodle was chosen to be their issue?

Having Business

Starting my own business is one of the things that I love to do. As what they say money is in business which is true. As what we all know people go into business for the aim of gaining profit, as much as possible more profit. In this field, experience or enough knowledge is very much important for the business to run smoothly and be successful. What if an entrepreneur is luck of knowledge in this field? Well, this question is not a problem anymore because there are lots of knowledgeable people who are there to help you if you need them. Honestly, I am afraid to open my own business if it would be only a failure. I am afraid of being failed. I talked to my hubby about that fear and he told me that it is part in any business. He said that in every business there should what we call success and failure. I am enlightened about it but my fear is still here in my heart.

One of a business kind to start is retailing. Retailing is just an easy work but still needs knowledge and determination. I experienced having this kind of business a long time ago and I loved managing it. Sometimes it is stressful but I think it is already a part of it. I also tried working in a retailing business company and I so much enjoyed my time there. They are just very strict when it comes to their rules and regulations and upon employment they provide a very good training. So far I would say they are the best in all the retailing companies I had been working with. So in the field of retailing, vendor management should not be taken for granted because it plays a very high role, vendors are the one who interact to the customers, but anyway, if you are in this field already and needs further assistance in some areas just try to consult in a consulting firm.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Nuffnang Error

Few weeks ago, I tried to open the website of nuffnang but I was not able to do it. I was redirected to other site. I don't know why. Today, I tried again to open it because I want to check if how much do I earned from the previous campaign ads. I know it is not that big because it is in term of peso currency. If I am not mistaken I earned 3.50 pesos from my first campaign. hehehe. very small amount. Still go for it or stop it? What do you think?

For Christian

Are you one of the Christians who love to chat? If you do, you are here in the right place and in the right time. I just met Christian Chat a place for a Christian people like you to socialize. To belong in the place is so easy, simple and hassle free, all you have to do is to register by filling up the forms then in a while you can then have the access in their website with all free, no fees to be collected. So go visit them now and enjoy the moment.

What a Cloudy Day!

The weather here today is cloudy. I am feeling lazy to do anything. My hubby went to immigration and I am here staying at home facing in front of the computer. I have a little time today so I did my blog hopping and dropped ec too. What a cloudy day and a lazy day today. Happy Wednesday everyone!

Awesome HVAC Air Conditioning Place

I am fond of buying surplus appliance from Korea and Japan and one of them is our air conditioner. The price is cheaper compared to brand new stuffs and besides they are still good and last longer based in my experienced. My friends keep on criticizing me because I am buying surplus appliance, they said they are no good but I don't listen I just let them say what they wanted to say and just let it pass to my other ear. Last year we purchased 2 units of air conditioner for the 2 rooms, just few months ago we encountered problem in one of the item we purchased. Since it is summer here in the Philippines we really need air conditioner for us to sleep well and make ourselves comfortable, so I looked for a person to fix it and I did found him then let him do the work. We paid well the person one who performed it but sad to say that few months after fixing it the problem is back again, our air conditioner needs attention again or repair. It would be another expense for us to face.

I think I hired the wrong technician, no good. This time I have to make sure that the contractor we are going to hire is a professional and have a good background. I met this Austin HVAC Air Conditioner contractor, so far when I tried to read their company profile they have a very excellent performance. I think they are the one we are looking for to fix our problem. If you are also facing same problem as I do try to check their place.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Web Hosting Rating and Reviews

I am blogging for almost a year and still using the free domain to host my site. I have fellow blogger and friends who have their site hosted with a good and trusted web hosting sites; so far they are happy and contented about what they have decided. Lately, I came up with the thought of getting also my own. So I am in the process of web hosting search. I don't want to have regrets at the end so I tried to ask and make some research if which one has the best service but in an affordable one. While doing my search online I met webhosting a place where various web hosting rating and reviews are put in detailed. Through the site I gathered some very helpful information; it helps me to decide if which one among the rest is the right one for my site.

Yesterday, when I visit web hosting site rating and reviews I able to know the top 10 web hosting provider with its review and the corresponding sites rating. I find the site very interesting and useful for any person who is looking for a good web hosting provider. If you are in a search like me and want to be enlighten your mind in the things like this just go visit the site anytime of the day.

Stranger's Call

I started having my own cell phone way back in 1998 when I was in 2nd year college. I worked hard for it; I save some of my allowance so I can buy my own cell phone. I applied to have a part time job just for me to buy a phone but I was not accepted. That is how I obsessed of owning a phone. During those times I found it difficult to buy because I don't have my own job and just depending from my parents. When I owned one phone I was so glad and it became like as my brother or sister, I take good care of it. As part of my phone activity I tried to compose different combination of numbers and mostly the numbers are correct. So I made a stranger's call. Just for fun that is why I did it. This time I'm not that phone addict anymore. There are many strangers calling to my phone and I hate it so much. I don't like strangers call. What I did before was happening to me now. Do you think it is now fair?

Since we are advance in technology there are lots of inventions now these days to trace those strangers call and one of them is National Phone Listings. Through this National Phone Listings any stranger's call could now be traced. If you experienced receiving unwanted calls just directly visit the place.

Millionaire's Place

Chatting with millionaire is an honor for the ordinary people who don't belong in high society. I think all of us wants to experience how to live like a millionaire, but just don't have the chance. For you to know there's now a place for us to mingle with real millionaires, its name is It's a great place if you are looking for a sugar daddy and sugar momma dating site. So try to visit them now.

Swine Flu

Swine Flu started in Mexico and many people were died. It is now spreading all over the world, according to the World Health Organization aside from Mexico these following countries are now positive of Swine Flu:

*United States

So people we should have to careful especially when traveling, don't forget to wear mask at all times.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Las Vegas

Las Vegas is one of the places that I want to visit. I have Filipino friends living there with their family. Tourist in that place has lots of options to do, such as nightlife, great shows, visiting amazing hotels and so many more. I think I will enjoy my visit in Las Vegas because they have lots of shows and I love watching it. They said that our life is not like as cat so we have to enjoy it while we are still here.

A while ago I mentioned about shows in Las Vegas, my hubby told me about variety of shows can be seen there and he said that we can get the Las Vegas Show Tickets in Shows Las Vegas. We don't want hassles and as much as possible we are always up to the easiest things on earth. By visiting Las Vegas Shows you will know all the amazing shows which will be perform by the very known world entertainers. Aside from that information, you will be able also to know also their great special offers. Ladies and gentlemen don't waste your time staring and thinking any other nonsense things, go check it now before it will be too late.

Web Hosting

There are many web hosting sites available on the internet and people now are confused if which one is the right one. In choosing the right web hosting site we should have to consider its reliability, affordability and the technical support. For you to get the best updated web hosting sites, just visit web hosting choice. Web hosting choice has a list of the top 10 web hosting sites in the industry. So if you are thinking if getting the best web host for your website just see this very informative website. Don't waste your time because every minute really counts.


Marriage is very sacred as what they say. Do you think so? Now a days, we know that there are many couples who just end up to annulment or divorced. There are so many reasons behind why the sacred thing just end up into nothing. Even they have children but if relationship will turn into worst I think this is the best solution, unless you want to live in a fire. Well, I am really confused about life. Do you think that life is unfair?

Friday, April 24, 2009

Christian's Place

Have you been to a place where Christian people are chatting? If not yet, I can bring you there. To belong in that place is really a great honor because there you can hear the different biblical words if you have not heard since then. Different dating site is spreading all over the internet but this newly Christian's site is a different one, it is full of religious people chatting and sharing their thoughts.

It is because of my curiosity, I was searching online if there's a place for religious people talking online. I am glad I met one and its name is Christian Chat City. I tried to visit their site and registered to experience chatting. When I joined I find it great because it is free in registration. No fees that we need to worry about like other sites. It is so easy and simple to join. All you have to do is to fill up the forms and then you can access right away in their christian online chat. Aside that the registration is free, there's also a free usage of their web cams. So what are you waiting for? Don't waste your time thinking visit now the place and have fun.


Yesterday, our neighbor was celebrating their son's birthday. We were invited so we went to their house and eat all their! We were so full and we can't stand because of it. They have lots of foods and lechon is one of them. In fairness huh the skin is crispy and taste so good. After eating drinking follows and many were drunk.

An Awesome Plumbing Site

Good plumbing service is very important in order for the drainage to function well and the pipes would not be block easily. This work is not an easy job that is why we need a good professional plumber for us to avoid hassles. Just like at home, we are always having problem with our toilet because always block. I really say that the house developer did not hire a good professional plumber or maybe they are saving, they use no good materials. My neighbor told me that small pipes were used in majority of the drainage. I felt so sad when I heard the news. No wonder lots of home owners are complaining the way they construct it. Well anyway, I am just renting here and I can still move from here, but for the meantime it is really a big hassle for us. I am always complaining to the home owner but she is still in search of a good professional plumber. I think she has not found yet the one we are looking for because until now still no action and we are still suffering the said problem.

Since it is a big hassle in our part for always encountering this problem, I just help the owner to look an awesome plumber. Luckily I met, a very promising service is offered to us and so far they have a good background. In addition, they specialize in
  • Water Heater Repairs and Installations
  • Unclog Drains
  • Replace Any Fixtures
  • Remodel Bathrooms or Kitchens
  • Gas Repairs or Installations
I am happy I found their place; at last my problem will be solved soon. If you are encountering same problem as I do don't hesitate to call them because for sure they can fixed your plumbing problems.

It's Friday

It is Friday the last working day of the week for some employees. My Friday is what a tiring day. A tiring I could say but a fruitful one. Hubby and I went to the mall, walk around and get some stuff for this coming Sunday's christening. In short guys I have a long tiring Friday. How about yours?

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Safety First

Safety first is always our main concern whether we are inside or outside the house. At home we should always see to it that all the things are in the right place to avoid accidents. When I was working in an American Company a year ago I observed that they are very strict when it comes to safety. Once employees can't follow the safety rules they can receive a corresponding punishment for the violated rules. So anyone is very careful to avoid punishment. As what I have said wherever we are located we should always think many times for our safety and we should know all the time the things we need to do especially in knowing the home security information.


I got another tag from sweety Madz and Chuchie. Thanks so much ladies for always remembering me.

Blogger Friendship Award

The rules are so easy:
1. Place the logo / banner on your blog.
2. Add a link to the blog who gave the award.
3. Nominate at least 7 other blogs.
4. Add links to the blogs that you have nominated.
5. Let them know by leaving a message (shout) on their blogs.

I am passing this to all the bloggers who have not received this award. Please feel free to grab it guys. Have a great day.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A Great Place to Live

There are people who are dreaming of some place to live and retire. Nice places for them to stay while enjoying the fruit of all their hard work. A great place that I could consider a great place to live is Hawaii. I have friends their living and they really love and enjoy every moment of their time with their family. If anyone out there who wants to settle down for good in Hawaii just call Honolulu Real Estate and for sure they will assist you till the end just to find the great place that you love to stay. How about you, have you found already the great place to live?

Reading Time

This is Dhurianne Angela an 8 months old baby girl enjoying herself with the books. When she is bored she tries to tear the book if she would succeed. Go Angela, keep going baby!

Dhurianne Angela

A Gift

We celebrate mother's day here in the Philippines every 2nd Sunday of the month of May. So far I know the celebration varies in different country. Mother's Day is a very especial day of the year given to our beloved mother. Since a very especial moment, it is also an especial time for us to give something as showing our love for them. I did not realize before the importance of that day until I got married and have my own children. My hubby gives me always something especial. How sweet of you my dear.

On last year mother's day celebration I just gave my mom cash for her to buy whatever she wants. This coming event I want to make it different, I'm planning to buy a nice gift for her and this photo below is what I like to give. I found this at In fairness they are selling lots of lovely clothes which is perfect to give this coming mother's day.

I like this shirt because of its elegant look. It is made of cotton that fits for the very hot weather and the price is not that high compared to other online store. Anyway, the shirt is available in plain and stripe color. If you want to get something in unique style, affordable clothing try to visit the site. For additional information, they are also selling plus size clothing. So shop now.

Thanks God

Every time we will be having a good night sleep we should be thankful of it. Sometimes I have a bad dream and it bothers me much. The feeling is nice, fresh if we can have a good night sleep all of the time. So every time we have it we should be always be thankful to God like being thankful for giving us a good health. Happy Day everyone.

Make Your Health Insured with Tonik

We always want our life to be insured as much as possible, but there are some people that don't know how. The answer is simply to get our own health insurance. Any kind of insurance is very much useful. If you don't have any of a kind you can get a quote in Connecticut Anthem and make your health insured with Tonik.

Simala Visit

On Monday we went to Simala, Sibonga Cebu to visit Mother Mary. It was my 2nd time visit but I want to visit again and again to see the beautiful face of Mother Mary. I have here some photos below for you to see. Enjoy watching!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Vegas Health Insurance

Health Insurance is very much helpful in our lives. If you don't have any health insurance yet and you want to secure your life in the future, telling you it is not too late to have one. With the help of Vegas Health Insurance your future life would be secure for sure. For further details you can get some info here at Reno Health Insurance Quote. Go check it now.

Local Chat City

My life is showered with different chit chat place. I love chatting online, so no wonder that every now and then I will always discover new and fresh chatting sites. Chatting online with different people from different origin brings happiness in my part. I have lots of things to do during my leisure hours but usually the first thing that would always insert in my mind is online chatting. I admit I was an addict before, an addict to online chatting.

Recently, I found a newly made place for anybody to chat; its name is local chat city. I was having fun when I first try it. I can't avoid keeping coming back. I think I started to become an addict again. Well, anyway, joining in local chat city is so simple and easy, just like chewing a bubble gum. For anyone to have an instant access, all you need to do is register. As part of the registration, you have to fill up the forms with some personal information. Another thing for you to know is, joining in these free local chat rooms can cause you no hassle because it is totally a free site for all of us. So you go now and start.

The Photo Taken

I mentioned here in my previous post that I love taking pictures, experiment and learn new things. Here is a photo below which is taken by me. I tried to edit it using a photo editing program. In the photo below is my hubby, captured it in a side view position. Enjoy my captured photo. hehehe!

Awesome Flooring Site

Last year month of March I was so busy gathering information about home building and repairing. I tried my best to look for a good remodeling and flooring contractor. So far, I found them but I was not satisfied when I let them do the job. The house where I am living right now is their finished product and I am very dissatisfied on it. The flooring is really no good because it already started to break especially the tip or edge portion. I pay them well and they are not doing their job properly, how I wish I can turn back the time because I will let others to make it.

I have mentioned that the flooring is started breaking up, right now I already started looking for another flooring contractor to do it again. This time I want to make sure that everything will be done properly from small things to bigger things. Just yesterday, I talked to a close friend of mine and ask some opinions about an awesome flooring site. When it comes to this matter he is very knowledgeable, he mentioned about Baltimore Flooring Contractor and he gave me some tips. When I got home I check right away their site and this is what I discovered. Baltimore Flooring specialize the following:

  • Carpeting and Rugs
  • Hardwood Floors Installed, as well as Sanded and Finished
  • Ceramic Tile, Porcelain, Stone and Glass
  • Vinyl Sheet, Vinyl Tile, Linoleum, Cork and all other Resilient Floors
  • Laminate
I came up with the thought this morning to contact them and give them a try.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Car Search

Searching a car is a quick and easy thing to do. If you don't agree with me I'll show you the place for you to believe. Now a days competition is really high. People or the user are looking for the most easy and cheapest deal ever, considering myself also wants go in that kind of deal. If you are planning to get new cars, is the great place for you to check. They offer new and used cars, for lease and cash as well. So go see them now.

Air Mattress

I first saw Air Mattress at SM a long time ago and wanted to buy it. I really got attracted to it until now but don't have the chance to own even one. At this moment, I am still hoping to get one a queen air mattress for the other room . Air mattress is very handy and very elegant. In buying air mattress we have to consider reading its guide prior to buying one for us to have any idea about it. So people don't forget to read the guide.

She's now Eight Months

Our daughter Dhurianne Angela is now 8 months. We are so blessed in having a very healthy and a happy baby like her. She is growing very opposite to my son. She eats anything. Lately, she started to stand by herself while holding like in a chair or table. Her development is fast. We love you so much baby.


Last year during my pregnancy I bought a single sized bamboo bed for me to use outside the house because it is very hot inside. As part in the pregnancy period, woman's temperature is increased and I really don't like it just being honest. I put the small bed outside so I can feel the cool and fresh breeze outside. Unexpectedly, after 2 months I noticed the bugs on my bamboo bed living. I asked an advice from a friend on how to get rid of bedbugs and I am grateful that he has some ideas. If you have some ideas about getting rid of bedbugs, please don't hesitate to share it to others.

Bad Dream

I woke up very late this morning because of my bad dream last night. Oh bad dream! I don't like having a bad dream. I dreamed that I was a victim of witchcraft. In the Philippines witchcraft is very known issue. It can cause you to death if your enemy wants you to die. Foreign countries don't believe in witchcraft, they say that such thing doesn't exist. Either you believed it or not that is your choice, what I just don't like is disturbed by a bad dream.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Best Remodeling Contractor

Few weeks ago I was so busy looking for a house remodeling contractor. I met a quite few good remodeling contractor but now I would say that the newly found is the best one ever. I mentioned before that it is my aunt's favor that is why I am doing this, on keep searching online. Well, it is not that hard to look because I am just right here sitting in front of the computer.

Regarding my newly found remodeling contractor I already discussed about it with my aunt just few hours ago. She's happier now compared than the previous contractor. And guess what? She promised me to treat me a nice dinner tomorrow in a very nice and famous restaurant. I am very excited now. Talking about the best remodeling that I just found, its name is Baltimore Remodeling Contractor. For further info about Baltimore, they specialize in the following:
  • Designing a floor plan to present to an architect, saving hundreds of dollars.
  • Building custom and modular homes do total rehabs, build additions and garages and do interior and exterior remodeling.
  • Building decks, patios, carports and fences and so many more.

So if you are in search for the best remodeling contractor on earth, you can count on them.

What a Busy Sunday I had!

Today is a long and a busy day. Hubby and I went to the Supermarket to get the stuffs that we need for our family trip tomorrow. A long time we spent at the store because we encountered something wrong that we need to fix. At last the problem was settled but not there our busy day ended, after buying those things I was busy cooking and preparing everything for tomorrow's outing. That's what a busy Sunday I had. How about you, how's your Sunday?

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Long Distance Relationships

Long Distance Relationship is all over the world. I know it is hard being one of the group but there are different situations that we can't avoid especially if your husband or wife really needs to go abroad to look for a greener pasture. Life is not that easy as we know, we need to sacrifice in a lots of things for the seek of our family. If you need advices or some information that you need to know about long distance relationships there's a place for you to visit. It is a very informative site for anybody who needs help. So don't be sad because there's a place if you need assistance.

Interracial Dating Place

Online dating is not new to anybody anymore. Men and women are both finding ways how to find their true love over the internet. I started joining in different dating sites a long time ago and luckily I met my soul mate here online and he's from Canada. Recently, I found a new online interracial dating site where women and men can have the chance to meet their future partner in life. So go check it out now.

Tattoo Lovers

Most people say that tattoo is an art but there are also some people saying that it is dirt. It simply denotes that we have different opinion in any thing that surrounds us. I have friends who got married to foreigners who have tattoos and later on some of my friends decided also to put some tattoos on their body. I saw butterfly, flowers and mostly of them they put the names of their beloved partner in life. So far they said putting tattoos in our body is like being bite by the ants. I am very curious in putting one maybe someday if I have the time to do it.

Chatting about tattoo with other tattoo lovers is a great topic. You can share your thoughts if which one is a good looking tattoos to apply. If you are one of the tattoo lovers and willing to chat with other tattoo lover there's a nice tattoo chat rooms for you to meet and chat. The name of the tattoo site is Tattoo Chat City. It is a new place and there are hundreds of registered users already. Joining is so easy, it is just like counting 1 2 3. Aside from that its registration is totally free with free use of web cams so the tattoo lovers can see their chat mates while happily chatting. So go check it now.

Friday, April 17, 2009

It is Really Summer

Today is very hot here in our place. It is nice to go to the beach and enjoy the coldness of the water. We don't a plan yet to go out this weekend so just stay at home and bonding with my family. It is really summer because we can feel the very hot temperature all over the house if there's no air conditioning. Really hot hot people.

Time to Have Fun

Real happiness is not only for normal people but also for all of us no matter who you are and what you are. We should always put in mind that while we are still alive we must enjoy life to the fullest. Some handicapped people thought that they don't deserve to be happy but they are wrong. They think wrongly. All of us are fair in the eyes of God. Handicapped people have also a nice place for them created only to chat with other handicapped. Mentioning about the nice place, its name is Wheelchair Chat City. It is a new great site.

If you know anybody who are handicapped talk to them about the place so they can have fun. For more details, in joining the handicapped chat site is totally free from charge. No need for you to worry about the very high membership fee because it is 100% free. You just visit the site and register there for you to have an instant access. Aside from free membership users can also use the web cams for free for them to see their beautiful chat mates. Another thing before I forget is, the site has also a different chat rooms for the users to enjoy. So it's now the time to have fun.

Amazing Remodeling Contractor

Remodeling houses this days is a familiar way to increase the price of an item. Through remodeling procedure, business minded people would surely earn big profit. In short it is a good business. Anyway, buying an old house in a very low price and renovate it and sell it into a very high price would make you rich. So why not give yourself a try?

For your information, in remodeling a house we should have to consider the performance of the remodeling contractor prior in hiring them. We should also see to it that aside from its good performance their service should also in a reasonable price especially that the world is recently facing the economic crisis. Anyway, my aunt decided to remodel her house to look it nicer. Since she don't know anything about this matter she asked me to look for a remodeling contractor online. I was in a hurry to look because she will treat me to dinner if can find a good one. The poor lady keep asking her friends and busy searching online and at last I finally found Dallas Remodeling Contractor. Based on my researched they have an amazing profile. So my aunt was so happy to hear about my good news. If you want to know further about them just try to visit their site.

Learning New Things

Learning is fun and it is a never ending process. Lately, what I am doing is learning on how to use the GIMP 2. Meryl introduced it to me because of her tag that needs photo color conversion. I love taking pictures and love learning different things in life. Let's learn together guys. Enjoy learning!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Debt Settlement

It's not new anymore hearing people having debts and always behind on paying them. Anyway, if you are one of the debtors who are in crisis and don't know what to do or where to go in order to find a debt settlement you are lucky because DebtExpertUSA is knocking at your door and willing to help to settle your debts. As part of the benefits you will be able to experience to become absolutely debt free within 1-3 years and to experience to make only one affordable payment every month. If you are interested you can apply now and enjoy the rest of the debt settlement benefits.

Oh Nuffnang!

I joined in Nuffnang last year using my other blog and today came up to the point of thinking either to quit or not being their publisher. Maybe you will be asking why. You know people I only earned 3 pesos for publishing in almost 5 months. I think soon I gonna get rid away this butterfly flying around my page and find another butterfly to replace.

Punkers Place

Are you looking for free punk chat rooms? There are different chat rooms spreading on the web like virus now a days. People have lots of options if where they want to join. Before I was only familiar with the dating sites like filipinaheart, americansingles and cherryblossoms . Lately, as what I just said new sites are spreading fast on the net like virus. Just being honest joining in different chat rooms can relieves our boredome in life. With the use of the internet you can interact with other online users all over the world. That is how advance our technology is.

Speaking of new sites to socialize with others I just found this new place, the Punk Chat City a punker's place to meet and chat. By joining there you can chat to tons of people all over the world. The site offers a free membership fee. For you to have a free access all you have to do is to register then you can start chatting with other punk women with free web cam use. It is a very interesting place for you so check if you have not heard about it. So don't waste your time doing nonesense things there you go visit them now and start using there different chat rooms. Have fun!

An Awesome Remodeling Contractor

Remodeling your house is a great idea if you are planning to make something new in your old place. In fact, remodeling a house makes it nicer and sell after the procedure is what some of the business minded people are doing. Well, it is really a profitable business that we can consider. If I only have the money to start a business like this I will go for this one. Since the purpose of remodeling the house is to look it better than before so it means we must have to hire an awesome remodeling contractor. I think it's not that hard to find now a days. You can ask your friends, make a referrals if they know somebody that has an awesome remodeling contractor.

Well, I know a remodeling contractor that has an awesome performance and its name is Bill Taute Homes. For you to know they are a member of Home Builder's Association of Greater Austin and I was blogging before about this Home Builders for being an amazing contractor. Aside from that, Bill Taute Homes is also a member of Austin Green Building Program and sits on the Green Building Task Force for the HBA Greater Austin. And wait, I have here another information to share also with you my friends they specialize the following:
  • New Home Construction
  • Existing Home, Kitchen, Bath, & Garage Remodeling
  • Additions
  • Construction Defect Consultation
If you are looking for an Austin Remodeling Contractor why not try to visit them now?

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Just think and say something about this situation, if you have extra $10 and there are 2 needy persons asking for your help at the same time. Which of the 2 do you think you would offer your help

a.) A blind beggar asking for money to buy rice for his lunch and dinner? or

b.) Your neighbor who is badly in need of $2 Million for his upcoming operation or else he'll die if won't undergo an operation?

So in your part, which one?

Chowking Halo-Halo

Just few days ago we decided to dropped by at Chowking to get something for snacks. I decided to order their halo-halo petite without ice cream for my own. I am just wondering people because as far as I remember I did not get lots of ice in my bowl before, but few days ago mostly the ingredients on their halo-halo is crushed ice and less fruits. Well, we know that prices are always increasing but hopefully they won't serve someday a halo-halo with purely ice because that's not a halo-halo anymore. Try to take a look at guys in the photo. Anyway, mostly ice are already melting and less big ice left.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Building Your Dream House

It is normal for us as human to dream high. Dream your dream house, having your dream car or anything that your are dreaming of. Building our own dream house is a big fulfillment in life that we can consider, but if could not build it let's just live life with dreams. Anyway, we know that building a house is not a big joke. It involves money and hard work. As much as possible we should find a good home builders in order to have a guarantee that our money won't just put into waste after the construction.

While I was talking to a friend I got an information regarding her house making. She said she's lucky enough because she got the best home builder on earth. Well, I am happy on what she got. Speaking of home builder, Denver Home Builder is the best one for us to consider. If you just heard today about this home builder I am telling you to try visit their site. For you to have an overview they specialize in:
  • Custom Home Building
  • Room/Wing Additions
  • Deck/Patio Additions
  • Renovations and Remodeling
  • New Home Construction
  • Basement Finishes
If your planning to build your dream house I think Denver Home-Builders is the best place for you to visit first prior in visiting some other home builders. Just bare in mind that time is gold, so don't waste your time you should start looking now for Denver Home Builders.

A Great Place to Live

Since people have different thoughts and perceptions in life any place or city where they wanted to live should be respected no matter a silent city, crowded, polluted, full of crimes as long as that's the kind of place they choose maybe that is where they are happy, right? For me, right now I am living in a Cebu Philippines. I don't know if this is temporary or permanent but all I can say is it's a great place to live, retire and invest something. How about you friends where is your ideal place to live?

Monday, April 13, 2009

Foodie Goodie

Just want to share with you guys the photo below. The contents of the plate is a salted eggs with tomatoes, sliced green mango and the tiny pink colored shrimps. In Cebuano term the pink colored shrimps is called "uyap". If I'm not mistaken this kind of food is originated in the Philippines. Please just correct me if I am wrong. As Filipinos we love eating the contents of this plate in the photo below.

Being honest at first I don't like eating salted eggs because it taste like I am eating sand, but later on I already used to it. Before it taste like sand and now taste like I am chewing gravel. lol! Just kidding guys. How about you ladies and gentlemen, what can you say about the contents of the plate in the photo?

The Plan

Summer is here in the Philippines and expecting the hot weather reaching to 34 degrees. We don't have the control of the outside temperature, so as much as possible we have to be more comfortable inside under our roof. It is really hot here in the Philippines during summer. People go to the beach to make their body cooler. Speaking of making our body cooler we are planning to get another air conditioning for the other room. Lately, we are just using an exhaust fan and 1 stand fan to make it cooler. Since it is summer, we experienced here the burning temperature of the room. So we came up with the plan of buying another air conditioning. In buying one we need to look for an expert installer to make it installed. As much as possible a known installer and referred by a friend to make sure that they are a good one and to have a good deal.

Since looking an installer would be our next step to do after buying an air conditioning, what I did was I already started looking. While talking to a friend I got a referral from her and check right away their background. Since they have a site so I did not find hard to do it. Boise HVAC-Air-Conditioning is the name that will handle the installation. They have professional contractor so I don't have to worry about the risk after the installation. I went through their website and gathered very useful data when it comes to this matter. So I really suggest you guys to visit the place and learn something new.

My Day

It's a big and busy Monday today. After from a long vacation people are back to work now and continue facing another new day every day. Today we went to the bank, doctor and mall for our dinner. After a long day spending time outside we still having fun. Well, I have a busy and fruitful day today. How about you, how did you spend your Monday?

Stuffs that We Need

New home new stuffs as what the people say. In moving another place, aside from you will be busy packing your things soon after moving in you will be busy also buying a new stuffs for the new place. Yes it is a lot of work to be done, but one thing that I really enjoy doing is shopping. I really love shopping. For me, it can relieve my stress. It makes me forget all my problems in life. For sure all of us would enjoy so much when shopping especially if doing it online. Shopping online you would not experience traffic, standing for a longer period looking the things that you need, falling in a long line when paying your items. And not only that, shopping online is much cheaper compared doing it offline.

As I mentioned before in my previous post that my hubby is already moving to a new and a bigger place. He is started buying stuffs that we need when we get there. He got furniture and some accessories that we need. The last thing that we need to get are bed linens. We want to get those in a good quality but in an affordable price. I tried to search online and luckily I found the place. When I check it they have all the stuffs for sale. If you need for baths, decor and garden stuffs they have it. So why not visit them now?

Entrecard Problem

Just today when I log in to my entrecard account I was really wondering why I got this kind of entrecard problem. The message says that I have an auto-playing audio in my blog. Well, do you think I have it? As far as I know, I don't have it here in my blog. If you think I have it please let me know.

When I made my ec drop I read about some negative issues regarding entrecard but despite of those things I still want to retain it here in my page.

Anyway here's the message that I got. Please click it to view the larger image and let me know how to solve it. Thanks so much. Your help is very much appreciated.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Blogger Trophy Award

Wow! I got a very nice award. It's like a real trophy. This blogger trophy award was given to me by the 2 sweet blogger friends named Chuchie and Merly. Thanks so much lovely ladies for this award.

I want to share this award to: MyPassion, Dhurianne, Lizzie, Yen, Tripzibit, Katherine and YOU. Guys please feel free to grab it. Thanks.

Friday, April 10, 2009

The Buzz

Few months ago we planned to baptize our baby this year month of May. In doing so we need to prepare everything from the food reception, godparents, giveaways and other things. Well, money is always an issue in mostly things that we need to do. According to some people without money we can do nothing. Well, I don't think so.

As part of the preparations for the Christening, I am trying to find ways to spend a little amount of money for the giveaways. And guess what? I came up with this main street collection tumblers so the receiver can also use it. Mainstreet collection tumblers can get in a very affordable price with monogram. Anyway, personalized monogram gifts could be a great idea in giving gifts to anyone. Well, do you agree with me?

Furniture Hunt

My hubby is moving to his new place and as part of it he needs furniture. He already got some of the things he need but he still needs a king sized bed for us when we get there. He is so busy at work so I am trying to help him to look something online and this photo below is what I found.

It is a king sized bed made of Walnut Mainframe and Burl Maple Accent. I like the design because looks simple and elegant. Besides, I really like wood furniture. If you love shopping online is the right place for you. So just feel free to visit the place and maybe they have there something that you may like.

Photo of the Day: Micky and Minnie

My son loves cartoon characters and Micky is one of them. In the photo shown below Micky is together with Minnie enjoying the bicycle ride. I captured this photo from my son's diaper. The photo is not clear because I'm just using my phone's camera. So just keep your critic guys. How about you who is your favorite cartoon character?

Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Right Place for Religious People

Are you looking for the right place to chat with other religious people? If you are in the search and could not find any, well, you are lucky because you are in the right place to guide you in the right direction. Chatting with other religious people is somewhat a nice thing to do. You can exchange your thoughts and opinions. Anyway, I am a big Catholic and do believed in God but I never been tried having conversation with religious people. I think it is very interesting to mingle and chat with them.

If you are in search for the right place for religious people, I highly recommend you this Catholic Chat City. It is a great place to chat with other catholic individuals. All you have to do is to register in order to have a fully access in their website. Don't you worry about money guys because it is 100% free. Once your done registering you can access right away and chat with other religious people. Aside from enjoying the free membership you can also enjoy their free web cam use and their different catholic chat rooms. So what are you waiting for? Don't just sit there wasting your time doing nothing. Try to visit the site and have fun chatting with others.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Family Bonding

Family is the smallest unit in our community but it plays as the most important role in order to build a community. Lately, my family is back into the process of family bonding. I'm sure you'll be wondering why I say back, simply it's because one very important person was far away for a year but he is now here spending time with us, but later on we'll be apart again for some important reasons. So, we as a complete family are enjoying every single minute of the day but I'm still trying to be online to meet my blogging friends. How about you how's your family?

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Worry No More

Having a big amount of tax is a big issue. Anyone out there may either an ordinary citizen or a big businessman wants to be free from tax, but we know that it is impossible. Yet, there are people who receive threats because of their big amount of taxes and they don't able to pay and you know that this case is not rare anymore now a days.

If you are engaged in big taxes and can't sleep at night on keep thinking how to find ways to solve your problem, well Tax Relief Specialists is there willing to serve you whenever you need them. They can provide individual or business tax relief regardless of how much you owe and how long you have put this off. By just the name itself they can relieve your burdens. Tax Relief Specialists have also have IRS innocent spouse relief if you are facing such problem and needs to be relieve. Aside from those that I have mentioned, they offer also this 941 payroll deposit if you have issues in your payroll tax. So what are you waiting for? Try to visit tax relief specialists and experience this worry no more tax life.

Sunday, April 5, 2009


I got a tag from Meryl of PLACES, PEOPLE, EVENTS, GOOD FOOD AND MY LIFE . Sorry that I posted it very late I think you know the reason why. Thank you so much my friend for this wonderful tag.

} Start Copy

" A good Snapshot stops a moment from running away."

When you photograph people in colour you photograph their clothes. But when you photograph people in B&W, you photograph their souls! ~Ted Grant

} End of Copy

My photo above was taken by my husband 2 years ago on our stay at Plantation Bay Resort. So he is not there in the photo because he was my instant private photographer. hehehe! It was our first stay there being husband and wife and we were having fun.


Copy the quotes above from start copy to end Copy.
Replace the Photograph with your own or your loves ones' Black and White captured moments that you want to cherish for the rest of your life.

I want to share this tag to Dhurianne, Tripzibit, Katherine, Trixie, Yen, G-anne and to you. Please feel free to grab it. thanks and happy Monday!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Durian for You and Me

Durian is the fruit of several tree species that belongs to the genus Durio and the Malvaceae family. It is very popular in Southeast Asia as the "king of fruits".

Durian has a very unique odor and its husk is covered with thorns. There are people who don't like to eat this fruit because of its odor, but for me i do love to eat it and its smell smells like perfume to me.

For those who don't know yet, this type of fruit can grow as large as 30 cm long and 15 cm in diameter. It typically weighs one to three kilograms and its shape ranges from oblong to round. The color of its husk green to brown and its flesh pale-yellow to red depending on the species. How about you guys, how much do you love eating Durian and smelling its odor?

Thursday, April 2, 2009


We know that despite of the recession that the world is facing, still there are different crimes arise especially the sex offenders. We should beware of this kind of problem. Since our family is our main concern we need to be updated at all times with the local sex offenders. If your problem is how to tract it, well, there is a place that can 100% help you. Worry no more because Sex Offender Lookup is there to help your family make safe and secure.

Track Sex Offenders is the number one destination in finding local sex offenders. Their site is very easy to use even in the primary grade would be able to understand it. Actually, I did not know before that a place like this exist. So I am really grateful that I got this information, of course it is very helpful to me especially that I have children. By just entering the ZIP code you can get an instant result right away. And If you need to get a detailed sex offenders report you can get the information such as the full names of the sex offenders, current and previous living address, previous sexual offenses, email alerts and updates and so much more. So what are you waiting for? Start searching now for you to be aware.

Ring Tag

I got a tag from Katherine of Mom's Place. Well, it is really unique. I'm just having fun while doing this tag. Thanks to you my friend Kath for this very unique tag. So, here is the tag guys

Why should the wedding ring be worn on the fourth finger? There is a beautiful and convincing explanation given by the Chinese..... Thumb represents your Parents

Second (Index) finger represents your Siblings.
Middle finger represents your-Self.
Fourth (Ring) finger represents your Life Partner. & the.. .
Last (Little) finger represents your children.

Firstly, open your palms (face to face), bend the middle fingers and hold them together - back to back.
Secondly, open and hold the remaining three fingers and the thumb - tip to tip. (As shown in the figure below):

Now, try to separate your thumbs (representing the parents)..., they will open, because your parents are not destined to live with you lifelong, and have to leave you sooner or later.

Please join your thumbs as before and separate your Index fingers (representing siblings)...., they will also open, because your brothers and sisters will have their own families and will have to lead their own separate lives.

Now join the Index fingers and separate your Little fingers (representing your children)...., they will open too, because the children also will get married and settle down on their own some day.

Finally, join your Little fingers, and try to separate your Ring fingers (representing your spouse). You will be surprised to see that you just CANNOT..... because Husband & Wife have to remain together all their lives - through thick and thin!! Please try this out and pass............. ISN'T THIS A LOVELY THEORY?

So it is my turn now to tag YOU. Hope you'll grab it. Thanks.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

March Top 10 EC Droppers

Here is my top 10 ec droppers for the month of March. Thank you to you guys for your drops I promise to do all my best to do the same. More Power and God Bless to All.

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