Thursday, October 1, 2015

Eying for a Rice Cooker with Multiple Features

To have a quick admit, I love to eat rice. Back home I ate rice 3 times in a day. I have told my husband before that without a rice maybe I gonna die. Isn't that a funny perception? 

Since I get here in North America where rice is very costly I have realized that what I have told my husband was just a lie. I felt a bit embarrassed for what I have uttered because now I have proved to myself that without a rice I can still live. lol! There are lots of carbohydrates sources out there when you look in the store. I just didn't bother to look before. 

Although I don't buy and eat much rice particularly the white ones, yet I still need a rice cooker for cooking rice for the kids. However, I am not in the search for the said appliance intended only for cooking rice but of course with other  feature such as steamer. I steamed a lot esp. the veggies. 

rice cooker

Aside from steaming, of course I'd like several usage that I can use in a daily basis. Anyways, any type you can recommend for me to buy? I'd like also to consider the price and the quality of the little appliance to bring to our home. So if you have an idea, that would be pretty much helpful to my shopping.

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