Monday, October 25, 2010

I Want to Withdraw My Earnings from LinkFromBlog BUT...

I think it's more than a year since I joined the site of LinkFromBlog. In order to withdraw your earnings it should reach to there minimum threshold which is $50. As a blogger who receives $1 per task from the said network it would take so long to reach that $50. Is it forever? I heard from few bloggers who able to withdraw their earnings but I don't know what they did, I mean how they able to reached the very tall ladder.

Honestly as of now I have $20 to go to withdraw but I can't wait because it's already more than a year and I want to get my money now! Yes now or maybe tomorrow. So after thinking all those times I've been waiting to taste the yum burger from Jollibbe with my LinkFromBlog earnings I came up with this thought that it might be a good idea to deposit the lacking amount to Linkfromblog then withdraw right away my $50 in total. But wait, I am posting it here about it because I want to ask your opinion if this move is a good one and I want also to know the risk for doing so. So would you mind sharing your thoughts with me through this post? It is very much appreciated my dear readers.


  1. Sorry sis but I can't help. I have like a dollar from them but I decided not to continue accepting tasks kasi I am too busy with my job and other tasks from other websites that offer a lot more...

  2. That might work sis, try it and please let me know so I can withdrew the rest of mine too hehehe..

  3. I have an account with LinkfromBlog but didn't do any task from them.

  4. sorry i can't help you on that actually i dont have an idea of the site you mentioned but maybe i'll check it, thanks

  5. Kaya nga ako sis tumoigil na ako dun walang silbi rin. mga opps nila ang babarat

  6. To All sistahs- Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts about the mentioned site. I came up in one conclusion and that is to leave that site freely, but I have to try depositing first the lacking money so I could get what they owe me.

  7. also had an account with them but it doesnt interest me


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