Sunday, June 30, 2013

Summer Class Soon to Begin

It is finally school vacation but just 2 weeks apart the summer class will begin. Our son has enrolled in Math class for this summer to have him advance in learning the Grade 1 Math lessons. It is a privilege to know that the class is offered for free so we don't need to spend a penny for the tuition fee. 

At the end of this month both of them will then be back to swimming lessons. Last year they were in Salamander level so this time will be Sunfish. Hopefully soon both of them will be totally learn how to swim by themselves. I can't wait to see that moment. Summer would be a busy time for us. There are still a lot of places we would like to venture as a family here in BC. 

To everyone, enjoy your summer guys! 

Saturday, June 22, 2013

US Dollar to Philippine Peso Conversion Is Getting Higher Now!

On Friday I withdraw my remaining money left from my PayPal account as I need it badly to pay some of my bills. The rate was $42.6 and how I wish this was the time that I had more money in my PayPal. Now after the withdrawal, it's back to big EGG. Lol! Hopefully the Lord will keep pouring blessings to my online work so I can withdraw next time more than this time.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Iowa Personal Injury Lawyer: Ready to Help You No Matter What

Many adults are under the impression that a personal lawyer is only for criminals. After all, crime scene shows depict lawyers as impressive, overbearing figures whose only job is to defend criminals. This, however, is not the case. There are many areas of law, which means that most people will need to consult with a lawyer at least several times during their lives. For example, lawyers can help with creating a will or trust fund for families.

Additionally, an Iowa personal injury lawyer can help if someone has been wrongfully injured at work or in a car accident. Before consulting a lawyer, realize that lawyers are quite ready to help with any problem someone might have. Whether the personal injury occurred yesterday or six months ago, a lawyer will be able to advise the client on how to proceed. Additionally, lawyers are able to help clients navigate the fields of paperwork, legal terminology and court appearances that are sometimes required when dealing with a personal injury suit.

For anyone who believes they have been wrongfully injured or believe they may be entitled to compensation, it is important to consult a personal injury lawyer to make sure that the case is resolved as quickly as possible and that the injured party receives the compensation he deserves.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Nestor Elementary's Sports Day

Last Friday dated June 08, 2013 was Nestor Elementary's Sports Day. Our son was very excited in going to school. Unfortunately before the event started a heavy rain ruined the wonderful day. Due to that they had the event held in the school gym. The space is quite fine but it would be great if outside of their field as it is so spacious there.

My son was in a green team so he wore the green shirt to have a team uniform. I saw the happiness on my son's face when I picked him up and announced their team status in overall ranking. The green team got the 2nd place! Son take home this ribbon found below for the participation.

In the coming few days the school will be over and soon he will be in a Math summer class offered for free. Aside from that we are planning on enrolling him in Martial arts and both of them in swimming. It will be fun and a busy summer for them. 

Friday, June 7, 2013

Taking that First Important Step

There are a number of things we can do to redirect the future, but going back to school is certainly a noble one.  It truly is a fantastic first step to developing a new you, a new identity that you will be happy with for the rest of time.  Building good new skills is important for anyone, and particularly if you are getting older and you are feeling like you are stuck in your life.  A mistake you don’t want to make, though, is thinking that all MBA programs are the same.  My goodness no.  You can get a degree from a decent school that has a bad reputation and yes, your education will be fine, but it won’t look as good on a resume, and that unfortunately does have a lot to do with the types of jobs you can get after you graduate.  So take it from me, go to and enlist some help – they have excellent mbaadmissions consulting reviews

It’s amazing what the people at can do to improve your chances of getting into a top tier school.  It’s like studying for the SAT, you’re not getting smarter, but you are learning how to take the test, and really, what does the SAT test if not how good you are at taking the SAT.  It’s not gauging your intelligence or anything of the sort.  Similarly, you want to get the consulting help that is available these days so that you can better apply for the programs you want to get into. 

Again, you’re getting smarter, but you’re doing something that is smarter, so in that sense, you’re acting smarter. You’ll see what I mean when you visit And sign up for their help. You won’t be sorry, and you’ll look back on that as an important first step to your new life that new happier you. 

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