Thursday, July 24, 2014

Make a Splash with the Right Sign

When you own a brick and mortar business, you need a sign that will make a statement. It should be a combination of craftsmanship and design that is tailored to suit you. Learn more at about all of the possibilities when you are searching for the right sign that says it all. Remember that your sign announces your presence to the world. Whether it's for passersby or you want to make a good impression the first time important contacts come through your door, you need a sign that is built to last.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Her New Fairy-Mermaid Costume

My daughter's face was delighted when she saw her new costume, the fairy-mermaid from the Winx. I have the given the opportunity to review their product and it was such an honor. Its cost online is about $36, so instead of finding a new costume for my daughter to wear this 2014 Halloween I don't need that anymore. Isn't that cool?

There she is below modeling the beautiful, delicate dress. She loves to wear it with wings or without as it comes with one.

She wore Cinderella costume last year and it's time for a change this 2014. You can read my complete review of this product right here. What do you think folks, is the dress looks good on my daughter?

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Financial Management For Parents and Teens

Owning a credit card can sometimes be a hassle for a variety of reasons. First of all, credit card holders are under pressure to repay all of the borrowed money within a single statement period. Sometimes, people cannot come up with large sums of money within a 30 day time span. If payments are not made by the deadline, then interest fees are charged in addition to the outstanding balance.

Visa Prepaid Debit CardsA prepaid card can eliminate all of the headaches and problems associated with traditional credit cards. First of all, a prepaid debit card is loaded with a person's actual money. There aren't any interest rates that are applied. There aren't any hidden fees and penalties that can be charged to a reloadable debit card. A person can only spend a certain amount of money that's loaded onto a prepaid card.

Such an option is useful for teenagers who live off their parent's money. Hard working parents can manage all of the funds of a prepaid card. For example, the weekly allowances may be easily loaded onto an account that's associated with a reloadable debit card. Parents may use smartphone apps in order to manage all aspects of such convenient payment options. A Kaiku Visa prepaid debit card is an example of a financial tool for parents that have teenagers. Personal identification numbers should be created in order to secure prepaid debit cards. It's common for teenagers to steal credit cards from their fellow peers in school and at the mall.

Friday, July 11, 2014

New Home Tenant Finally Found

After the tragic incident with our Libyan tenant who rented our house for two months, we finally found the sunshine. Yes, it's true that after the rain is a sunshine. The last occupants were such a headache for us. So much hassles, trouble. Now we realized that it is very important to conduct an investigation or  ask a referral once you let someone rent your property because bad tenants are just fooling around. 

Actually, currently we are also a tenant of someone's property here in a foreign land. As a lessee, we do our best to comply our obligations and be a good tenant as we can be so we won't be experiencing any trouble with our Landlord, and besides, here is different. Why? Once you have a bad reputation, nobody would let you lease any private leasing property. Well, for me that is fair enough. So tenants, let's be good to our Landlords. 

Thursday, July 10, 2014

The Joy of Debt Freedom

For many people, debt freedom sounds like a nice idea and an impossible reality. Americans as a whole carry trillions of dollars of debt, from car loans to student loans, from home equity to store credit cards. The average American in debt may only have a few thousand dollars of obligations, but each individual source of debt has a required minimum monthly payment amount. The burden on the individual budget really adds up.

Imagine Freedom

The first step for anyone dreaming of escaping from under a mountain of debt is to begin to think differently. Add up the amount of the monthly minimum payment for each debt and see the total amount of money that could be free for other purposes if those debts were completely paid off. With some more complex math it is possible to add up the total amount that will go to interest on each debt over the lifetime of the payments. With these figures clear, it becomes obvious the effect that debt is having on the budget; draining a significant amount of dollars out in required monthly payments, and enriching the bank with thousands of dollars of interest over the life of the debt.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Fantastic Deal of Newly Acquired Patio Furniture

The moment of truth is here, revealing that I finally snag the best deal of patio furniture that I never imagine. The clearance sale led me to pay this patio table and chairs for only $45 including tax from its regular price of $135 plus tax. Patience truly pays! The waiting moment is over, and our kids are happy that I did take these home for our little patio which we just started enjoying its potential. 

We are on the 20th floor of the building and this patio in the image has been ignored for a year because of our thought that it will just bring danger to our kids, which is absolutely is if  none of our eyes are around them watching over. 

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