Monday, October 4, 2010

Busy Like Bee?

So busy like bee? Well, that's me. I'm currently doing all the household chores since the housekeeper left. From offline to online I am trying to manage my time. Whew! sometimes I get dizzy because of my daily routine, climbing up and down the stairs for about 50 times or more in a day. Grrrrrrr.. I just hope that I'm always okay physically and mentally so there would be no problems especially taking care of my super hyperactive 3 year old son.

Anyway, thanks to all who visits my blog. I'll try to return the visit once I could grab that time.


  1. agoy pag palit ug baby guard sis para dka mag sige ug saka ug kanaug tawon...ehehehe...maniwang ka ana ug samot....:)

    tuod, as in wapa jud nimo nadawat...ayay! maypa diay tong naka daug sa 2nd GC nako nadawat na...asa naman kaha to tawon...hope wala to nabulsa sa post!

  2. exercise galore ka nyan sis.. :)


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