Monday, September 24, 2012

Insurance Hunter Safety Survey Reveals

This post brought to you by InsuranceHunter. All opinions are 100% mine.

Upon reading the Insurance Hunter’s Neglected Driver Survey conducted to the people of Ontario I gathered this data:

Male motorists have driven with heavy eyelids even when they knew their attention to the road was waning. To provide you with the figures here below:

*60% of men have continued driving on a road trip when tired.

*24% of men said they have not paid close attention to the road because they were tired.

*17% of men said they hoped they wouldn’t get an accident and kept driving even though they were tired.

*10% of men almost got into an accident because they were tired.

In addition to the above result, the survey also reveals that in today’s modern family, the Dad is at the wheel for most family trips which is absolutely I agree because this is the scenario in my family. Although my husband is so exhausted from work when we go for our weekend getaway he still drives for us. I know the risks of a fatigue driver that’s why it is advisable to have driver’s breaks and consider other factors that could make the driver alert while driving.

Despite of the high incidents of driver fatigue, the Insurance Hunter survey reveals that both parents are well-prepared when they set off on their road trip.

Based on the survey result provided by the Insurance Hunter, the website for auto auto insurance quotes, I conclude that the driver must put safety first and should never dare to neglect it. Get the best auto insurance and be alert.

In order for you to read more interesting result of  the Insurance Hunter’s safety survey simply visit their website.

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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Protein Supplements

Our body needs the right food intake in order to stay healthy and function properly. But there are times that we don't meet the required appropriate nutrients intake and that happens to me not only ones but many times especially if so busy and no time for the food preparation. Despite of that awkward moment, I can say that we are still lucky because these days we can get food supplements in the drug store, and to let you know I have those already in the house. In fact, I have one new discovery this weekend in getting new source of protein. It amazes me much because I can have it while on the go. It is in a form of nectar protein powder, very high in protein but low in fat and carbs. Another good thing here is it is available in different flavors. As consumers we have variety of options which is so perfect for the taste bud. Enjoy it!

Monday, September 10, 2012

I Lost Weight By

Losing weight is a big trouble that some individual is finding hard to deal with. There are numerous slimming pills that are promising a positive result once taken. But to let you know, I never tried any during my darkest nightmare, the gaining more weight as I never expected in my whole life. Imagined I almost double my weight and I almost became same size of my mother. My favorite clothes won't fit no more. When I walk my thighs were rubbing each other and I really find it awkward.

I conducted research online on how to deal my problem. I read numerous stories about people who became desperate and who became successful along their weight lose journey. I just want to let you know that my husband was my inspiration in losing weight 2 years ago which ended a positive result actually. I am happy now that my figure is a bit closer before I had the baby. Maybe you are wondering if what I did. Well so simple, I Lost Weight By watching the food I ate. Absolutely no more sweets. I had my belly dancing at home. And of course I did breast walking almost everyday. I really spent time for that despite of my super hectic schedule in the house.

In a natural way I able to reach my goal in a short period of time. I can tell that once you are really determined and has the self-discipline, without a doubt you will attain your ultimate dream. We know by just going to the drug store and supermarket you can see those weight loss products convincing you to buy through its enticing marketing strategy. Well, have you tried any folks? 

I know that you are aware the impact of gaining more weight to us. It can cause health problem, emotional, physical and even psychological. If you want to be healthy and stay fit I think you should do some sacrifices. 

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Back to School

Son is now officially in French Immersion class. They are 21 in all in the class and I am so excited for him to learn a new language. It will be a lot of fun and challenges for him in the whole year class.

This is their classroom. On the first day he seemed started liking it. **wink**

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