Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Fancy Horsey Ride

Riding a horse is the word of my kids mouth. But they're too small for it to ride the real one. When we visited SM few days ago my son first saw the horsey horsey running with kids on their back. Son pulled me so fast closer to the fancy animals because they both want to ride. And here they are.

The cost per ride is 35 pesos and it is only good for 5 minutes. Well, does it sound expensive to you?


  1. My kids loved that when we visited there last year!

  2. yes quite expensive, bitin tuloy so you need to spend another 35 pesos when the kids complain.. lol..

  3. na murag mahal man sis kay 5 mins lang man...bitin kau...ehehehhe...ka cute sa imong mga pispis...:) lingaw kau sila tan-awon!


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