Friday, March 30, 2012

Thanks to Classifieds

I can say that we are so fortunate for being blessed with variety of high end gadgets, new inventions, innovations made by our genius, hard-working fellows. Right now from the very tip of our mouse we can browse easily the stuff or words that need answers right away. For shopping, from the convenient at your own premises you can purchase things through online stores  and of course classified ads.  That is how conveniently makes life hassle- free, no need anymore to go to the malls or any stalls. 

Two weeks ago hubby was looking for toddler beds for our fast growing children. It is like months ago when they were inside their playpen crawling, sleeping and playing. And now we realized that time flies pretty fast because both of our kids are now in school attending classes. Since kids now need their own bed hubby looked through classified ads to get a fast result. Luckily there he found the answers so quick just like a wink of an eye. 

In addition to that I found also some clothes for boys from Baton Rouge classifieds. Actually, a new friend of mine introduced that classifieds to me. Since I never heard about it so I check instantly. I am planning of purchasing my own bike so I could use it in roaming around the village so because of that I broaden my search while the time is favoring me. Guess what? I saw my ideal bike at Boise classifieds. Time is really good to me during those hours. I owe it to classifieds and thanks to it.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Stop Smoking

We all know that smoking brings danger to human’s health. It has several side effects especially if a person is into it for a long period of time. Just to mention, one of the health risks is lung cancer. 

Smokers have their different reasons for getting involved into this bad habit. In fact, stress and influenced by friends are just some of the reasons why. Nicotine is really addictive. Some people believed that leaving smoking is so tough, but after several attempts of cessation they successfully leave it. There are some also who failed no matter how hard they tried in order to stop smoking, just like my father until now still struggling to quit. Well, maybe that depends to the smoker’s motivation. 

By the way, for those individuals who are really motivated to quit smoking but finding hard to do it, the EAGLES is recruiting for smokers to join the clinical research study for that is what they’re up to recently. 

To stop smoking is not only saving your health but of course as well as your money. If you are a chain smoker try to calculate how much you could save a day then decide and be motivated.

A Graduation Glimpse

Just a glimpse of his graduation photo taken yesterday at their School Function Hall.

                 He looks he's in a deeper imagination. Is it Power Ranger son? lol.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Make Your Accounting an Easy Task

In any nature of business, accounting is always present. Whether your business is manufacturing, real estate, food chain, shopping mall, convenient store all these areas need accounting.  In fact there are companies who just outsource the said operational activity to lessen their expenditures. 

Anyway, accounting really plays a very important role in any business field regardless of its size. Business owners have wide range of options of accounting firm to handle the job. In fact for accounting software you can get it from outright. It is guaranteed that it can help your business grow and be transparent. Besides, it is so manageable and the registration is free. Right this moment upon checking it has over 100,000 users which are so impressing!  

FYI, Outright’s online accounting and small business bookkeeping software has no trial or expiration date. Its paid accounts are just $9.95 per month. Plus there is an application suitable for iPhone, so wherever you go you can take the online accounting with you. Awesome!

I have a neighbor who runs different family businesses personally so I am thinking of recommending the outright for her. I am sure she would be glad about this interesting news. To business minded-people out there, why not give your company a try?

Sunday, March 25, 2012

$70 Million, the World's first All-Diamond Ring

Hey folks, what do you think about owning this precious 150 carat all-diamond ring? Its worth is $70 Million. Hmmm...what can you say about that digits? 

I have never seen a ring designed like this but made of metal and serve a piece or few pieces of diamond at the center I did. So thinking of it worn on my very own finger is a big wow! lol! But remember just for a fit. lol.

photo credit:

Reduce Labor Costs through Manufacturing in Mexico

Starting up a manufacturing company must undergo a comprehensive analysis from the site location till the very end part of the business structure. Of course the inner core of any business operation is to gain profit in a competitive manner.  In order to attain the very most desirable aspect in running a business especially in the field of manufacturing industry particularly in Mexico Manufacturing, the best thing to do is hire a highly professional expert in the same field like Entrada Group to do the work. 

Making the company competitive globally doesn’t mean it would cost a lot of money. Through hiring Entrada your company can control the cost as it is their goal but of course in a high quality performance. The company services being offered are: HR, Payroll, Import/Export, Transportation, Purchasing, Financial and Accounting Services, Government and Community Affairs, IT Support and Facilities. 

FYI, the Estrada Group has 80 highly well expert professionals to handle the manufacturing job. They provide full support to their clients as they continually add new support services because its clients co-locating in one park. So if you want to optimize your Mexico manufacturing site now you know who to deal with to reach the optimum level of business.      

Thursday, March 22, 2012

My Own Copy of "The Secret"

Finally I got my own hard copy of "The Secret." I've been enjoying reading while standing the few chapters of it from my favorite bookstore and from my iPhone in the free reading section. I admit I was so enlightened with its inspirational and meaningful phrases written or contributed by great people mentioned on the book.

Surely I won't be bored reading a thousand times of this wonderful "The Secret" book by Rhonda Byrne.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Inside the Botanical Garden

I miss visiting places which I visited during my singleness. The recent place came into mind to visit one day is the botanical garden nearby the college school where I graduated.

Now here are the pictures on our 2nd visit but together with my tots. Here we!

                                                  The little monkey having fun in the tree.

             Their childhood moment which they could treasure someday when looking back the past memories. Isn't these photos remind your days?

Monday, March 5, 2012

The Easiest Way to Organize Life Online

Online is the 2nd phase where I spend most of my time. After doing offline errands I will quickly open my computer and start my work online. As a stay at home mom I love to explore and learn different things from the tip of my fingers using my laptop. But because every minute is precious, sometimes I just bookmark the articles or any websites that I want to see and read again when I run out of time. Doing such procedure finds me disorganized, and in fact, sometimes I get lost if which among those sites is my next prospect to read.

Lately, that a friend of mine introduced me to clipix I feel better and start getting uncluttered. From the time I started using this helpful tool I find myself enjoying clipping websites, interesting articles, shopping sites and online contest without hard times. In my case that I clip lots of sites every day I am now using Multiboards and I find it perfect for my daily activities. So far this is the easiest way I able to make things in order. I am so thankful to Clipix for helping me out from my old messy old times.

So folks, I am all inviting you to join today with me in Clipix and be organized at all times. By the way, how will you use clipix in your online transaction? Will you be using it for your clipping shopping sites or interesting articles? Please say something, don’t be shy.




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Friday, March 2, 2012

Always no Electricity in Misamis Occidental

Here in the province of Misamis Occidental we are suffering unstable electricity. I don't actually know the real reason behind this condition. We've been struggling this for months now and I don't know if this will be back to normal soon or not. Grrr...

Before with the often black-outs we just used candles because of no emergency lights which really tough for the kids to study because it is really dark inside the house. The worst thing of this is we spent money on keep buying candles and our electric bill has increased despite black-out moments. 

So because of this weather weather condition in Misamis Occidental, the electric consumers suffer in different ways. In my case yesterday I went to PhilHealth office in Ozamiz branch to make an updates of my files and as well as for my mother's data, but because of no electricity and they also have no generator my time and transportation  has wasted.

How about you guys, are you also experiencing the same scenario lately in your area?

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