Friday, September 3, 2010

I Need to Improve my Memory

While waiting for my son to finish with his 2 hour class I went to the other mall located within the island. There doing my window shopping. Then few minutes after I feel the parasites inside my tummy asking for food. So I dropped by at ChowKing. While having my order, the face looks so familiar in ChowKing uniform asked me if where I moved. Then I rolled my eyes and raised my left eyebrow while asking him "Where do we meet?" and "why you know me?" The guy smiled at me and uttered "It's me B!" But me the young woman who has poor memory still didn't remember. Gosh why it's like this?

So while having conversation there I recalled that he lived next door in our old place. Honestly case like this happened many times already not just 1's. Oh, memory I need you to help me! I really need to take some actions to regain my sharp memory when I was a student.

1 comment:

  1. happened to me too, i guess a memory enhancer is needed when one is getting old already :D

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