Wednesday, December 28, 2016

What My Kids Primary Fun in the Mountain this Winter 2017

I have mentioned that we are now dwelling up the hill of Coquitlam. A vicinity where the wild animals are also residing and mingled with humans on a day to day basis. Does it sound scary? Well, not in the winter time, I guess!

And speaking of winter, my kids, and especially myself can cease thinking for a while about bears roaming around us. So this is the reason we came out of our cage and walk around across the street where the kiddos can have fun with the thick snow brought this 2017 to us. Luckily, no need for us to travel to Whistler to experience the crazy snow, which the tourists are up to in BC. Across our street is a huge golf course which the land has covered deeply with such beautiful whites all over, inviting for anyone to have a memorable time while it lasts. 

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