Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Electronic Cigarette, Anyone?

buy electronic cigarette.

Thanks Santa for the Gift

My son saw Santa Claus for the first time in real image. At first he was afraid but knowing that Santa will give him a gift he pulled me closer to him. Right after receiving his gift he's running to me and asking to help him open his gift.

So below is the photo of my son in green polo shirt waiting for his gift.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Teardown Properties Represent a Unique Opportunity

People everywhere are trying to find the best real estate deal around. Record foreclosure rates, desperate sellers, dwindling prices have all contributed to one of the greatest buyers markets in history and people are trying to take advantage of it fast. However, there is a positive to thinking outside of the box in this circumstance. The idea is to find a home for a great deal and move in fast and hope that in ten years or so the home is worth three of four times what you bought it for. That is a great plan but you may benefit by going a different direction from the traditional approach. The majority of the homes available on the market were built anywhere from ten to forty years ago or longer. The homes may be in great shape but they are going to need some work done over the next several years. A new roof, paint, flooring, foundation work, landscaping, windows, decks, room additions, termite treatment, plumbing, electrical and so much more can be very expensive to have fixed or done and you don’t want to have that on your to do list.

That’s why the smart thing would be to find teardown properties and build a new home for yourself. Teardowns are a great deal because even though it may be a bit more money than just buying an existing home, you won’t have to put the same kind of money into it over the next decade, so you will not only save money in the long run, you will have a new beautiful home that sells better than any home in the neighborhood. Teardowns are also great deals to consider and can give you great value on any property.

In neighborhoods where open land for development is very scarce, teardown properties are increasingly common. Homeowners are increasingly willing to recognize that their listed property is a teardown, and potential buyers and builders are seeking out these properties in greater numbers. Savvy investors and home buyers are finding Miami teardowns in Florida, Aspen teardowns in Colorado, and Stamford teardowns in Connecticut. These opportunities are popping up across the country for those who recognize their value.

On Rest

That's what I am doing lately.

Motorcycle Center

These days tons of motorcycle centers selling variety of motorcycles from local and abroad. People have a wide range to pick what they like. If for sporty needs then get the one intended for it. In owning a motorcycle of course you need to be safe at all times as much as possible. I'm sure you are aware that there are lots of motorists who met an accident while using their motorcycle. There are different factors to consider when driving, one is the driver must have to wear the proper motorcycle gear. Be cautious all the time when you drive because you are dealing with your life. Use shoei helmets,I'm sure you can afford to have it. It's for your safety.

Another thing to beware before driving your motorcycle is the status of your motorcycle parts. Make sure that the parts are all in good condition. If you have some information to be added here just let me know I would be glad to hear from your side.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Lady Next Door

My neighbor next door has a new hobby. Can you guess what it is? Well, she's only into gambling. She's playing casino online. I am wondering if she been lucky since she joined. If I'll see her next time I'll ask her about it.

In other way, my kids are happy that they are now seeing their father after a long time of waiting. I am happy of course because they kept asking me if where in the world is their daddy hiding. Hopefully time will come that we would never be apart again. *sigh*

With the Chipmunks

My two little chipmunks lover made a quick post upon seeing their friends roaming around the mall in the City. I remember how addict they were when they saw the movie for the very first time.

My son did his post in between Alvin and Theodore.

And there is my lil daughter Aquira, the camera snobbish.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Is it Part of Your New Year Resolution?

Few weeks left and this year will end. Are you getting excited? Well, what about your new year resolution, have you started jotting down? A friend of mine put gambling online as her top list. Do you think it's for goodbye or welcoming it?

Can't Think of the What the Food to Have

Hubby is here and at the moment I can't think of what food to prepare for lunch. Hmmm... I hope I would end up to any tasty food in a while.

Online Casinos for this Holiday?

Few days left to go and it's Christmas. Are you ready for this holiday? Have you purchased your food in advance? Have you already get the gifts for your loved ones? And what about playing online casinos, are you hook to it? Well, let me know my friends.

It's Our 4th Wedding Anniversary

Today December 18, 2010 is out 4th wedding Anniversary. We are thinking of going somewhere. We'll find out later after where. For now it's a secret. lol!

Do You want to Meet Strangers?

Advance Happy Holidays! Does anyone of you want to meet and chat strangers before the holidays? During our spare times sometimes we could think of finding people to talk to, even strangers doesn't matter as long as you have the so called companion. You can have random chat. You can talk anything you want online. Anyway he or she doesn't know you in real life.

Actually I have friends who talk to strangers online, and they're having fun to what they're doing. I asked them if what they're talking for hours on the net. One of my friends said that they shared different thoughts, beliefs, or even dreams in life. Anyway, just few minutes ago I came across the site iMeetzu.com where you can talk to strangers. Based in what I know people there meet after chatting online. So would you like to join?

Enjoying the Breeze

The weather is so hot right now. It's a good time to go to the beach and soak the water in the water. Oh beach please get closer to our place.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Mama wants to Avail the Payday Loans

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Are You Seeking a Sugar Daddy?

Few minutes ago I stumble on the site where anyone could possibly find a sugar daddy. So are you one of those people trying your luck to find a sugar daddy? The right time is here because I am going to introduce you to the place. The site is a sugar daddy dating place where again you have the chance to meet somebody. Actually, when I visited the place I found out that there are smart, attractive and fun individuals who need to have the companion in their life.

For you to know, the sugar daddy website is using the best communication tools such as live chat with video. We know that major tool is what people are taking advantage in this generation when talking to their far relatives, friends and even in big businesses.

If you want someday to have a sugar daddy, I think by now you have to start seeking sugar daddy in the sugar daddy dating site and be happy with this coming holidays. Who knows that pretty soon you might find your loving sugar daddy just in their. By now while still searching you just enjoy their easy to use website designed. Happy searching!

The Fuse Broke

I heard an explosion under the table where I put my laptop. Upon checking it the converter and the extension wire's fuse were broken, maybe a short circuit I am not sure. Jobs were on queue for a while (not the blogging things) but resumed after hubby got the fuse and the extension wire from the hardware nearby. Thanks God that the things are now working well.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Taking the Steps into the Career of Beauty

Are you looking for a brighter future doing the work in the field of beauty, cosmetology and health spa industries? If you do, Beauty Federation is the right one for you. I just read something about it this morning and truly catches my attention since I love having a business or be in that working environment. Enrolling in the school of aesthetics this time is quite expensive especially to known and good one.

Anyway, I came also the site a while ago mentioning about cosmetology license California. I read some info about it while sipping a cup of coffee and of course those info were truly absorbed into my senses especially that the coffee was so hot. Back to the Beauty Federation, kindly take a little time to stare at their site so you'll know also more about some aesthetic schools throughout the world.

Musician's Friend Coupons and Promo Codes

Do you love collecting coupons to save when you do your shopping? One place where you can find coupons and promo codes is best online coupons. The site is featuring the Musician's friend coupons. If you have not visited yet the page and grab the Musician's friend coupon I think you better do it now. If you have the promo codes you can avail a big discount once you will do your shopping online. This time of recession I think nobody doesn't like to save some bucks. Even through offline shopping people always watching for the sale event and collect different coupon codes in order to save.

By the way at Best Online Coupons page, not only Musician's Friend Coupons you can grab but thousands of coupons you can use for other online store and internet services. Again, for you to grab the Musicians Friend Coupon codes don't just turn your head directly to the coupons page.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Mama in a Cage

Last Saturday I invited my mother to accompany me in going to the mall nearby because it is open till midnight for the midnight sale. We decided to bring the kids since we'll be be buying just milk formula. After purchasing the items I asked my mama if she wants to be inside the "cage" thing since I availed the promo. She said yes so she fall in line and wait for her turn.

After a short while of waiting, here is mama in the cage catching the papers with corresponding prize. lol! The prizes are not that big like you've seen on TV but just for fun I let her joined and as an experience since they're fan of watching Willie show when the host was still hosting at the ABS-CBN noontime show.

My mother inside the cage doing her best to catch lots of tiny papers. lol! Oh, mama! I'm sure you're having a good time there inside.

My daughter was crying when she saw her lola (grandma) inside that cage. And when I told her that lola will be playing for the 2nd time, the more she cried because she doesn't want her to. Maybe daughter was scared.

After doing the hard work, there she is giving all the papers to the in-charge to get her prize. In fairness she was having fun.

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