Sunday, December 5, 2010

Mama in a Cage

Last Saturday I invited my mother to accompany me in going to the mall nearby because it is open till midnight for the midnight sale. We decided to bring the kids since we'll be be buying just milk formula. After purchasing the items I asked my mama if she wants to be inside the "cage" thing since I availed the promo. She said yes so she fall in line and wait for her turn.

After a short while of waiting, here is mama in the cage catching the papers with corresponding prize. lol! The prizes are not that big like you've seen on TV but just for fun I let her joined and as an experience since they're fan of watching Willie show when the host was still hosting at the ABS-CBN noontime show.

My mother inside the cage doing her best to catch lots of tiny papers. lol! Oh, mama! I'm sure you're having a good time there inside.

My daughter was crying when she saw her lola (grandma) inside that cage. And when I told her that lola will be playing for the 2nd time, the more she cried because she doesn't want her to. Maybe daughter was scared.

After doing the hard work, there she is giving all the papers to the in-charge to get her prize. In fairness she was having fun.

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