Sunday, August 22, 2010

It's a Late Birthday Post

I was busy doing nothing (lol!) for the past few days. I was on bed rest actually. Despite of that we still celebrated my daughter's birthday last Friday at home. We invited our relatives and some friends who live nearby. The celebration was not that big with clowns and some other entertaining galore for the kids. My son was just discharged from the hospital so we spent money there during his confinement. So my daughter would understand someday why.

Though the b-day celebration has ended but still I'll still post my greetings for her here. It's better late than never, right? So to my baby, Belated


  1. It is really hard when sometimes our kids got sick, I just got sick also because I could not sleep when my baby was having a fever. I was stress and later on got a headache for three days, later I caught some flue and had a fever for three days. Tsk tsk

  2. belated happy birthday sa imong little girl sis...agoy, I did not know nga na ospital diay imong little guy...hope he is doing well now....salamat sa dalaw sis....:)


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