Friday, September 10, 2010

It's a Long Week Vacation

I am glad that this week has 2 days holiday. My son can rest longer. He is still recovering and gaining more strength from what happened to him. My kids need more my attention this time, from feeding till the very tiny things. Oh boy, I'll be more busy this coming weeks because my mother will be going home to the province. So only me and the housekeeper will be left with the 2 kids. (**sigh**)

Well in fairness, we are enjoying this so long vacation! I hope you are also enjoying it guys as we do.


  1. wow...ka nice sa duha oi...nag enjoy man jud mga bata nimo Jov. maka relieve ug stress if tan-awon nimo sila nga happy.

  2. ay maypa mo diha sis kay naay 2 days holiday...dre sa US kay maihap ra sa kamot ang holidays...ehehehe.....:)

    glad to know nga na arang arang na imong eldest...agi ko dire sis!


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