Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Got My Gift Pack from Pantene Mystery Promo

I think it was few months ago when I joined the Pantene Mystery Promo. And just yesterday I got the gift-pack which I wasn't expected anymore to receive. In the gift pack are the items below, 1 shampoo and 1 conditioner. Thanks so much for this promo. Hopefully more promos to come!


  1. wow congrats sis! ako wala pajud naka dawat ana ai... haayz!

  2. congrats, i am using pantene too =)

  3. wow, congrats sis. sometimes, by not expecting anything, saka dadating:)))

  4. wow! congrats sis...sos ang imong daug wala pa jud ni abot? ehehehe! naunsa balamang...ehehehe!

    tuod sis, apil sa akong giveaway...kung dka sa goodies, kato lang cash nga giveaway...ehehehe...sayon ra ang mechanics sis...apil ha!?

  5. congrats sis....:)

    ang imong daug wala pa jud ni abot? way batasan ang post office...ehehehe!

    tuod sis, apil sa akong giveaway contest...kung lisuran ka sa mechanics...kato nalang sa cash nga prize apil...ehehehe!

  6. Yung sa'kin kaya darating pa? hehe :)

  7. To All- Thanks beautiful ladies.
    @verabear- maybe one of these days darating yong sau, antayin mo lang.


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