Saturday, December 20, 2014

Messing Around with Fire Sprinkler

Last week there was one awkward scenario in our building. One unit occupant messed around with the fire sprinkler inside his unit, therefore unwanted incident occurred right after what he have done. It happened close to midnight where people are already asleep so really annoying. The loud noise of the fire alarm woke us up and it took about 30 minutes before the fire truck arrived, although we live so close to the fire station.

To elaborate fire sprinkler further, Wikipedia says that it is a part of a fire sprinkler system that releases water when the fire have been sensed. So if you mess around with it and the water release, of course flooding will happen, especially if the action takes too long. During the following day, we got a notice from the company who handle the problem and have mentioned that it flooded on that night until to the 10th floor from the affected unit.

According to the case handler, several damages have brought in due to that incident. Actually, I don't have  an idea what will happen to that person who have caused the problem. My husband has spoken to the company already and they said we're safe. Well, thanks to God.

To anyone who has the thought of messing around with the fire sprinkle you better not do it or else you will suffer the consequences.

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