Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Adult’s Challenge Towards Life When Returning to College

Adult’s Challenge Towards Life When Returning to College

To adults’ case, returning to college is such a huge life decision to make that will affect positively in their future, however, in the short-term it could also bring some undesirable effects into their lives especially if they are working, married and much more if have kids. There are truly several factors that need to compromise when returning to school. 

 Reasons Why Adult Go Back School?

 1. Change Careers 

 2. Update Professional Credentials

 3. Learn new software, technology, applications and management skills/program 

 4. Higher income 

Based on the statistics found in the Infographic below, enrollment of adult students from the age 25 onwards rose 41% from year 2001-2011, and recently, 38% of adult students are pursuing higher education. 

Online Learning Another interesting survey has revealed that the number of online students has increased of about 443% between the years 2002 and 2012. Additionally, it’s disclosed that the average age of the online students is 36 and 60% are women. Undeniably speaking, online learning comprises with several significant factors that are very useful especially to busy moms and employed human beings out there. 

Did you know that only 5 online degrees were available back 20 years ago? Fortunately, with the continuous improvement, there are now more than 12,000 degrees available online. Thus, online learning gives the flexibility and the freedom to improve one’s life for a better and brighter future.

  Life & Learning | Campbellsville U Infographic
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