Saturday, May 24, 2014

Introducing the 3 Amazing Howard Miller Clocks

3 Amazing Howard Miller Clocks

When it comes to clocks, Howard Miller has cornered the market on gorgeous, high-quality timepieces that are more than just decorative additions for the mantle. They're more like heirlooms and works of art! Here are just three Howard Miller designs that will stun your guests and light up your living space.

1: Rowland Dual-Chime Wall Clock

Made of polished brass and gold, the Rowland looks like an antique but functions with all the vigor of a brand-new clock. Put it in a long hallway to make the chimes echo every hour; station it in the dining room to stand guard over family meals and dinner parties.

2: Chaplin Tripod Floor Clock

As the name implies, the Chaplin was inspired by retro Hollywood, using bezel and chrome on top of a spindly tripod to bring back the glory days of black-and-white films. This is the kind of clock you buy to pass along to future generations.

3: Harmon 26-1/4" Decorative Wall Clock

With an antique nickel frame surrounding a vivid cobalt blue center, the Harmon is sure to turn heads whenever you have company. Its antique face is stylish and charming, and it even has a pendulum peep hole at the bottom for a touch of old-fashioned whimsy.

Whether you're shopping for a unique gift or just looking for a way to liven up your living room, these three clocks are the best of the best. Find a Howard Miller authorized dealer near you to give these wondrous timepieces a new home.

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