Thursday, November 6, 2014

Kids On Rainy Days

Here comes a lot of rain in BC! Rain every night and every day. Cold plus rain equals, what? Recently that my husband has another morning errands to deal with, I am the one taking and picking up the kids at school.

The bus stop is about 8 minutes walk from where we reside, so a lot of fun to occur while along the way.

I am just sharing with you guys the snapshots of my kids while on the way home waiting for the traffic light. Just killing the boredom brought by the rain at that time. hehehe.

Each of us have our own umbrella just to make sure we won't end up like a soaking wet chicks. I truly don't like walking when wet esp. with the cold wind drifting by. You know it is really hard to get sick.

Here they are! Sorry, I have no idea what were they staring at as I was busy taking pictures. lol! Thanks for dropping by folks. Please don't forget to bring your umbrella and wear on proper clothing for the rainy days. 

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