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Wholesale T-Shirts: Suggested Do-It-Yourself Design Ideas

DIY T-Shirt Design

Many people purchase wholesale t-shirts for crafting, events, and resale purposes. These t-shirts are often fun to design on your own without the help of a graphic designer. Obviously a professionally designed, screen-printed t-shirt has its appeal. However, when you DIY your t-shirt design, it can be a run and rewarding process for all that are involved. The following are a few DIY t-shirt design ideas.


If you want to design a quality looking t-shirt, you can always use stencils. You can purchase a stencil that you like or create one. These t-shirts are perfect for school elections, summer campouts, clubs, and more. In order to make them look the best, start with a blank t-shirt. Then, place the stencil over the shirt. It is best to use a stiff paintbrush and fabric paint to create the design on the shirt. Once you are finished painting, let the paint dry before removing the stencil. After you are done, you will have a beautiful shirt that looks incredible in photos.

Tie Dye
Another fun DIY project to try with t-shirts is tie dying. There are endless amounts of color creations and patterns that you can create with this type of project. Plus, it is easy to tie dye using fabric dyes. This project is fun for kids, and it is easy to do with a basic white t-shirt. Once the tie dye pattern has been created, you can add additional details to the shirt like stencils, beads, or tears.


You can easily create patterns on t-shirts using fabric dye. This is a fun DIY that does not take very long. It is also very on trend. There are several different on trend patterns that you can try to create on your shirt. All you have to do is tape the pattern that you want to see. Keep in mind that what you tape will not get any dye. Therefore, the pattern may come out different than you anticipate. For example, if you are taping a grid, then you might only see squares of color when you dye your shirt.


Not all t-shirts have to remain in their perfect form to look acceptable when they are worn. For this reason, many people like to distress a t-shirt. This makes it appear vintage. You can distress a shirt by tearing part of the fabric. You can also remove the hems. These simple details make the shirt look a little older and edgier.


It is also fun to add embellishments to your t-shirt. You can do this by placing beads on sleeves and neckline. You can also add ribbon to the bottom area of the shirt to make it look dressier. It is usually easy to add these details with some fabric glue. Most of the time, they make your t-shirt look one of a kind. In fact, you might even find that people will want to know where you purchased your adorable creation.
Embellish T-Shirt
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If you like DIY projects, then these t-shirt design ideas are a great way to make something unique out of a simple white t-shirt. Try them today and have fun adding something unique to your wardrobe.

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