Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Texting: The Patient Communication of the Future

To show the survey result presented in a form of infographic below provided by Televox- a technology partner of the leading hospitals and more than 100 health plans, entails that the text messaging plays a vital role for increasing provider-patient engagement.

Adjusting to Consumer Trends

According to the survey, landlines are becoming thing of the past. The percentage of American household using wireless-only is 39%, it means that these people have no longer have access to landlines for the primary purpose of saving money. The wireless penetration percentage now in the U.S. is 102% which denotes that there are more cellphones than the number of people. In addition, older Americans are beginning to see the value of digital communication in their engagement with their providers.

Text Vs Email

The survey discloses that Consumers read 98% of text messages sent to their mobile devices. Out of 50 text messages, 1 goes unread. However, with email, consumers read only 20% of all emails sent to them, which means, 56% chance of consumer response within 1 hour, 89% response within 1 day and 2.5 days chance for those who don’t response within 1 day.
Provider and Patient-Friendly Functionality

As you know, not all mobiles are capable to receive emails, but every mobile can receive a text. With the Televox technology, text enables two-way communication. Text messaging has taken on an elevated value in provider-patient engagement. In the case of appointment, the patient can respond either YES or NO to simply know the staff that they will be there for an appointment or to rescheduled for a later date.

Presented By TeleVox

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