Monday, June 16, 2014

Outdoor Furniture for Summer Time

Are you in the eye of outdoor furniture? Well, I do!

By now, I can feel summer as it is just so close, and besides the inviting sun have started showing its kindness to us. The first thing comes to my mind in summer time is the outdoor furniture. Although our patio is such tiny as our bathroom, but it doesn't matter. I can make it a functional one base in our summer needs.

So the search began! This outdoor table and chairs caught my attention when I went to the closest store that sells a variety of household stuff. 
Outdoor furniture

I love home beautification and there's nothing to hide about that. In the meantime that we don't own yet our own home as we are just renting a high rise apartment, so we only enjoy and do a bit of stretching its limited potential which is truly a challenging part especially for me as a homemaker.

Would you like to know the cost of the furniture in the image? Well, it is $299.99 plus tax, which I think a pretty good deal. Purely eye estimation, these things will occupy the half space of our small patio. Hmmm... I am super excited to take them home. 

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