Monday, June 30, 2014

What's the Cost of a Car Without Insurance

Do you have the idea what certainly the cost of a car running around the road without an insurance? If you have been driving for years or made a research, you probably have the clue with regard to this particular matter. As you  know, the primary reason why car owners need to have the car insurance is for financial protection when a car accident occurs. And most likely, car insurance is way cheaper compared to the costs of car damage brought by a car accident whether a fender-bender or major collision. 

Damage to Your Car

In the info graphic below, you can find the average costs of common car accident damages such as body work, engine control unit, radiator, oil pump, transmission, alternator, engine and starter. Please bare in mind that car accidents can include multiple damages. Examining this phase alone can definitely give you the thought that car accidents can put you in a financial problem than buying car insurance which has the average rate of $1,430.89 annually. 

Damage to Others

Moreover, in a car accident, the driver at fault is responsible for personal injury and its associated expenses, and certainly this can run very high calculating from what are under the compensatory damages and punitive damages.

Damage to Property
As a result of your at-fault accident, you are responsible for any property damaged, such as parked cars, mailbox, fence, home and office building. If you aren’t covered by auto liability insurance, these expenses could bring you a huge impact to your finances.

fix it yourself infographic

Presented By IFA Auto Insurance

An accident is unpredictable, it can happen to anyone. Now that you have the true picture of the car accident cost, is it worth the risk of being uninsured? 

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