Friday, July 11, 2014

New Home Tenant Finally Found

After the tragic incident with our Libyan tenant who rented our house for two months, we finally found the sunshine. Yes, it's true that after the rain is a sunshine. The last occupants were such a headache for us. So much hassles, trouble. Now we realized that it is very important to conduct an investigation or  ask a referral once you let someone rent your property because bad tenants are just fooling around. 

Actually, currently we are also a tenant of someone's property here in a foreign land. As a lessee, we do our best to comply our obligations and be a good tenant as we can be so we won't be experiencing any trouble with our Landlord, and besides, here is different. Why? Once you have a bad reputation, nobody would let you lease any private leasing property. Well, for me that is fair enough. So tenants, let's be good to our Landlords. 

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