Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Wonderful Musical Birthday Cake from the Kids

The Wonderful Musical Birthday Cake Made of Paper!

The mother dear celebrated her birthday two weeks ago, and to her surprised the kiddos gave her this wonderful musical birthday cake made of paper. The candle lights up when the card is open and gets turned off in a little while. The mom (yours truly) blew it as the kiddos told her to do so. lol! Pretending that it is a real cake. hehehe! They're too much!

wonderful musical birthday card

So pretending the blowing, here is the mom following the request. I was truly delighted when I blew the card it plays a beautiful birthday song.

musical birthday cake

Thanks to my thoughtful kids and to my beloved husband for accompanying them at the store. We had a simple birthday celebration at home, but it certainly marked in my heart as a memorable one for giving our Heavenly father to me another time to face the challenging life with more strength, wisdom and great experiences. Thank you so much Lord!

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