Sunday, June 13, 2010

Our Week's Family Adventure

Our week has ended with unforgettable moments. We went to Talima Island for sight seeing. There's a water park that we could enjoy all the unlimited rides if we only arrive there early. Actually, the place is still under construction and it's not yet totally developed. For activities, they have water and land-based to enjoy during your stay.

While we are on the pump boat enjoying the ride in a very calm water.

Talima's front view. Sorry I took this photo (above) in a far distance.

Me and the kids. My kids love riding in a boat. They're the one who convinced me to have a ride.

The water-based activities. Have you noticed those blue stuffs floating on the water? Those were what I mean by their water activities.

Photo was taken at the back while people are continue constructing the place.

On our way home. Since it's very low tide and the pump boat can't get closer to their docking area we need to go down to the water and walk till reach that orange floating stuff with full of people on top riding. From there the Tamila personnel will bring their guests to the boat so they can go home. So no good going there during low tide because it's hassle and the more if you'll be bringing a baby like what I did. Just imagine you will be walking in a rocky place from land to that orange stuff while carrying your child. Isn't it so hassle? Well, really an adventure.

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  1. wow its so relaxing to have some rides in a boat, ganda ng view.


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